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Top 10 Blue Nile Wedding Bands – and Should You Trust Blue Nile?

How do you choose the right wedding band?:

This all boils down to gut feeling. When you see a ring and you have a strong gut feeling about the ring than it is for you. Try to talk yourself out of that gut feeling because of cost or because of what your mom or a friend said or because all of your friends have such-a-such ring, then you will most likely regret your purchase after you are married. Dig deep within yourself and you will find the answer.

Unlike an engagement ring, the wedding band often has less stones or diamonds in it, making it less expensive. So this gives you the ability to splurge a little to get your dream wedding band, depending on what your gut feeling is telling you about the style of the ring. Sometimes, your gut feeling ring may not even contain any stones at all.

The top 10 Blue Nile wedding bands come in a number of styles, all timeless, some in eternity and others not, so you are sure to find a ring that gives you that strong gut feeling.

These top 10 Blue Nile wedding bands are based on the most popular. Remember, your wedding ring will be worn by you literally every day so it is important to go with something timeless.

And should you actually trust Blue Nile? I literally ordered a ring to see for myself and then returned it and documented the whole process below.

And without further ado, here they are:

1. The Timeless $300:

This is the ultimate classic wedding band. Platinum is the most expensive metal because it stands the test of time over all the other metals. It is the most durable metal. Did you know that white gold looses its luster over time and needs to be re-coated?

Over time white gold looses its coating and it will have a slight yellow tinge to it. In contrast, platinum, yellow gold or rose gold does not need any coating. Then why do people choose white gold? Because it appears whiter while platinum appears slightly more steel like in color. Although the difference is very slight!

This ring is very elegant with a domed faced and a 2mm width. For women, I prefer a ring that is not bulky so that it is timeless and elegant on the finger. It also looks much more refined when you wear it with your engagement ring.

2. The Micropave $1,090:

The second on the top 10 is a platinum half eternity ring. Again it is platinum as it will hold its luster for much longer than white gold. The half eternity ring is made up of diamonds that are carefully set within half of the wedding band.

The other half is left as a classic wedding band. What is great about half eternity rings is that you still get that sparkle of diamonds yet have the ability to resize the ring should you need to later down the track.

Particularly if your girl will wear her wedding band solo, that extra sparkle have the wedding band make more of a statement. And, most girls do end up wearing their wedding ring solo due to reasons like working out, being pregnant, cooking, gardening etc. They will of course pop their engagement ring on again, yes, the one that you shelled out a lot of dough for, for special occasions.

The only down-side for a half eternity ring is that as your girl wears it, the ring will inevitably spin and the diamonds will not be centered properly directly on the front of the finger, unless she adjusts it. Yes, this can sometimes be counteracted with proper sizing of the ring, however, some people have larger knuckles and therefore the ring will always be a little loose on them, so they can get the ring over the knuckles when putting it on or taking it off.

3. The Pave Set $1,290:

This is for the girl that loves sparkle. This ring is one that you definitely will not get sick of. The eternity ring is also called an infinity ring. It is a continuous line or identically cut diamonds to symbolize a lifetime of love.

The most popular of the Eternity rings on Blue Nile is the 18k yellow gold version. It is a classic, so that is not surprising. Yellow gold unlike white gold does not need re-coating over time. This ring features a diamonds that are pave set and encircle this elegant eternity ring. This is a slender style that would look elegant next to an engagement ring, without overpowering it. This ring can be made also in platinum or 14k rose or white gold.

Please note that full eternity rings cannot be resized but they do look wonderful.

4. The One Carat $1,592:

This eternity ring is a full circle of a total weight of 1 carat of diamonds! This ring is instead of being a micropave it is a French pave. A French pave is set with bigger diamonds.

There is no end to this ring which symolizes romance that lasts a lifetime. The most popular version of this ring on Blue Nile is set in 14k rose gold. The vintage in me just wants to jump up and down as there is something about diamonds with rose gold that hits me straight in the heart.

This ring also does come in platinum or 14k white or yellow gold too.

Like all full eternity rings, this ring cannot be resized, although it is wonderful.

5. The Entwined $990:

For the girl that will most likely wear her wedding band as her main ring and only bring out her engagement ring on special occasions, this ring is great. It has enough uniqueness for it to be worn alone and yet for it to feel special.

This elegant ring is formed with two intertwining bands. One of these an eternity band wet with diamonds and the other solid 14k white gold.

Pretty, beautiful, unique!

This ring can also be made in platinum or 14k yellow gold.

Please not that this ring cannot be resized due to the diamond eternity band and the twist design. It is a beautiful ring though.

6. The Platinum Half Eternity $1,490:

Compared to the microset half eternity ring, this ring is just hat slightly more substantial. The microset ring has a width of 1.6 to 1.7 mm and this ring has a width of 1.9mm. This ring also has a total carat weight of 0.25ct.

This is a half eternity ring in platinum. It can also be made in 14k white gold.

The advantage of a half eternity is that it can be resized easily.

7. The Vintage Milgrain $690:

This is for the girl that loves the vintage. It is a ring with a half eternity of pave set diamonds.

What truly gives it the vintage touch is the delicate milgrain edge that runs alongside the diamonds.

The width is 2mm which I feel is the perfect width for an elegant, timeless look.

This ring is made in 14k white gold. You can also have it made in 18k yellow gold.

Being a half eternity ring, it can easily be resized.

8. The Scalloped $1,590:

The diamonds on this ring are set in a scalloped style which means that the prongs are shared between the diamonds and the diamonds are set flush so that they do not protrude and get stuck on clothing etc.

Why is it called a scalloped ring? Because on the side profile of the ring, the setting is in a scallop shape.

This is a half eternity ring made in yellow gold. It can also be made in platinum or 18k white gold.

9. The Vintage $890:

This is a ring that I eyed off for ages when purchasing my wedding ring. I didn’t end up buying a ring from Blue Nile, although I wish I would have.

The vintage allure of this ring is brought out by a motive of alternating round and marquise shape.

The delicate milgrain effect that lines the diamonds add to the vintage vibe of this ring.

Here in the top 10, this ring is made from 14k rose gold which further adds to the vintage-ness of its look. It can also be made from platinum, 14k white gold or yellow gold.

It is a half eternity ring that can easily be resized.

10. The Elegant $2,250:

The true, true classic. Did you know that engagement rings were not traditionally diamond at all? Couples chose a precious stone that they felt had meaning for them. I mean look at Princess Di’s, subsequently, Kate Middleton’s ring?! Isn’t it a stunner?

It is only DeBeer’s campaigns that made the diamond the industry standard for engagement and then subsequently wedding bands.

So apply the same philosophy to wedding bands and we get this sapphire and diamond eternity ring. Elegant sapphire alternates with brilliant diamonds in a pave setting. Sapphires are a symbol of loyalty and fidelity and are just so elegant in nature.

This timeless ring is set in platinum.

Like all full eternity rings, this ring cannot be resized, although it is very elegant. But, the question is, should you trust Blue Nile?:

Firstly, all diamonds are GIA certified and you receive a GIA certificate with your purchase.

Secondly, Blue Nile has a no questions 30-day money back guarantee. I have personally tested this money back guarantee. It was actually very easy.

Here is the actual ring that I purchased.

You just chat to a representative via the live chat button that is available on every page on the Blue Nile website. They will start the return process and you will be given a code and instructions via email immediately.

The representative can either organize a FedEx pick up (this was 40 Euros in my case being in Germany) or you can use the postal service in your country. For me this is Deutsche Post who works with DHL for parcels.

You receive your Blue Nile purchase in a UPS plastic parcel envelope, inside that is a brown box and inside the brown box is a Blue Nile branded white box. You just need to provide the (RMA) code that was provided to you by Blue Nile returns on the brown box on the bottom left hand corner.

You need to make sure you send your item to the return address that Blue Nile returns has provided, along with the correct amount of insurance. For me, this cost me 30 Euros.

In exactly 8 days, Blue Nile sent me an email to say that the item had been received by their quality assurance team and they would review the return. On the same day, I got an email saying that the credit had been issued.

It is now 7 working days after the credit has been issued and I have received the funds into my credit card account.

All this happened without any hiccups at all.

Thirdly, you can read all customer reviews on their website. The vast majority of the feedback is positive and five stars but there are a few negative reviews amongst the positive ones. So you can scrutinize all reviews and make an informed judgment.

So in short, yes, you can absolutely trust Blue Nile.

Hope you found this article helpful and let me know which ring speaks to you the most.


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