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Top 10 Wedding Dresses For Older Brides Under $600 in 2020

Here is the top 10 wedding dresses for older brides under $600 in 2020. The designs we have chosen are classic meets modern design. They are timeless in that they will never go out of fashion, so you will never look back at your wedding photos and cringe. All of these wonderful dresses are custom and hand made.

1. The Vintage Era US$599.96:

This wedding dress is designed with the vintage era in mind. For older brides it is absolutely perfect as it cinches and shapes in all the right places. The dress starts with an open mandarin collar made of scalloped lace, this then extends to a slightly gathered capped sleeve. The bodice continues in a ruched design to cinch at the waist. The two sides of the decolletage are brought together with the same scalloped lace seen in the sleeve. The chiffon of the front bodice extends to the back, to a soft low plunge, that is then brought together with delicate lace and pearl buttons. The dress comes with a handmade and jeweled belt. With hand draping, the chiffon of skirt section then flows gently to the ground that you will be walking on. You can even choose what fiber the chiffon is made from. This dress is handmade in the USA.

Here is a picture from a customer review:

2. The Zion US$576:

This wedding dress is made from one of a kind vintage lace. This means that each and every one of these dresses are truly unique. This shape is wonderful for an older bride. You can see it in a customer review, in the picture above. Doesn’t it just look divine?! And it’s named appropriately, with a powerful name like Zion too. This dress will definitely be a keepsake that can be handed down from generation to generation. The lace gown is hand finished with a soft tassle at the sleeve to accentuate that free-spirted boho look.

3. The Spirited US$560:

In the design of this wedding dress, the designer transforms a simple cross over dress, into a delicate, elegant dress with the use of a soft, lightweight lace. The shape of the lace is made with a kimono design. This means voluminous, free-spirted sleeves that extend from the bodice. The skirt section of this dress is made from a soft chiffon that is cut on the bias, which means, that it is full circle, so the skirt section has lots of volume and flow. The dress comes with a handmade and jeweled belt.

4. The Graceful US$569.51:

This wedding dress celebrates a natural fiber, silk. And wow, does silk feel incredible on the body. The shape of this dress is well designed, in that it is a slight comfort fit and does not cling to the body like other slip dresses. This makes for a much more elegant look. The top of this dress is in a soft camisole design with a rounded v-neck front and back. The straps are in an elegant tie-up design, which is great, because it means the straps are fully adjustable. The skirt section of the dress is cut on the bias which gives the dress much more flow. A minimalist train completes this graceful look. To add further elegance and a touch of modest, opt to wear it with a soft shawl as shown.

5. The Romance US$597.11:

The maker of this dress wanted the design to exude romance, and she has definitely achieved that. This dress is in a long sleeve design. The lace chosen for this dress is in a delicate, soft embroidery. The top of the dress is made completely of this lace. Sleeves are in a romantic look with a ¾ length and a scalloped finish. The two sides of the back oft he bodice comes together with hand sewn pearl buttons. The front of the bodice is lined in a champagne hued princess shaped lining. The champagne under the white lace means that the delicate pattern of the lace is accentuated and it gives a vintage look. The waist is then cinched and the dress continues to flow to the skirt section where panels of chiffon are added to the lace which provided incredible volume and interest to the eye as the dress moves. The dress has an elegant train.

6. The Chantilly US$565.45:

This wedding dress is made in a kaftan design. The lace that is utilized in this careful design is a Chantilly style lace in the hue ivory. The sleeves on this dress is made in a fit and flare style. The lace is of a embroidered designed, that is not shy to show its pattern. The dress is finished at all seams with a vintage inspired trim. The back of the dress is modest yet has a slight element of risque. An overall, wonderful flowy design. We would recommend pairing this dress with a champagne colored slip.

7. The Boho Minimalist US$503.74:

The maker of this dress strove to create a look that is both boho and minimalism. So she created this design which is distinctive, free, bold and original. As an older bride, you know what you want and are not willing to compromise that. The shape of the bodice of this dress is what the maker calls free cut as she wanted to emphasize the brides natural beauty. The dress does not cling awkwardly at all. The lining of the dress is in a camisole style which is both relaxed and elegant. It has a half plunging back, which allows the lace to show through. The front of the bodice features a soft cross over of the lace. The skirt section then flows in the same lace and lining that is seen in the bodice to the ground that you will be walking on.

8. The Goddess $US621.46:

This dress is made for the bride to feel like a Greek goddess. This dress is even handmade in Greece. At the time of writing this article, this dress was at a special price of $US621.46, discounted from US$1,035.77, so we just had to include it in the top 10! The dress is made with vintage elements, with a gentle lace that is made into slight flutter cap sleeves, a bodice with hand sewn pearl detailing. The dress then has a loose plunging back that is gathered under the shoulders with hand attached lace and pearls. As this dress is handmade to your specifications, you could ask for the back to be made higher for a more modest look. The same gentle lace gathers at the waist to then flow down to the ground that you will be walking on. The dress can be made with or without an elegant train.

9. The Simple Elegance US$560:

This dress is proof that simple is often the most beautiful. Designed with an lining that is essentially a camisole dress with a thigh high split, this dress is overlaid with a soft, sheer chiffon. The decolletage of the dress that extends to the shoulder area is then accented with a modern hand-cut lace.

10. The Modern Gypsy US$509.19:

You may have guessed that we absolutely love wedding dresses with dramatic backs and this dress surely has that! This dress is modern gypsy in design. The bodice is made of a soft lace with self fabric buttons and flutter sleeves. The skirt section then flows to the ¾ length where it is accented with a lace trim and it then flares out with a further row of ruching. The plunging back is bought together with a handmade ribbon sash after being outlined with a crochet trim.

We hope that this these top 10 wedding dresses for older brides under $600 in 2020 has been of inspiration for your special day.


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