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Top 10 Wedding Dresses For Older Brides Under $700 in 2020

Here is the hand-selected top 10 wedding dresses for older brides under $700 in 2020. All of these dresses are custom-made. Many of them are handmade in the USA. Many of them are simple in design with boho and vintage elements. They would be perfect for a rustic, ranch, garden or a beach wedding. A more relaxed style of wedding. 1. The Graceful US$640:

This wedding dress is wonderful for a graceful older bride. This dress is modest yet in no way is it prude. It utilizes hand cut lace embroidery that is attached to the most delicate spotted tulle. There are graceful capped sleeves. The decolletage is carefully sewn with the most gentle rolled hem. The dress plunges at the back, but then the tulle is carefully draped so that it becomes a modest plunge. The waist is cinched to shape the body. The dress then flows to the ground that you will be walking on.

2. The Bell Bottomed US$698:

This dress is inspired by the vintage era. It is made from a cotton blend lace that is not afraid to show its embroidery pattern. The lace is true vintage so each dress is truly unique. The sleeves are bell bottomed, characteristic of the vintage era. The dress is then cinched delicately at the waist before flowing to the ground that you will be walking on. The dress comes together with an elegant zip at the back. It comes with a light nude slip. The nude allows the pattern of the lace to show through even more. This dress is handmade by a maker based in Los Angeles.

3. The Love, Live, Dance US$700:

As the maker describes, this wedding dress is designed to love, live, breath and dance with you. From the first sketch to the last stitch, the dress is handmade by the maker that you will be communicating directly with. This dress just shows that a wedding dress does not need to be over the top, to be absolutely beautiful and charming. It is made from the softest of chiffons. It literally melts in your hands.

The dress is fully lined in a satin. The dress features flutter sleeves that extend to a graceful cross over front bodice. The back is plunging but is then cleverly made more modest with the lining of the dress that just peeps through. The two shoulders are gracefully kept from falling from the brides body with the most delicate shoestring strap. The waist is cinched with a self-fabric belt that comes together with self-fabric buttons. The dress then flows with an incredible amount of texture to the ground that you will be walking on.

4. The Gentle US$649.40:

This wedding dress is inspired by nature and looks absolutely wonderful on a bride with curves. The leaves in the lace pattern is carefully hand-sewn to an inner layer of the soft tulle. This creates an incredibly gentle, graceful look. The front bodice is carefully hand draped to create the gentlest of pleats. The back of the dress is of the plunging style. The straps are in a rolled minimalist style. The waist is cinched, again with a minimalist design. The skirt section of the dress then floats magically with layers and layers of tulle. The lace applique is sewn within the inner layers of the tulle, creating incredible depth.

5. The It’s a Wrap US$680:

This wedding dress takes an absolute classic, the wrap dress, that is absolutely wonderful for an older bride, and then adds some distinct features. The dress is made from a quality satin that flows and flows and flows. It is cut on the bias, which gives the dress incredible movement. The full length sleeves are made in a bishop design that slightly bellows and then cinches before reaching the wrist with a wide cuff, enclosed with self-fabric handmade buttons.

The waist is cinched classically with a wide tie. This tie though is voluminous so you can wear it however you would like, to personalize your dress. This dress is a definite classic piece that can be handed down from you to your future daughter and to their future daughter.

6. The Silk Flow US$621.96:

This wedding dress is made from a pure silk chiffon. The chiffon is so soft that it feels like it could melt in your hands. This dress takes a simple tunic design and turns it into something incredible with its careful choice of fabric and design. And as we get older, or shall we say wiser, we value quality of make. The dress features two silk chiffon wings that drop dramatically from the shoulders and glides with you as you walk. The shoulder area features a lace applique that adds just a touch of lace to a dress that doesn’t really need much else. A handmade belt is included with the dress so you can personalize its look, how you would like to wear it.

7. The Lush Top and Skirt US$699:

This dress comes together by combining two bridal separates, a bridal top and a bridal skirt. These are both by the USA based maker. The top is a bodysuit, that is much more comfortable to wear when wearing bridal separates. It means it will not creep up and become untucked. It is made with luscious lace on a stretch mesh fabric. The skirt is incredibly voluminous, made from layers of soft chiffon. When you purchase these items separately, they work out being a couple of hundred dollars less expensive, so that is what we recommend. Choose the top only from the dress listing. This dress is incredibly flattering on a bride with curves.

8. The Dress and Cape US$596:

Ok, hear us out, this dress is as classic as they come. A slip dress with a zip back. But it is incredibly well-made and proportioned with a princess shaped bodice, spaghetti straps and a carefully pleated waistline. The skirt section is cut on a bias to give the dress incredible volume. The dress is made with care, even down to its carefully made lining. Now comes the fun part, accessorizing it! Just imagine this dress with a sheer cape like the one that is above. This cape is made to fit dresses with straps and it will make the dress and your look absolutely dramatic. Talk about simple elegance!

9. The Georgette US$695:

This wedding dress is both soft and structured, which allows an older bride to feel confident in a less flowy top section of the dress. A scalloped damask lace is loosely hand draped over the blush or nude satin lining. The skirt section of the dress is made from a georgette fabric, that is slightly more structured than a chiffon. It is sewn into pleats along the waistline in the front and back. This dress can be made with or without a modest train. 10. The Hand-Applique US$595:

This wedding dress is another dress made by the same USA based maker as the dress immediately above. This design is made with a corded lace bodice. The maker of this dress hand cuts appliques and trims the waist and the capped sleeves with it. The skirt section of this dress is made from a soft ivory chiffon. This dress celebrates simplicity, yet adds, just a touch of lace for elegance.

We hope that you have found these top 10 dresses for older brides to be inspirational, in your quest to create a wedding that is quintessentially you and your husband-to-be. Love,

Hues of Vintage xx


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