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The Ultimate Wedding Planner Checklist in 2020

This ultimate wedding planner checklist in 2020 has been tried and tested by each and every single Hues of Vintage team wedding. And it works! Brides-to-be, you want to be organized and plan a wedding that your guests will love right? The wedding planner checklist will help you do just that.

Nuptials refer to everything that you need to do to make sure your wedding is official. States, and countries, for that matter, have varying requirements. Also find out if you need to register an intent to marry. If so, it may be required that you register an intent to marry several months before you actually do.

Where does your jurisdiction allow you to get married (i.e. sign the papers)? Some jurisdictions allow you to get married anywhere as long as you have a recognized officiant. Others insist that it is done at an official office. Find out what paperwork is required and if there is a ceremony fee.

Once these things components are done, you can check them off your FREE wedding planner checklist, and see what else you have to do for your wedding.


You should definitely keep track of all that you and will be spending for your wedding. This allows you to set a budget early so you and your husband-to-be start your wedded life on the right foot financially.

Download the FREE wedding budget worksheet.


There are two venues that you will need to find. One being the venue where you will have your ceremony. This might be a separate venue for where you sign your papers.

The second venue, is where the reception will take place i.e. where the meal will take place.

For the sake of guest enjoyment, we recommend that you have the ceremony and reception in walking distance from each other.

Once you have these components done, you can check them off from your FREE wedding planner checklist, and see what else you could be working on.


Wedding stationery includes save the dates, invitations, RSVPs and thank you cards. While you are at it, you may as well get your same stationery vendor to make the place cards, table numbers and menus (if applicable). Find a wedding stationery maker online and remember the fewer the vendors, the more budget conscious you can be on your wedding. Or find a wedding invitation template and adapt this to all the wedding stationery that you need. Wedding invitation templates are really beautifully designed these days and look as though, they were designed specifically for your wedding. You can then print everything you need yourself or at your local print shop.

Once you have this done, check it off your FREE wedding planner checklist. And see what else you have to do.


Let’s face it, the food and drink component of a wedding is an important one. It will include food, drinks, cake and dessert. If you are going to a venue where you are bringing everything in, this component also includes crockery, cutlery, glassware and napkins.

To make sure you are covering all bases, use the FREE wedding planner checklist.


In terms of documentation, this refers to how you will remember your wedding. Photography and videography (if applicable) will allow you to always remember the details of your wedding vividly. Every time you look at photos and video after the wedding, you will remember the moments that you shared with your family and friends and the day that you put together, ever so carefully.

To make sure that you haven’t missed anything in your wedding planning, use the FREE wedding planner checklist.


You can really personalize your wedding with florals. Florals will need to be organized for bouquet/s for you and your bridesmaids, lapel/s for you and your now finance and the groomsmen and for family, if you are having family wear these. If you are having florals on your cake, they are often also supplied by the same floral vendor. Where else in your decor do you want florals too? Perhaps on your wedding arbor or for centerpieces?

If you are having a destination wedding or just want to be well prepared, silk flower bouquets are absolutely beautiful these days. You would think that they are real?!

To ensure that you haven’t missed anything in your wedding planning, use this FREE wedding planner checklist.

Decor: Check in with your venue/s to see what they already have there that you can utilize to put your wedding together. If there are items that you can utilize as part of your wedding, then wonderful. If they need some tweaking to fit your look, e.g. chair ties or so, you can plan for this.

In terms of decor, you will need to organize table decorations, reception tables and chairs, tablecloths and napkins, food, dessert and drink stations, a seating plan and wedding favors. Remember to factor in the setting up, clean up and removal of all the decor too. To ensure you haven’t forgotten anything, use the FREE wedding planner checklist.

Entourage Outfits & Shoes:

The maid of honor, bridesmaids, best man, groomsmen, flower girl/s and the ring bearer make up your entourage. Although, it is your wedding, so you can pick and choose which ones of these that you want to have.

Once you have decided which of these you want to include in your wedding, you will need to decide upon their outfit and shoes. For bridesmaids, for example, will you go for a mismatched look for the bridesmaids’ dresses and in what color. Also, can they choose their own dresses and their own shoes?

You might also want to say thank you to wedding party with a bridesmaids’ thank you gift and a groomsmen’ thank you gift.

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Make sure you have covered everything by using the FREE wedding planner checklist here.

Transport/Accommodation: You will need to plan how you and your wedding guests will move around on the wedding day. How will you and your bridesmaids and flower girl/s get to the ceremony? How will your groom his groomsmen and ring bearer get to the ceremony? After the ceremony, how will everyone get to the reception venue? Do you, your groom and the wedding party need to go anywhere for photos? Then how will you and your husband-to-be get home after the wedding or will you go straight to your honeymoon? Will you have a VW van organized or will you Uber Black it?

Also in consideration should be if you, your groom, the bridal party or guests need accommodation before or after the wedding. You can organize this with the hotel and then have the guests pay them directly. Or just give the guests recommendations for accommodation.

Ensure that you have done everything for your wedding by using the FREE wedding planner checklist.


Although a wedding day coordinator is optional, if you are having a wedding that involves a lot of DIY, we highly recommend this.

She or he will be a mini you, making sure everything is organized to your standard on your wedding day. You then, can kick back and enjoy the day.

The Look:

The Look includes your and your groom’s look on your wedding day. What will your dress and shoes be like? How will do your hair and make up? Also remember the detail, your shoes and underwear!

For your groom, what will his look be. Will he wear a suit, shirt and a tie or a bow tie? Remember his underwear, socks and shoes too.

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To ensure you have everything organized for your wedding, use the FREE wedding planner checklist.

Jewelry: Jewelry refers to you and your husband-to-be’s wedding rings. What a special component of your wedding this is because it symbolizes you and your husband’s love and commitment to each other. Thankfully though, there are many wedding band makers that make their designs available online these days, so you can work directly with your maker to design your dream wedding band.

Here are the Top 10+ Vintage Inspired Etsy Wedding Rings in 2020.

Ensure that you have organized everything for your wedding by utilizing the FREE wedding planner checklist here.

Entertainment: Entertainment for your wedding includes your ceremony music. Also, will you have a DJ, a band or simply a play list (and who will operate the playlist).

To make sure that everything is organized for your wedding, use the FREE wedding planner checklist.

Download the Wedding Planner Checklist:

We are very sure this wedding planner checklist will be helpful to you in planning a wedding that is truly you and your husband-to-be. Go ahead and make that wedding happen!


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