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Top 10 Simple Wedding Dresses Under $500 in September, 2020

We are thrilled to be announcing the top 10 simple wedding dress under $500 in September, 2020. Within this selection is a two piece separate, a chiffon bat winged dress, a sheath dress and more wonderful designs. These dresses are all handmade and you will be communicating directly with the maker.

1. The Free Spirited:

This simple wedding dress brings together two separates to form a free spirited bridal look. The top of the dress is a full lace bodysuit with a plunging back that is finished with a scalloped lace. The bodysuit is made with flattering and romantic long sleeves. The maker of this design has chosen a gorgeous French lace and a lining made from an Italian silk satin. The full tulle skirt is made from four layers of the softest of tulle, so soft it feels like air. The lining of this skit and the waistband is made of a wonderful Italian silk viscose blend.

2. The Gracious:

This simple wedding dress is a best seller and we can see why! This dress is designed by a maker based in the USA. She uses a wonderful chiffon to create a gracious design. The cross over bodice extends into bat winged sleeves that keep flowing into a modest backless design. The wings meet just above the small of the back. The chiffon keeps flowing to the skirt section where the fabric is generous to create flow as you walk down that aisle.

3. The Billowing:

This simple wedding dress features a deep v-neckline front and back with lace trimmings. Embroidery is done of the front of the dress. The dress has bat winged sleeves and a billowing tiered lace skirt. The waist is cinched with a drawstring for the perfect shape. Pair this wonderful dress with a nude slip so the pattern in the lace of this dress can show.

4. The Sheath:

The pattern of the lace of this simple wedding dress is one of a kind. It is for a bride that appreciates the modern yet loves history of what the past holds. This dress combines a classic silhouette with a modern lace. The dress with is rounded plunging back, follows the wonderful shape of a woman in a sheath style. The front of the dress is a modest higher neck. Just wonderful with a free spirited bunch of flowers!

5. The Embrace:

This simple wedding dress is made in a wonderful champagne hue. And we love a wedding dress that embraces other shades other than white. This is a modest design that features a cross over bodice that extends into long sleeves. The full lace dress continues to a maxi length skirt section and then continues to flow elegantly to a modest length train. This dress is made from a lightweight floral lace and utilizes a viscose lycra fabric for the lining. This means that the dress will move with you as you walk down the aisle and party the night away.

6. The Rose:

This simple wedding dress features a bodice that is made from hand cut rose textured lace appliques. The bodice is nice and structured so it will hold you up in all the right places. The dress starts with elegant, thin straps, then moves down to a more detailed bodice and then flows wonderfully into the skirt section. The train on this dress keeps going and going and going. It handmade with care and is fully lined in satin.

7. The Tulle:

This simple wedding dress is another bestseller from this maker and again, we understand why! The main fabric of this dress is a soft champagne hued tulle. The tulle is draped over the should and then down the bodice while creating a modest neckline with scalloped lace. The back of the dress is made into a modest pluge with the same tulle that is sewn as a buttoned back feature. The elegant sleeves are made from the same scalloped lace that lines the bodice. The dress is then cinched at the waist and flows and flows to the long hemline.

8. The Indie:

This simple wedding dress is in an indie style. It is made in the most gorgeous lace with a deep v neckline and open back. The idea is to make you, the bride, feel like a total goddess. This dress is for a free world bride. She embraces culture and beauty and allows her magic to ignite the hearts of all who see her. This dress has a unique tassel tie up side that brings together and intricately made front and back bodice that combines a light foral lace with a denser cotton lace. The waist is then cinched with a cotton lace before the dress moves into a flowy skirt section made of sections of chiffon and lace.

9. The Dramatic:

This simple wedding dress is made with a modest low back. And you know how we love dresses with a dramatic back?! This dress is made in a full lace design with a cross over bodice with a décolletage outlined in a romantic scalloped lace. The delicate lace then continues into long sleeves. As the bride, when you do a twirl of joy, the dramatic back is there to pleasantly surprise your guests. The lace continues to flow to the skirt that is in a maxi length. The dress is lined in a wonderful vanilla hued silk.

10. The Goddess:

This simple wedding dress is in a bohemian style. The dress is made with a soft lace that starts at the bat sleeves then flows into the open v-neckline back and front. The maker of this dress likes to design with a feminine and flattering silhouette. The lining of this dress starts with a camisole shape, it then continues and stops before the hemline to allow the pattern of the lace to show.

We hope that these simple wedding dresses under $500 have been an inspiration for you to create a wedding that is completely and whole heartedly you. It goes to show that $500 is plenty to purchase a wonderful wedding dress. One that you will feel so confident in, walking down that aisle to your husband-to-be.

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