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Top 10 Wedding Table Decorations in Dusty Blue in 2020

Updated: May 4, 2020

Are you attracted to the lure of dusty blue wedding table decorations? We completely get that. It is a wonderful color for a rustic wedding. It is a color that your husband-to-be will also enjoy on the day, being elegant but not too feminine. Remember, that it is a day for both of you to enjoy.

1. The Drama:

This wedding table setting shows that your feature color, in this case dusty blue, is even more beautiful when you combine it with other hues. For example, this table setting combines the dusty blue of the napkins with mauve, burgundy, ivory, black (for drama), and gold accents to elevate the wedding theme.

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Recreate this look with these hand dyed napkins:

The maker of these napkins is based in the US and has been dying cheesecloth gauze for 10 years. She has made custom shades for David’s Bridal, Azazzie and others. She hand tears each edge of the napkin after hand dying each piece. When your napkins are made with this much care, it’s totally understandable that it is a feature of your wedding table decorations.

2. The Agate:

We love a place card that doubles as a wedding favor! As your wedding guest, who could possibly resist taking this place card home? It also works wonderfully as part of your wedding table decorations. These are made from agate, which is from the family of crystal. It is made with a gold leaf edge. Photographer: Harwell Photography Recreate this look with these agate slices:

The maker of these hand lettered place cards uses a deeper blue but as you will be communicating directly with the maker, you can request the particular shade that you would like that works with your theme.

Or these agate slices that double as coasters:

Or if you are up for some DIY, you could purchase the above natural agate slices that are sold as coasters and hand letter your wedding guests’ names on them. How wonderful would it be for your guests to have a part of your wedding on their breakfast table, desk or bedside table each day.

3. The Rustic:

A hand dyed table runner changes everything! It really completes the look of a rustic wedding. This one has been adorned with a eucalyptus garland and simple, single, white candles that are spaced for each guest.

Photographer: LinenLark Recreate this look with the actual table runner that is pictured above:

This wedding table runner is pictured above in dusty blue but because it is hand dyed, the maker offers and array of shades. It is made of a natural cotton gauze cheesecloth to complete your flowy, airy wedding look.

4. The Hand Lettered:

This is such a simple idea but it comes together so elegantly with a hand lettered place card in dusty blue. A twig of thyme, that you or one of your friends or family probably already have in your garden, finished with some velvet ribbon. We love this look with silverware.

Photographer: Lauren Kinsey

Recreate this look with these hand-lettered place cards:

The US based maker of these place cards allows you to firstly choose the color of the place cards, then the style of hand lettering that appeals to you the most and also the color of the ink. We love a wedding vendor that allows you to personalize your wedding goodies.

Recreate this look with this velvet ribbon:

This velvet ribbon is the perfect width to recreate this look. It is 3/8 inch or 1cm. You can purchase it in the length that is required from 5 yards all the way to 33 yards. It is in a non-stretch so it can be easily tied around your wedding table decorations.

5. The Cookie:

There are a few things that floored us about this look. One, there is a cookie and who doesn’t love a home baked cookie. Then there is the dusty blue napkin made of linen, folded neatly. And to finish, there is a single eucalyptus leaf with a hand lettered guest name. This look comes together just beautifully.

Photo: Eclectic Creative Australia

Recreate this look with these hand-dyed linen napkins:

These hand dyed linen napkins are hand dyed into a dusty blue. They are then stitched carefully. Wonderful for the neatly folded, cookie on top, finished with a guest personalized eucalyptus leaf look above.

6. The Subtle:

The dusty blue splashes of color, in your wedding theme, can absolutely be subtle to add impact. We love the use of dusty blue hand lettered menus here. The bride has also chosen to have dusty blue single stem candles and dashes of light blue blooms. This is paired with gold accessories and of course crystal glassware.

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Recreate this look with these hand-lettered menus:

This design of this wedding menu is not only elegant but practical too. It is a template that you can edit and print yourself, either at home or at your local printers. This way you can ensure the shade of dusty blue paper stock that you use. You could easily hand tear the edges of the menus too, for an even more rustic look. This is really easy, by the way, just align with a metal ruler and tear.

7. The Simplest:

This idea shows that often the simplest is the most impactful. All you need to do is have either a cake or someone in your in your friendship or family circle that is an avid cake maker to make a stacked cake, tie it with some hand dyed, hand-torn ribbon, place it on a wooden stand and you are good to go. What a feature this would be on a dessert station. Get creative with what flavor of cake you have too. Love red velvet? Well why not surprise everyone and have a red velvet wedding cake.

Photographer: Jake and Heather

Recreate this look with this hand-dyed ribbon:

This ribbon is made by firstly hand dying it to this dusty blue hue. It is made of a natural pure cotton. Each ribbon is hand torn to shape that gives it a raw, rustic look. You can choose the width of this ribbon. The maker of this item is USA based.

8. The Sunday Brunch:

Or to bring your dusty blue wedding theme to life, you could utilize dusty blue tablecloths in a natural fiber.

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Recreate this look, with these hand-dyed tablecloths:

Wonderfully hand made, these linen tablecloths are hand dyed and dried, before they are stitched. Linen has a wonderful texture that becomes softer and softer with each wash. These tablecloths are so divine that you will be using it on the breakfast table that you will share with your husband-to-be for long, airy Sunday brunches with light filtering through your kitchen window.

9. The Watercolor Brushstroke:

This watercolor brushstroke table number design will complement your dusty blue wedding table decorations. This is available as a printable so you can personalize the numbers before printing them and choosing a frame for you to insert them in. You could even hand tear the edges to give the table numbers a rustic look. Just use a metal ruler and tear along the edge of the ruler.

Create this look with the actual table numbers that are pictured above:

These table numbers are sold by the maker as a printable. That way, you can personalize the numbers before printing them and displaying them as you feel fits the wedding theme best.

10. The Draped:

The look of dusty blue chiffon casually draped across the center of a table with thrifted mismatched green goblets and vintage candleholders is just charming. You will have an absolute ball at the thrift shop for this look. Just ensure you have friends or family or a wedding coordinator to help you set up the look on the wedding day.

Let us know if you know who the photographer is.

Recreate the look with this chiffon table runner:

This table runner is made in the US made a dreamy and silky to touch chiffon fabric. It is a sheer fabric. The maker uses fine tailoring wear the edges are cut evenly and stitched neatly.

We hope that you have found inspiration in these top 10 wedding table decorations in dusty blue in 2020. Dusty blue is a wonderful, not-too-feminine, hue that pairs wonderfully other hues to make it stand out even further.

Love, Hues of Vintage xx


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