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Top 10 Simple Wedding Dresses under $500 in July, 2020

Here are the top 10 simple wedding dresses under $500 in July, 2020. All of these dresses are handmade with care. There are vintage and bohemian inspired dresses. Our aim is to have you feeling your natural uniquely beautiful self on your wedding day. During these trying times when you can only invite much fewer guests than you ever thought, at least you can use your time to source the wedding gown you have always dreamed of.

1. The Serifos:

This simple wedding dress is called the Serifos. It is the epitome of a bride that loves vintage. An era where thought went into everything. For example, in this dress, vintage inspired brides will love the layers and layers sewn with the greatest care. An era when loving time went into all that was made. The outer layer is in a low sheen satin as is the inner layer. The fabric simply floats behind you as you walk. The backless shape is scalloped to further romanticise your look.

2. The Romantic:

This simple wedding dress is one that is certainly romantic. It is an off the shoulder look with an amazingly soft and flowy lace. The lace of this dress just drapes wonderfully. The top section of the dress is made of lace that extends to flow down towards the torso and which wraps as wings around the middle arm, leaving the shoulders to do their thang. The lace continues to flow to the skirt section. All hems of the dress are finished in a scalloped lace.

3. The Plunge:

This simple wedding dress celebrates the natural shape of a woman. Figure hugging, the dress starts with an incredible plunging back and front. The plunge is kept together with a nude tulle. The sides of the dress leading to the torso are also plunging. The dress then hugs the hips before it flows to the ground that you will be walking on.

4. The Trim:

This simple wedding dress features bellowing sleeves and a plunging back. Made in a full lace. This mermaid shape flows with the curves of the female body. The bodice ties together at the center of the décolletage. All edges of the dress are made in a vintage inspired pom pom trim. It is lovingly made with a medium train. The sleeves and waist section features a vintage inspired lace that is hand stitched to add dimension and shape to the dress. This dress is handmade in the US.

5. The Laid-Back:

This simple wedding dress is incredibly soft. It is a beautiful gown with a bohemian edge that will awaken your inner bohemian goddess. This is a laid-back yet elegant design make of flowing fabric that provides effortless movement. It is made of tulle and lace appliques and a beaded decorated belt which highlights the waistline. And open low back takes the center stage, providing elegance and class.

6. The Vintage:

This simple wedding dress features a soft lace with a vintage shaped crochet. The dress begins at the décolletage with a rounded v-shape. The back is a modest plunge where it drops to the middle back. The champagne colored lining starts at the small of the back to enable the lace of the upper part to accentuate. The dress further follows the shape of the female body before it flows towards the ground that you will be walking on. The lace of the dress continues to float towards a train. The train and hem of the dress is finished in an arrow shaped scalloped lace.

7. The Breath:

This simple wedding dress is made to love, live, breath and dance with you. From the first sketch to the last stitch, this entire dress is lovingly made by the maker. This dress includes exclusive embroidery and beadwork. The maker describes that she wants you, the bride, to feel comfortable, free and easy so she chooses only the best fabrics that feel like a second skin. She wants you to stay yourself and never doubt your unique beauty.

8. The Classic:

This simple wedding dress features a classic shape with a princess shaped décolletage. The dress follows the sides of the body until it reaches the torso. It then continues to the skirt section that flows to the ground that you will be walking on. To give the dress a vintage look, the lining of the dress is made of a champagne colored low sheen satin. The outer layer of the dress is made of a floral lace. The lace flows into a train. The train of the dress is lovingly hand finished with a scalloped lace.

9. The Pleasant Surprise:

This simple wedding dress may be simple in some regard yet still surprises in others. The bodice of this dress is made in a bikini shape before flowing into the skirt section. The straps of this dress is carefully made to start at the front and then extend to the back in a cross over fashion. The dress is made from a gentle lace that flows into a modest train. It is a fit and flair shape. This dress is handmade lovingly in Canada.

10. The Layered:

This simple vintage inspired dress is made with a sweetheart neckline. The dress plunges at the back. It is a trumpet shape with layered lace. The dress starts off with a denser pattern at the top of the dress where lace applique and rhinestone beads are hand attached. This same pattern stays with the dress until past the hips where the lace applique becomes more scant. The back of the dress features three layers of lace that layer upon each other to create interest for the eye. Lace applique is hand attached to each of these layers. The lining of this dress is made in champagne to allow the lace applique to make its statement. This dress is lovingly handmade in Canada.

We hope that you have found inspiration in these top 10 simple wedding dresses in July 2020. Your wedding may need to have fewer guests due to Corona restrictions but then it gives you the freedom to do more DIY and create the wedding look and feel that you have been eyeing off on Instagram and Pinterest.


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