• Hues of Vintage

Sunrise photoshoot in Berlin

This day was about three girl bosses coming together to explore their boundaries and at the same time create some powerful imagery. It was about stripping away the unnecessaries, embracing natural beauty and not spoiling the bare face with layers of color to hide it and locations that are quintessentially and that celebrate the city, Berlin, for what it is. And it has been one of our favourite shoot days ever!

Before the sun rose, we were all up at 3.30am and on our way to meet up and go to the first location. You can see the images getting lighter and lighter as the morning went on.

'Creating your own opportunities and working with people that you want to work with. People who inspire you and empower you. That's what our journey of life should be like. Remember, that you choose the path that you live.' This is how we felt throughout the short but powerful morning.

We were all back in bed for a quick nap by 7.30am before getting back to our girl boss lives. And all a hell of a lot more inspired at that!

Photographer: Maria Luise Bauer Model: Katharina Scheidtmann (founder and lead choreographer of an incredible dance company) Dresses: Hues of Vintage

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