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Top 10 Wedding Table Centerpieces in 2020

Here are the top 10 wedding table centerpiece inspirational ideas in 2020. We have also found the base décor to help put together the wedding setting look. They range from table runners to geometric shapes to mirrored centerpieces. And all of them are handmade too.

1. The Light as Air Table Runner:

Dig around your grandmother’s attic to see if there is any crockery and glassware that you can use for your wedding. She will absolutely be thrilled that you are bringing these items back to life. Or, you can also dig around at your local thrift store. It doesn’t matter at all if the crockery and glassware are mismatched, it will only add to the rustic, vintage charm. The perfect base for this wedding centerpiece look is a hand dyed table runner, as seen below. Then all you need is some small vases, the more mismatched the better, that you can fill with blooms and greenery.

Photographer: Alicia Lucia

And here is the table runner above:

This is the actual table runner that is pictured in the table setting above. It is hand ripped to achieve its raw, farm-chic, edges and also hand dyed.

2. The Geometric:

As pinterest is all about long tables for weddings at the moment. It is truly refreshing to find wedding table centerpieces that would work incredibly with round tables too. This geometric centerpiece works well as it adds some futher interest and rustic charm to a centerpiece that would otherwise just be greenery and a touch of florals. Especially if you are using a lot of greenery and less flowers, this brass colored centerpiece would be a welcomed addition to the wedding table décor.

Photographer: Payton Hartsell Photography

And here, you can find a brass triangle:

This is the first handmade brass triangle that would work with this design. They are custom made so you can ask the maker for any size and to remove the hoop at the top of the design.

And here, a larger version of the brass triangle:

If you want something larger, this handmade brass triangle would work for you. We love how the material on this centerpiece is even hand bent. So no two are ever exactly the same.

3. The Mirrored Image:

A mirrored centerpiece with some modern additions really make for a charming centerpiece. Start early to collect brown upcycled bottles from friends and family. Then as the neck of the bottles are small, it will be easy to fill them with branches of eucalyptus. The all you need is a couple of tea light candles and table numbers, if you wish, and you have an easy yet attractive wedding table centerpiece.

Here you can find the mirror base:

This mirror centerpiece base when paired with the right upcycled goodies and some eucalyptus greenery look just charming.

4. The Wood Rounds:

What a clever idea for a rustic wedding and you can easily recreate it. Below are the perfect wood rounds that can be purchased online. Then all that is required is some upcycled jars and bottles. Wrap some of the jars in twine. Use the lower jars for tea light candles, the the medium jars for one stem of rose and some baby’s breath. Then the taller bottles (with not so huge openings) for a small bunch of roses paired with some voluminous baby’s breath.

Photographer: Studio Something Photography

Recreate this look with these wooden pieces:

These wooden pieces are the perfect base for your recreation of this easy rustic wedding table centerpiece. And they are made in the USA from US farmed wood.

5. The Boho Macrame:

We love seeing weddings that take the non-traditional and turn it into something clever and inspiring like this table centerpiece. It is put together with a base of a handmade macramé, then overlaid with some tropical oversized leaves, greenery and a couple of roses. Some upcycled glasses for tealight candles are then scattered. The result? Rustic charm!

Photographer: Biaca Wallace Photography

Recreate this look with this macrame table runner:

This macramé table runner is hand-tied. How special is that, to have something that everyone will be conversing over, right on the tables. You will be able to use these as a wall hanging after the wedding.

6. The Cheesecloth:

To adorn this hand-dyed table runner, get your friends and family onboard for this one and have them create garlands from the freshest eucalyptus you can find from the flower market. Order ahead so you don’t have any surprises. This is probably one of the simplest table centerpieces we have seen, but one of the most effective. Single candles are then placed on candle holders and voila!

Here is the above hand-dyed table runner:

This table runner is the exact table runner that is seen in the table setting above and doesn’t it just break hearts?!

7. The Stonewashed:

If you have ever felt stonewashed linen then you will know that it feels like it will melt in your palms. So incredibly soft! This linen based wedding table centerpiece is so simple, yet elegant. You just needs strings of greenery that are intertwined between saucers that are holding white pillar candles. You can have some large water glasses holding some of the medium white pillar candles too. Easy yet impactful.

Let us know if you know who the photographer is.

To recreate this look here are the stonewashed linen table runners:

These stonewashed table runners come in all the rustic wedding hues. And aren’t they beautiful?!

8. The Field Flowers and Hand-Tied Hankerchief:

What is more beautiful than flowers found in the field? Not much really, and this table setting celebrates that. The field flowers are just laid casually on the table. It is teamed with a hand-tied, hand dyed napkin. Wow, that is really all you need!

Photographer: Eva Kosmas Flores

Recreate this look with these hand dyed napkins:

These hand dyed napkins is made of a light grey. It goes wonderfully with greenery and natural flowers. Loosey bunched and hand-tied, it completes the look of your wedding table centerpieces.

9. The Unexpected:

What must you have on your wedding table? Cutlery and crockery. So why not make a feature out of it. Wrap your cutlery in a hand-tied, hand dyed cheesecloth napkin. And what better hue than the lightest of blush? It is elegant and timeless in photography too. You can opt to also have hand torn menus and/or place cards.

Photographer (above image): This Day Forward

Then, let the above your inspiration. All you need to do is scatter some upcycled bottles, with not too wide necks, filled with blooms and eucalyptus; along with some tealight candle holders and candles along the center of the table. The more the merrier and you will have a wedding table centerpiece design that you will absolutely love and be proud of.

Photographer (above image): Jill Houser

Recreate this look with these napkins:

These napkins really finish off the look of a wedding table centerpiece. They are hand dyed in a wonderfully soft blush hue.

10. The Divine:

When your napkins are this divine as they are hand dyed with raw edges, they are all you need to finish your wedding table. We love this one with a twig of pampas grass and a hand torn place card with hand lettered guest names. Pret-tay!!

Image source: Silk & Willow

Recreate this look with these cheesecloth napkins:

These napkins are made of the softest of cotton gauze and is hand dyed in the hue of your choice. Not only do they look great, they are also functional as they absorb moisture instantly. The edges are purposefully hand ripped to give them the natural farm chic look.

We hope that you have found these top 10 wedding table centerpieces ideas inspirational. With a little bit of thinking out of the square, you can really create something that is uniquely you and that you will look back at, in years down the track, and still absolutely love.


Hues of Vintage xx


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