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Top 10 Blue Nile Engagement Rings – The Bestsellers

Confused: Which ring to buy as an engagement ring? Blue Nile is the largest online retailer of engagement rings. And I can see why. You can even pick up your order online in the Portland branch. Here are the Top 10 Blue Nile Engagement Rings so far in 2020.

How do they make it fun:

You can configure your ring, however you like it. First you choose the setting, then the diamond, you select the size and that’s it. All the diamonds come with a GIA certificate too!

What if I don’t know the ring size:

Take a ring that you know your future fiance likes to wear and measure the inner rim of the ring with a measuring tape. If you don’t have a measuring, use a string, cut the string to the length of the inner rim of the ring. Then lie the string alongside a ruler to see how long it is.

If you prefer to stay on the safe side, get the ring half a size larger than what you think it is, you can always have it resized if the back of the ring is gold or platinum (in other words, not a full eternity of diamonds).

What if I need to return the ring:

I have personally tried and tested the return process (see below) and have written about the easy fuss-free process.

1. The Classic:

This stunning ring is the absolute classic and you can see why it takes first place for bestsellers.

The setting is made so that the 6 fold prong almost disappears while the sparkling diamond hovers over the ring. It captures such brilliant light.

It is very similar to the classic solitaire engagement ring from Tiffany called ‚The Tiffany’. The only thing that you are paying for at Tiffany’s is the brand name and the blue box.

At Blue Nile, you get the same brilliance in a ring, just without the unneeded hooha!

This ring is classically made in platinum as platinum will never dull or need re-coating. However, it is also available in 14k white gold, and 14 or 18k white or yellow gold.

2. The Petite:

Want your diamond to pop:

Then having a petite setting will ensure that your diamond takes the shining center stage. The second of the bestsellers is set in 18k yellow gold. And a girl that loves the classic often also loves yellow gold.

Look at Princess Diana’s ring which is also set in a classic yellow gold. Her ring was then also the ring that Prince William proposed to Kate Middleton with. This is the ring that she wears today.

The prongs in this Blue Nile setting are in 18k white gold to ensure that the stone maintains its pure white sparkle.

3. The Micropave:

Which girl doesn’t love sparkle:

Is the question.

Number three in the bestseller list is the classic four prong accented with a micro-pave. This is a half eternity style, so there are diamonds carefully set half way around the ring. In place three, this ring is set in 14k rose gold.

The pave was very much trending in the 40s and then again in the 70s. And now in the 2020’s it is a vintage style, here to stay. If your girls loves vintage, you will know if she loves flea markets and thrift stores, then she will love this rose gold vintage inspired setting.

The mircropave setting is dainty and set very delicately.

This ring can also be made in 14k white or yellow gold, or platinum.

4. The Four Claw:

Here is another classic. This ring has four claws and a knife edge setting. The knife edge ensures that the setting is not flat yet it comes to a knife edge as it approaches the diamond. This ensures that the ring looks elegant and not at all clunky.

In place three, this ring is set in 18k white gold, but it can also be made in 14k white gold, 18k white or yellow gold, or platinum.

5. The French Pave:

Another vintage classic:

Compared to the micropave, this ring features a French pave setting. The side stones of a French pave are heftier than that of a micropave.

There are four classic fold over prongs.

This ring that takes place four, is made in 14k white gold. It can also be made in 14k rose or yellow gold, or platinum.

6. The Accent Diamonds:

The half eternity pave rings don’t quite do it for you:

Then this ring with the more substantial pave set trio of diamonds along the setting, is a wonderful option.

This is for the girl that loves vintage but does like show her own personality soon. She doesn’t normally go with high street trends and likes to create her own.

This ring that takes sixth place is made in 14k yellow gold. It can also be made in 14k rose gold or white gold, or platinum.

7. The Cathedral:

Named fittingly so:

The cathedral is a ring that speaks with poise.

It is designed so that the diamond is perched between the two tapered sides. The tapered sides, sweep up to feature a diamond full of sparkle that has been hand chosen for your girl.

This is where Blue Nile is advantageous, without any pushy salesperson, you can choose online, which diamond fits your girl perfectly with whichever specifications you choose.

And it is not always the bigger the better:

I personally chose my own ring and it is a 0.5 carat ring and I have been married for now 3 years and every time I put it on, I am still in love with it, like the day it was first put on my finger. I would not go for any larger diamond. For me, it is quality over quantity. I would much prefer a 0.5 carat ring that sparkles like crazy than a 1 carat dull ring. And as I live in Europe, Munich, Germany to exact, girls here prefer modest rings and a one carat would be seen as over the top. An excellent quality half carat is just perfect for me.

8. The Braid:

This ring is a classic four prong with literally a diamond twist.

A delicate twist gives this ring that little something that makes this ring unique amongst all of the bestseller engagement rings here.

This ring that takes place eight, is made in 14k white gold. It can also be made in platinum.

9. The Riviera:

This ring is a wonderful choice. Substantial enough for a girl to wear every day but still elegant enough for her to wear out to her best friend’s wedding.

The setting of this ring is carefully set with a total weight of 1/6 carat diamonds. The band is in a half eternity style.

Taking the 9th place of the Blue Nile engagement ring best sellers, the setting of this ring is made in platinum but it can also be made in 14k white gold.

10. The Classic Comfort Fit:

If your girl is very active, not just in the sense of fitness, but perhaps she enjoys gardening, cooking or making furniture, she may prefer a ring that is a little more sturdy.

This ring has a low dome setting, meaning that the sides of the ring as it approaches the center stone is more flush compared to a tapered or a knife-edge.

The ring is made with a comfort fit, which means it has a domed interior (where the ring touches the finger) instead of a flat interior. The ring therefore glides effortlessly onto the finger every morning.

A girl that loves to stay on her feet, is also a girl that often likes the classic. This ring that takes 10th place as a bestseller is made in a classic 18k yellow gold. It can also be made in 14k white gold or platinum.

The prongs are still set in white gold or if you purchase the platinum setting, platinum. This ensures that the sparkle of the diamonds, shines brilliantly against the crispness of the white gold or platinum that is not possible against a yellow gold setting.

Buying an expensive item online is scary.

Should you trust Blue Nile?:

Firstly, all diamonds are GIA certified and you receive a GIA certificate with your purchase.

Secondly, Blue Nile has a no questions 30-day money back gurantee. I have personally tested this money back guarantee.

Exact personal experience of the Blue Nile's return policy:

Here is the exact ring that I purchased:

You just chat to a representative via the live chat button that is available on every page on the Blue Nile website. They will start the return process and you will be given a code and and instructions via email immediately.

The representative can either organise a FedEx pick up (this was 40 Euros in my case being in Germany) or you can use the postal service in your country. For me this is Deutsche Post who works with DHL for parcels.

You receive your Blue Nile purchase in a UPS plastic parcel envelope, inside that is a brown box and inside the brown box is a Blue Nile branded white box. You just need to provide the (RMA) code that was provided to you by Blue Nile returns on the brown box on the bottom left hand corner.

You need to make sure you send your item to the return address that Blue Nile returns has provided, along with the correct amount of insurance. For me, this cost me 30 Euros.

In exactly 8 days, Blue Nile sent me an email to say that the item had been received by their quality assurance team and they would review the return. On the same day, I got an email saying that the credit had been issued.

It is now 7 working days after the credit has been issued and I have received the funds into my credit card account.

All this happened without any hiccups at all.

Thirdly, you can read all customer reviews on their website. The vast majority of the feedback is positive and five stars but there are a few negative reviews amongst the positive ones. So you can scrutinize all reviews and make an informed judgement.

So would I buy from Blue Nile again:


Hope you have fun configuring your personal ring.

Let me know which ring is your favorite.


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