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Top 10 Wedding Dresses For Older Brides under $500 in 2020

Here is our selection of the top 10 wedding dresses for older brides in 2020. And they are all custom made and incredibly under $500. We love the relaxed look of many of these dresses. We are all for couples getting married at an older stage in life! This allows brides and grooms-to-be to get to know each other on another level, and even live together before joining together in a marriage. Also, you get to shop around before committing to the man that you have been waiting for!

1. The Flowy US$99.99:

This wedding dress that would look wonderful on an older bride is made of a soft, flowy chiffon. The chiffon is hand draped so that it plunges elegantly at the back. The dress is not clingy at all and is made to have a relaxed, elegant look. The plunge then extends to winged sleeves, because winged sleeves are flattering yet glamorous. The winged sleeves continue to the front bodice where there is a soft cross over that meets at the waist. The dress then flows ever so gently to the ground that you will be walking on.

2. The Options US$199.99:

This wedding dress is a wonderful option for older brides because it is made with a delicate lace shawl that you can choose to wear or take it off when you are dancing through the night. The dress itself is made of a delicate outer layer of a soft tulle. Tulle is just so feminine. The bodice is slightly princess shaped. It then has minimalist spaghetti straps. The tulle then flows ever so elegantly to the ground that you will be walking on. The dress is fully line. What goes on top is a feather light lace top that is scalloped along the edges. The scalloped top has an elegant opening at the back of the dress that slightly reveals a cross over back dress.

3. The Cowl Back US$194.65:

The feature of this dress which can be seen below on an older bride, is the uber feminine cowl draping back. As you will be communicating directly with the maker, it is absolutely possible to ask her to make the lace in the back higher for a more modest look. The draping at the back is matched with a ruched front that is brought together with a feather light lace. The dress continues on with flowy chiffon to create an asymmetrical hemline. The asymmetrical hemline is much more interesting in photos as it serves to create layers tot hey eye.

Here is a photo from a customer review:

4. The Lightweight US$149.99:

This dress is a bestseller from this US based maker, and we can see exactly why! This dress combines a more structured lace with a sheer lightweight tulle. The lace itself is hand cut into the shape of the bodice. It is then hand attached to the tulle. The back is in a keyhole shape. As you will be communicating directly with the maker, you can though, ask for the shape of the back to be however you imagine it. We would recommend no keyhole at all as this would give more of a classic look. The same tulle that is used in the bodice then flows from the waist to the ground that you will be walking on. The skirt section of the dress is fully lined.

Here is the dress from a customer review:

5. The Vintage US$369:

The words to describe this wedding dress are soft and delicate. It has definite vintage properties. The outer layer of this dress is made from a feather light floral lace. The bodice is a v shaped that then extends to modest sleeves and plunges to a wow factor back. As you will be dealing directly with the maker of this dress, you can ask for the back to be a little more modest if you like. The dress then extends in a flowy fashion to the ground that you will be walking on. The dress can be lined in a champagne which looks wonderful as it makes the dress look more vintage and the pattern of the white lace on top more visible.

Here is a picture from a review from a customer:

6. The Shawl Dress US$119.99:

This dress that is made more modest with a long sleeve laced shawl would look absolutely wonderful on an older bride. The dress is a cross over back chiffon dress. The colour of it is a slight champagne, which we love. But as you will be communicating directly with the maker of this dress, you can ask for this dress to be made in any color. The shawl is made of a soft lace that is in more of a modern geometric pattern. It is tied with a romantic voluminous tie at the back.

7. The Natural Fiber US$330:

The older (or let’s say, the more mature) that we get, the more that we appreciate quality. The maker of this dress gets that! This dress is made from a genuine silk chiffon. Silk just flows so elegantly. The dress will flow with you as you walk down that aisle to your groom. So elegant is this dress with a feather light lace that brings together the left and right side of the plunging back. It meets with delicate self fabric buttons. The wings sleeves are made in a voluminous way to extend from the shoulders. The dress is not clingy at all and has an amazing flow to it.

8. The Perfect Match Top & Skirt US$237:

We have searched high and low for a top and a skirt that come together perfectly for a wedding dress for older bride. The top is from a lovely maker in England. The skirt is from a maker in the US. Made of an elegant lace, the top is scalloped at the sleeve and waist. The back comes together with a simple hook and eye. Why complicate things when the top is so elegant already? The flow on this skirt is what has us hooked. It is made from carefully draped layers of melt in your hand chiffon that gives it an incredible textural look. The skirt has unbelievable volume yet is light-weight at the same time. Faint!

9. The Bat Wings US$399.99:

This dress features bat wing sleeves that extend from an elegant plunging back. The lace that this maker has chosen for this dress is one that has a delicate floral embroidery. The lace is then lightly scalloped at the edges. The bat wings extend to the front. The skirt section of this dress is then made of a soft tulle that flows to the ground that you will be walking on. This dress is made with love with it being fully lined.

10. The Divine US$129.99:

Originally designed as a bridesmaid’s dress by this maker, we love brides that are able to envisage and repurpose. You will see a bride below that envisaged this dress to be her wedding dress, and she asked the maker to make it in white. And isn’t it just divine?! We absolutely love that it is long sleeve with elegantly placed lace detailing. The plunge of the front and back give it an elegant look. You can ask for a more modest plunge if you prefer though.

Here is the bride in a white version of this wedding dress:

We hope that you have enjoyed these top 10 wedding dresses for older brides under $500 in 2020.

Love, Hues of Vintage xx


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