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10+ Will You Be My Bridesmaid Gifts That Will Have Your Bridesmaids Swooning

These Will You Be My Bridesmaid Gifts will sweep your bridesmaids off their feet. How could they possibly say anything but yes?!

These handmade hand selected items are priced from US$4, so that is incredible value!

1. The Planter:

This will you be my bridesmaid gift is for a bride-to-be that wants their girls to feel special when they are asked to be your bridesmaid. Let them know that you have really put thought into choosing them and it would be your honor to have them as part of your babe tribe. You can even add each of your bridesmaids’ names, so it will read for example, “hanna, will you be my bridesmaid”.

The terracotta planter is made to display succulents, cacti and herbs. It makes for a wonderful planter that your girls will be able to keep forever.

2. The What Could This Be:

This bridesmaid proposal card is just so heart felt. Your bridesmaids will be firstly intrigued about what the message could be. They will then scratch off the gold heart to slowly reveal the message. Can you imagine their faces when each of them reveal the message. How cute?! This card features lovely pink and white flowers with green leaves.

3. The Charm:

This gift is delicately made of brass and features a bangle with a stamped first initial of each of your bridesmaids. It is handmade in sunny Brisbane, Australia.

The bangle comes perched on top of a beautiful personalized gift card, within a white recycled gift box.

4. The Will You Bean My Maid of Honor / Bridesmaid:

Yes, you read correctly! The title that we gave this gift is “Will You BEAN My Maid of Honor/Bridesmaid”. This is because this gift comes cleverly with a bean that you can plant. You can also choose what the bean says. The bean also grows miraculously in 6 days.

Simply plant the bean into soil and in less than 2 weeks watch in amazement as your plant emerges into a huge beanstalk along with your bride tribe message on the leaves, they really are magical!

Here is the Will You Be My Bridesmaid bean card.

5. The Let's Drink to That:

Every girl has thought of when they will be their best friend’s bridesmaid and this bridesmaid proposal wine is exactly for this girl. What you are getting is the printed label. You can then apply these to the wine of your choice. We recommend eucalyptus oil to remove labels from wine bottles. Just use the eucalyptus oil for parts of the wine label that will not budge after you have peeled off most of the label.

6. The Personalized Keepsake:

Ok, we are talking about grown ladies here. But this gift is for this girl in all of us that likes to see our name printed on a keepsake box. After saying yes to your bridesmaid proposal, your girls will keep this box to hold their special memories. This is an ode to repurposing. These boxes are large enough to hold two bottles of wine so not only can your girl repurpose the box, she can toast several glasses of wine to your wedding and she being part of your babe tribe.

7. The Babes in Robes:

With this gift your bridesmaid can imagine exactly what the big day will be like. You girls, side-by-side, celebrating this momentous moment together. She will imagine the babe tribe getting ready in the morning. Being pampered and feeling and looking absolutely wonderful.

8. The Personalized Bangle:

This gift is very charming and clever in that it comes with a personalized charm with the bridesmaids’ initial. It matches beautifully to a watercolor print card that the bangle is presented on, inside a gift box. You can choose which metal color you would like the bangle in and also what color box you would like. Seriously, how could your girls not say anything but yes.

9. The Reveal:

We are absolutely obsessed with this gift. Here is another design of this card that features deeper hued florals. So if you have already decided upon your wedding color palette, this shade of card could be more fitting to your overall theme. We love that each of your bridesmaids will not know what the message is until they scratch off the gold heart. What a wonderful surprise?!

10. The Bowed Box:

You want each of your bridesmaids to feel special when you pop the question. This gift will definitely help you achieve that. The name of each of your bridesmaids will be printed on this lovely quality box. You can choose the text color, whether that be rose gold mirror, gold mirror, silver mirror or gloss black. You can even add a message to the inner lid of the box that will be revealed when your girl opens the box. The message can for example be “Will you be my bridesmaid?”

11. The Perfect Match:

Spoil your girls with this gift. Bridesmaids are often the unsung heroes of wedding planning. They wear whatever dress you choose, plan the bachelorette party and bridal shower, and stand by your side during the ceremony. Let them know that they matter with a spa kit that includes a handmade soy wax candle and “the perfect match match sticks” to light the candle with and sea salts for a spa night in.

12. The I Do:

We love the rustic-ness of this “will you be my bridesmaid gift”. This card is to let each one of your bridesmaids know that their standing by your side, through all of these years, has been ever so appreciated. Each important step in your life, they have been their to make decisions with you and then celebrate successes but also be there as a should to cry on. And this day is as much about them being part of it as about you tying the knot! This card is about friendship.

Which of these will you be my bridesmaid gifts has got you swooning? This is often a sign that your best girl pal will be swooning too. Go absolutely with what your gut is trying to tell you.

Team Hues of Vintage xx


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