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Top 10 Wedding Table Decorations in Cinnamon Rose in 2020

Cinnamon Rose is 'the' wedding color for 2020. Here are the hand selected top 10 wedding table decorations in cinnamon rose in 2020. It is also a vintage inspired color so it is a timeless shade too. From stonewashed linen table cloths, to napkins, to silk ribbons, to hand deckled place cards and menus, these will be wonderful as wedding table decorations.

We suggest teaming these with upcycled bottles and jars, with not too wide necks to scatter along your wedding tables. Team these with some tea lights and your setting will absolutely be gorgeous.

1. The Farmhouse:

Let us know if you know who the photographer is. This look is inspired by an outdoor farmhouse wedding and don’t these wedding tablecloths look elegant in cinnamon rose? Team these with some vintage chairs and faint! The lightness of the linen tablecloths will flutter around in the wind.

Recreate this look with these hand-dyed tablecloths:

These tablecloths are firstly hand-dyed, they are then stitched by hand from the first stitch to the last. Before that they are stone washed to create a melt in your palm softness. These tablecloths will definitely be a keepsake from your wedding. One that you can hand down from this generation to the next.

2. The Riverside:

Taking inspiration from this riverside wedding, the cinnamon rose table runner is casually draped across the table. This shows that if you don’t have vintage tables that you can leave unclothed, it doesn’t matter, just use white table cloths that your venue or caterer will most likely already have, or that you can hire easily. Then dress it up with these cheesecloth hand-dyed table runners.

Photo: Snassy Crafter

Recreate this look with these hand-dyed table runners:

These hand-dyed table runners will set the stage for you to finish your wedding table setting. You don’t need much to finish the look off when your table runners are this charming either.

3. The Velvet:

A velvet table runner allows you to add some luxe to a rustic setting. Due to its sophisticated look, you can finish the look off with thrifted colored glassware, freshly cut fruit and a garland of either just greenery or greenery mixed in with some florals. You could also add some single stem candles.

Let us know if you know who the photographer is.

Recreate the look with this velvet table runner:

This luxe velvet table runner is handmade in Chester, NY.

4. The Center of Attention:

When your napkins are made with this much care, they will be star of the show. We love how the center of the table here is scattered intentionally with thrifted glassware, single stem candleholders and miniature vases. This way you will be able to make an impact without busting the bank. Cherry blossoms as blooms, looks wonderful with this look.

Let us know if you know who the photographer is.

Recreate this look with these hand-dyed napkins where the maker can do a custom color match:

The USA based maker of these napkins creates these from a natural cotton cheesecloth gauze. They are hand died before being hand torn to size for your particular wedding. You can even request for her to do a custom color match.

5. The Loosely Gathered:

Photo: Rosemary and Finch Floral Design

Want to add a little bit of a wow factor to your wedding table decorations? This hand-dyed silk ribbon will certainly do that. Loosely gather your white napkins that surely your venue or your caterer has already and hand tie them off with this handmade ribbon.

Recreate this look with this handmade ribbon:

This ribbon tie is made of a delicate textile that is a silk and cotton blend (50/50). It is so soft that it feels like it will melt in your hands. The ribbon is hand-dyed to this wonderful cinnamon rose shade then hand torn and hand rolled. Even the handmade wooden spool is included. Each and every ribbon is one-of-a-kind.

6. The Hand Painted:

Achieving the rustic look with deckle edges, hand lettering and silk ribbon ties. These are wonderfully delicate and romantic and would look so dreamy as part of your wedding table decorations. Your guests definitely will not leave without taking their place card home.

Photo: de Winton Paper co

Recreate the look with these handmade place cards:

These place cards feature calligraphy on organic cotton paper. They are made with a cinnamon rose and/or gray watercolored wash. Each one is then carefully dipped in gold. Finish these off with a gold eyelet and then the silk ribbon that is featured in the last look.

7. The Stonewashed:

Let there be stonewashed linen at your wedding. Why? As it is so elegant and incredibly, melt in your palm, soft. You could choose to overlay it with an acrylic menu or just leave it to tell its own story as in the product image below.

Photo: PaperandPineCo

Recreate the look with these handmade napkins:

These napkins are lovingly hand-dyed to this cinnamon rose shade. It is then hand cut by the maker. Each stitch, from the first to the last, is lovingly done by the maker. It also look wonderful the way the maker has taken this photo, with a knot in the napkin and a twig from a eucalyptus branch.

8. The Menus:

Let there always be good food at weddings! And what better way to showcase the menu then on these handmade menus that feature the most delightful cinnamon rose hand tied feature.

Photo: Papel & Co.

Recreate this look with these handmade menus:

As a base for these charming rustic menus, utilize these handmade menus. Each of these are made in house, at the maker’s studio, from her handmade signature paper. They are then hand torn to achieve the deckled edge. Use the ribbon from look 5 (above) to finish off each menu.

9. The Paper Mill:

Or if you are up for some DIY, you can even order paper from a paper maker and then print the menus yourself. Do this either at home or at your local printer.

Photo: Ling’s Moments

Recreate this look with this handmade paper:

How heavenly is this paper that is handmade in the USA from cotton?! You can opt for deckled edges or hand torn edges that are even more rustic. The color of this natural paper is an off-white/ivory shade. Use the ribbon from look 5 to finish these menus off.

10. The Not Just One Hue:

True to what we recommend, that you don’t just have one feature color for your color theme but combine it with another at least one hue, this look does just that. So, going from this example, if your feature color is cinnamon rose, combine it with gray and eucalyptus. We love the softness that this gray table runner achieves. This will elevate the look much, much further than if you just have one color throughout your wedding color theme.

Let us know if you know who the photographer is.

Recreate this look with this table runner:

This table runner is handmade in the USA. It is made with what the maker calls ‘fine tailoring’ where each piece is hand cut then stitched beautifully with neat hems. There are no loose threads, broken seams or tears.

We hope that we have inspired you to further dream and create a wedding that is truly you with these wedding table decorations. With the color cinnamon rose, we are sure that you are stylish in nature and will create something truly memorable.


Hues of Vintage xx


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