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Top 10 Wedding Table Decorations in Blush Pink and Green in 2020

Here are the top 10 hand selected wedding table decorations in blush pink and green in 2020. This color combination is the most pinned on Pinterest of late. And really, you can see why right? For a rustic, farmhouse or boho wedding, this color combination is subtle elegance.

1. The Upcycled:

Photographer: Siobhan Beales

The wood slice on this wedding table centerpiece is the base. Then collect some upcycled jars and zinc tubs or even tins. Then fill them with mid-length country blooms in blush, green and white. You can also scatter a few jars with a tea light candle in each one. Such a simple idea that makes such an impact on your wedding table decorations!

Recreate this look with these wood slices:

The maker of these wood slices farms these himself from his backyard. They are a natural piece so no two wood slices are ever the same.

2. The Addition of Gold:

Let us know if you know who the photographer is. The addition of gold to these wedding table decorations is just so elegant. A mirrored base sets the tone for this look. Pair it with upcycled bottles from your nights in. Okay, maybe enlist some friends and family to start collecting their wine and spirit bottles too. Then get to spray painting. When the openings of the bottles are small, you will not need as many blooms or candles to fill them.

Recreate this look with these mirrored bases:

These mirrored bases are handmade in the US. They will reflect this rustic table centerpiece so that your guests will see double of this clever design.

3. The Flowy:

Photo: Wildflower Linens

There is no better way to finish off wedding table decorations than with a hand-dyed table runner. They are just so flowy and elegant and soft on the eye. All you need to do is scatter some small upcycled bottles with small necks, with blooms inside, and some tea light candles and you will have a seriously charming wedding table setting.

Recreate this look with this hand-dyed table runner.

Hand-dyed completely by hand and then hand torn, to achieve a rustic look. These table runners are handmade in the US and are available in many different shades.

4. The Adornment:

Let us know if you know who the photographer is.

With some imagination, a wood slice goes a long, long way. Here it is dressed with an upcycled jar as a vase, filled with blush and white blooms and greenery, along with baby’s breath. Alongside it is a tea-light candle and holder with an updycled bottle. The wood slice is adorned with a garland made of greenery. It is finished with an adornment of a string of fairy lights.

Recreate this look with these slices of wood:

These slices of wood are farmed in the USA by a US based maker. They come in different widths.

5. The Loosely Tied:

Photographer: Anna Delores Photography

A loosely tied napkin in a hand-dyed blush, on top of your plates can absolutely be a feature when they are this well made. Pair it with a garland of greenery that runs across your table and you have got a show stopper wedding table setting.

Recreate this look with these hand-dyed napkins:

These napkins are hand-dyed in the USA. They are made from the softest of cheesecloth gauze, natural cotton fabric. The maker of these napkins can custom color match your napkins. So if you have bridesmaids’ dresses or something else that you would like your wedding table decorations matched to, no problem.

6. The Water Jug:

Photographer: Claire Hirst A wood slice is the base for these wedding table decorations. You can then get creative with a vintage looking water jug filled with pink and white blooms and some greenery. This rustic look is just so divine. Whoever said that beauty needed to be complicated has obviously not seen this wedding table centerpiece!

Create this look with these wood slices:

These wood pieces are hand cut with care by a US based farmer. He farms these trees in his backyard himself before turning them into wood slices.

7. The Hand Wound:

A menu bordered with eucalyptus provides the green in this look. The cutlery is then tied with the gentlest of silk ribbons in blush. A twig of actual eucalyptus is just so divine alongside this look.

Recreate this look with this blush pink silk ribbon:

This silk ribbon is hand-dyed before being hand-torn. This gives the ribbon a rustic, raw look. It is then hand wound onto the handmade wooden spool that is also included.

8. The Softest Ever:

Let us know if you know who the photographer is.

Linen napkins are just the softest things ever, especially when they are stonewashed. Which these napkins are. Loosely tied and then adorned with your favorite greenery. This is an easy wedding table decoration that your guests will actually use. Tell them that they can take their napkin home with them as a keepsake from the wedding. It is something that they can then forever use.

Recreate this look with these linen napkins:

These linen napkins are firstly stonewashed into the softest linen you will ever lay your hands on. They are then hand dyed, cut into loving rectangles and then hand sewn from the first stitch to the last.

9. The Aromatic:

This look is so elegant yet so easy to achieve. All you need to start with is a menu template. You then wrap it with the gentlest of handmade silk ribbon, before you tuck in some aromatic rosemary.

Recreate this look with this handmade ribbon:

This ribbon is made from 50% silk and 50% cotton. The silk gives it the softest, melt in your palms feel. The cotton gives it an organic, rustic look. The ribbon is hand-dyed, hand torn and then hand raveled around and handmade spool.

10. The Matching Chairs:

Photo: CV Linens This is not exactly a wedding table decoration, but imagine these as your ceremony chairs before they are brought over to the reception area to go with your wedding tables. This look involves a loosely tied sash of blush pink. You can then adorn it with your favorite greenery.

Recreate this look with a hand dyed sash:

These sashes are hand-dyed so they are available in many colors and more particularly, shades of dusty pink and green and evident. Made of a rustic looking cotton based gauze in the US.

We hope that these top 10 wedding table decorations in blush pink and green have inspired you to create something truly you on your wedding day.


Hues of Vintage xx

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