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Who to Invite to a Wedding: Part of the How to Plan for a Wedding Series

More and more these days, brides and grooms-to-be are opting to have an intimate wedding. An intimate wedding could mean any number to you, it could be 30, it could be 60, it could be 100. Let us look into who to invite to a wedding. This article is part of the How to Plan for a Wedding Series.

We will start from where you can most likely save on numbers for your wedding guest list.


Inviting colleagues to your wedding might seem like the thing to do now, when you are still working with them.

But before you do, think about if you were to change roles or companies or they were to do the same, would you really keep in touch? Do you now regularly converse privately on a chat app or do you regularly meet up, in person, for food or exercise. Do you know this person on a private level?

If you can answer yes to all of these questions, then the person that you are considering inviting is most likely a true friend that you will continue to have a friendship with even years down the track, so you should definitely consider inviting them.

If your answer is no, to any of these questions, consider whether their spot on your wedding guest list should go to someone else. There is no need to feel weird about not inviting somebody. It is one of the most important days of your life, you should absolutely be choosie about who you invite. And people will understand that, especially if you make it known that you are having an intimate wedding.


More and more couples these days are opting not to invite children of guests to their wedding. After all, it is the guest that you really want at the wedding. Their children are just coming along with them. Inviting children of guests to weddings can very quickly double the much smaller number of guests that you would otherwise have. Imagine if half of your friends brought 2 or 3 kids each, you can see how the numbers would add up quickly. Chances are, if guests do bring their kids along, they will be running after them most of the time, not being able to enjoy themselves. It is far better to have kids stay at home with their grandparents or a baby sitter so that parents actually have a chance to catch up, properly, with old friends.

There are some kids that will have to come, for example, babies that are still being breastfed or some of your nieces and nephews.

Where not inviting kids wouldn’t make sense is if you already have kids, so you of course want your kids to be part of your wedding. Most likely, the kids of your guests are friends with your kids too, so in that case, these kids are your wedding guests and are not just coming along with their parents.

Bride and Groom’s Family:

You may have a large or a small family but here are the must invites: - Immediate family - Immediate family’s partners and kids Then there are those family members that you could invite:

- Aunties - Uncles - Cousins - Distant relatives

Think about how close you are to these relatives and how often you see them or talk to them. If you haven’t spoken or messaged them for three years or so, consider if you would rather somebody else that you are closer to have their potential spot at your wedding or maybe you have no more spots left. Again, make it very clear to everyone that you talk to about your wedding, including your mom, dad and future mother-in-law and father-in-law that you are having a very intimate wedding. They will help you spread the word. People will understand.

Family Friends:

You need to decide if these are your or your groom’s family friends or are they your parents’ or your grooms’ parents family friends. Only feel obligated to invite the former to your wedding. If your parents or your future-in-laws are adamant on inviting them, give them a limit on how many family friends they can invite. Just explain that the venue only allows x number of people. They will eventually understand. You, being the bride-to-be, is in charge, so just explain but keep your ground.

Bride’s Friends:

Do you have the feeling of “if I invite one person from a group, then I have to invite them all”? That is absolutely normal. Well, that you have to make a judgement on yourself. If you are not as close to one person in a group, and they are the only person that you would potentially exclude, perhaps just include them to keep the group dynamic.

Whichever friends that you invite, again, make sure that they are not acquantainces and that if you look into a glass ball, you can absolutely imagine that you will still be friends in 5, 10 or 20 years. Groom’s Friends:

Let it be said that when it comes time for you to kindly ask your groom-to-be to put together who he wants to invite to the wedding. This will be a long, slow process. This is only normal and all grooms take their sweet time in doing this. Give him a chance to do it himself, then if that is not working, you may need to sit down together and do it together. Females are just more sociable creatures so organizing gatherings are just more our thing. You will probably have a small tiff about this. But don’t worry, all is normal, just get it done and move on.

The same thing applies though, ensure that all guests are not just acquaintances.

Mutual Friends:

If you have been together for a while, you will have some mutual friends. These people who also may be couples probably know you both as a couple better than any of the rest of your guest list. If you regularly spend time with these people or regularly check in on each other via messaging, then definitely do invite these mutual friends. They are the people that are most likely the biggest cheerleaders of you both as a couple, and they will, therefore, find your wedding outrageously fun.

We hope that this blog post has helped you decide who and who to invite to a wedding and how to keep a wedding cozy and intimate. You want to look back at your wedding and think that every one there, you wanted there and you had time to at least bond shortly with every guest on your wedding day.

On your wedding day, remember to forget all the stresses in the lead up to the wedding and just enjoy your once in a lifetime day with your groom. Top 10 Simple Wedding Dresses Under $1000

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