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10+ Unique Personalized Wedding Gifts that Will Have the Other Wedding Guests Green with Envy

Lucky you! You have been invited to celebrate a loved ones wedding day with them. And now you are searching high and low for a gift that will show them that the soon to be newly weds are special to you. We have 10+ unique personalized wedding gifts that will do just that!

Priced from US$16, these represent amazing value for a personalized handmade piece.

1. The Welcome Home:

There is nothing like coming home after a hard day at work and with this wedding gift, the couple will be reminded that they are stepping into their sacred family home each day. The maker of this doormat hand letters each of the mats herself, so it is a truly personalized gift. The doormat is very durable, extra thick. It is first hand lettered and then sprayed with a waterproof and UV resistant spray.

2. The Entertainer:

This wedding gift is for the wedding couple that loves to entertain. Imagine this cutting board that is made of walnut as a cheese platter. These cutting boards have beautiful, natural tones that are unique to each piece. They are finished with a hand-rubbed beeswax, which is made from all natural USA beeswax and food safe mineral oil).

3. The Where We First Met:

This gift is a truly unique one. Know where and when the wedding couple met or can find out? This star map captures the exact way the night stars looked at the location and date that they met. If you don’t know this information, where and when they got engaged is also a memorable milestone that they would cherish. This gift is printed in high resolution on quality wood.

4. The Pallet Sign:

Here is a personalized pallet sign that is very popular as a wedding gift. It is after a wedding when two people become a family. This is such a momentous time in ones life. What better way to celebrate it than with a sign, personalized with the family name for their family home. The raised lettering creates an appealing 3D effect that adds depth and character to the piece. The raised lettering creates an appealing 3D effect that adds depth and character to the piece.

5. The Grow:

Here is a live gift. One that grows as this chapter of the newly weds grows. The motto of this maker is Feelings Delivered, which she has truly captured in her well thought out gift boxes. You can add a personalized message tot he box with your name. The products in each gift box is mostly handmade this US based creator partners with responsible suppliers to put together the best of the best for the giftee.

6. The Cheese Platter:

As newly weds, there are many chilled afternoons enjoying a cheese platter together and this gift will make those moments all the more special. The beautifully crafted wooden cutting board houses a secret drawer that swings open to reveal 4 stainless steel wooden handled cheese tools with stainless steel blades for cutting and serving. The newly weds can display delicious cheeses, fruits, nuts and breads. Also a great piece to use for entertaining.

7. The Soundwave:

This gift is very unique. It is the soundwave of a song. If you know or can find out the wedding couple’s favorite song or find out what song they will be walking down the aisle to or their first dance song, this would be such a memorable gift. It is not only memorable, as wall art, it looks great too.

8. The Family Illustration:

This gift is a personalized illustration of the couple and any family member, whether it be a baby or a fur baby. The couple will jump for joy when they see themselves in illustration. This would look so great framed in a simple frame and hung in the entrace way of the home. This is a timeless keepsake, that captures the unique characteristics of each member oft he family. Every inch of this design is 100% unique to the couple.

9. The Home is Where the Heart is:

This gift says it well. Home is really where you let go of all the tensions from the day. That feeling when you come home from a big trip and walk into the home that you have put together! It is a feeling that you could relive again and again and again. And this sign captures that. This sign is shown is shown in a dark walnut wood stain with white lettering. All signs are crafted from 100% solid wood pine. Each wood plank is hand-selected for its unique grain, knots and natural imperfections which add to the beauty, charm and character of each piece.

10. The Hand Me Down:

This is such a great gift for newly weds. It would be particularly special if you are handing down recipes from one generation to the next. The giftee can then add recipes as they develop them over the years and then hand them down to the next generation when they are ready. This box is custom crafted in a walnut wood.

11. The Each Year:

These are such a thoughtful gift. Every year come the anniversary of the couple, these glasses will be used to celebrate another wonderful year of marriage. It is really crazy how time flies. Each year of marriage will feel like it flew by faster and faster. These glasses will serve as a memory of the wedding day and how much they have grown together as a couple.

12. The Rustic:

This gift features a unique personalized family name on a rustic linen cushion cover. And who doesn’t love a good session infront of netflix with your favorite cushion? Linen is wonderful as it gets softer and softer over time. The cushion cover is printed with durable permanent ink will not fade with washing. So while the cushion itself softens and develops its own characteristics, the ink will stay intact. Love that!

13. The Cuppa:

The morning after the wedding is when wedding couples normally unpack all of their gifts and this gift will stand out from the rest. The newly weds can have a morning coffee or tea together, celebrating their family name, as they unpack the rest of the gifts. There is an option to add the wedding date to the back of the mug. What a beautiful reminder of their wedding day each morning when they go for their cuppa.

Which of these gifts is the stand out for you?

Team Hues of Vintage xx

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