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Top 10+ Vintage Inspired Etsy Wedding Rings in 2020

Vintage just happens to be our thing! So here are the top 10+ hand selected vintage inspired Etsy wedding rings in 2020.

1. The Leaf USD$248:

This ring that has art deco characteristics features a curved leaf design. The ends of the two leaves raise into a delicate crown design with three genuine diamonds. This ring is handmade for your custom requirements in the US. You can choose from 14 or 18 karat yellow, rose or white gold. The ring measures 3.4mm at the widest part. Where it on its own or wear it stacked with your engagement ring. And you will wear your wedding band on its own at times.

2. The Timeless US$198:

This ring is a vintage inspired twisted eternity ring. This ring is very popular on Etsy and get why! This twisted ring with six genuine diamonds is one of the most unique yet timeless rings that we have seen on Etsy. It is a delicate stacking ring that features a twisted design 360 degrees around the entire ring. You can have this ring made in 14 or 18 karat yellow, rose or white gold. This ring is lovingly custom made to your ring size.

3. The Braid US$122:

This ring features a handmade braided band. Looking at this delicate ring, makes us imagine the goldsmith of this ring in her home studio, braiding this handmade ring. This ring is made to your wishes in rose gold (as pictured), yellow gold, white gold or silver. This ring would look just great stacked with an engagement ring. Who said that a wedding ring should be a plain ol’ band!

4. The Delicate US$678:

This ring is in a delicate chevron style. What gives it its unique vintage characteristics and its delicateness is the milgrain detail between each hand set diamond. The milgrain detail then continues half way down the shank. This ring features seven conflict free diamonds. You can communicate your wishes directly with the creator and maker of your ring who works out of her home studio in Sweden. Imagine taking a trip to Sweden when you are married and how special it will feel!

5. The Vintage US$222.40:

This ring features the filigree vintage look in a chevron shape. The chevron shape allows this ring to set perfectly when wearing with an engagement ring that has a center stone. This ring alternates marquise and round shapes that are accented with milgrain. So dainty and timeless is this style. You will enjoy gazing at it when worn with your engagement ring and when worn on its own. This ring features 13 genuine conflict free diamonds and can be made in rose, yellow or white gold.

6. The Dainty US$128:

As described by a customer review, this ring is so dainty and beautiful. It features a 1mm wedding band that is hand set with 3 genuine diamonds. So elegant stacked with other rings. So dainty worn on its own. Choose the gold that matches your engagement ring: rose, yellow or white in 14 or 18 karat. This maker even offers free engraving. You just need to leave the maker a note in the comment box before ordering.

7. The Mystique US$228:

This ring is the classic eternity ring, but how unique does it look in opal?! The opal gives this vintage inspired ring a level of mystique. Everyone will ask you what the ring is made of and where you found it. Don’t you just love it when one of your keepsakes offers that level of intrigue. It means that it is telling a story.

8. The Vintage Rose US$498:

Oh la la! This ring is made of black gold with 7 vintage rose cut genuine champagne diamonds. The diamonds are uniquely bezel set with a milgrain detail around each diamond. The unique black gold is white gold with a layer of black rhodium plating. A maker that is capable of making a ring like this should really be cherished. Your ring will be handmade in the US to your specific requirements. You can even choose to have this in a half eternity (as pictured) or a full eternity diamond ring.

9. The Zoe US$688.48:

This ring is called the Zoe as it is an emblem of love lasting through time. It is a symbol of devotion and an agreement between husband and wife to love and cherish one another for the rest of their days. Nine genuine diamonds create a chevron shape to nest wonderfully with an engagement ring. It then has the most gentle milgrain detail that continues halfway down the shank. Beautiful and timeless, you can select from rose, yellow or white gold in 14 or 18 karat. This ring can even be made for you in platinum. This maker creates from her home studio in Sweden.

10. The Harper US$688.48:

This ring is named the Harper. It is a unique vintage inspired design where a wedding band comes to a peak in the middle but doesn’t quite meet. What meets is a line of genuine diamonds that sits atop the band that joins at the center peak of the ring. Representing your relationship with your husband-to-be, everything had to perfectly come together, for you both to have met, in such an unexpected manner. Beautiful and delicate worn together with an engagement ring or worn on its own.

11. The Forest US$531.10:

This ring features a leaf design. The idea behind this ring cam from the maker imagining the female that would wear this ring, a female that channels her inner forest nymph, who is inspired by the sounds of nature. A female that isn’t afraid to listen to her inner voice and calling of her inner self.

12. The Olive Leaf US$457.94:

This ring features a Greek inspired olive leave design. It adds a touch of nature to your wedding and keeps it with you forever after. The designer of this ring imagined this ring being worn on a woman that feels empowered and accomplished. This ring is crafted especially for you in your choice of gold or platinum and is hand set with genuine diamonds.

13. The Unexpected US$531.30:

This vintage inspired ring embraces the unexpected in its design. The conflict free diamonds are set in a design where they are not all lined up, as you would expect. There is a level of mystique in the design where the wedding band itself peeps out from the diamonds. This minimalist circlet celebrates true love a and a strong connection between a lady and her gentleman.

14: The Independent US$814.23:

The maker of this ring gets proportion of gold in the setting and each delicate diamond, spot on. The unique arrow shape that is given to each individual diamond with the unique setting of each hand set diamond gives it a delicate, feminine look yet stands for a strong and independent woman. This ring is crafted for you in your choice of yellow, rose or white gold or even in platinum.

We hope you enjoyed these hand selected handmade vintage inspired Etsy wedding bands.

Team Hues of Vintage xx


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