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Top 10 Simple Beach Wedding Dresses in 2020

You are planning a Summer wedding and are on the hunt for the perfect simple beach wedding dress? These simple beach wedding dresses are a selection of dresses made from a flowing chiffon or a more organic raw cotton. Either way, many of them are inspired by the goddess in each of you. Some are winged so that you will feel like you can soar on your wedding day. Some of them feature a plunging back, because which other way to make a statement but be absolutely graceful in making that statement? Here is a hand selected top 10 selection that we hope that you will find inspiring and useful:

1. The Plunge US$99.99:

This dress has all the boho vibes. Just as the front plunges, so too does the back. The flow of this dress adds to its free spirited nature. This dress is made from a chiffon that drapes elegantly. The drape means that the dress has wonderful movement. Just wait until you see the back of this dress. It is an absolute show stopper. This dress is custom made by a maker in the US. 2. The Weave US$119.20:

Okay, this dress embraces our love for show stopping backs! This back does not disappoint. It is made up of a organic tie that weaves its way from the nape of the neck, past the mid back and meets in a tie at the small of the back. The sleeves of the dress are in a slight bat wing. The dress then flows to the ground. It is made of a handwoven raw cotton. This dress is named the Cristal de Foresta and is shown here in a organic white.

3. The Soar US$486.91:

This dress is a favorite because we would like to think that we can fly and which girl wouldn’t want too. On your wedding day, in this beautiful dress, you will feel like you can soar. The backless dress design is accentuated with a delicate, soft lace. It is thoughtfully designed with a dainty tie to keep the two sides from falling off the shoulders. The waist is cinched with a laced tie that comes together at the small of the back. The dress is made of a beautiful, soft voile that is perfect for a relaxed wedding. As this dress is custom made, it is possible to order it with a train or without a train. You can choose the shape of the decolletage. It can either be in a high round shape, a v shape or a square shape. We prefer the high round shape.

4. The Iridescent US$134.99:

This dress is one of the maker’s bestsellers, and we can see exactly why. It has all of the boho vibes but is not as casual as many of the other dresses. What gives this dress ist wonderful iridescent look ist hat the lining is made of a champagne colored fabric. The outer layer of tulle is then made of a natural white color fabric. The delicate lace of the bodice is carefully hand cut to size and then attached by the maker herself. The reviews of this dress have been second to none. This dress is made by a maker that is based in the US. If you need it urgently, this dress can be made within one week. Absolutely incredible!

5. The Wings US$450:

This dress features is a goddess dress that has wings like an angel. As you make your way down the aisle, you will literally feel like you are floating. The back of this dress, plunges elegantly. This dress can be made in your choice of color. White, ivory and blush is just a small selection of colors that this dress comes in. You can even ask for a train to be made for this dress. If you are having a beach wedding though, we would recommend the version without the train.

6. The Playful US$135.15:

This dress features a ruffle back design. It is in a goddess boho design that it is as light as a feather. You will feel like you are absolutely glowing in this playful, energetic look. The ruffles from the back, extend to the front, in a similar, elegant fashion. This dress is made from an organic vegetable dyed thin khadi cotton. This organic linen and cotton served to reduce environmental impact and is also beneficial for the customers’ health and comfort.

7. The Softness US$134.99:

The maker of this dress, has elegantly placed layers of lace and tulle together with ruching to create the softest look. The back is a half plunge where the inner layer is made from a delicate lace. The top layer of tulle comes to a deeper plunge with ruching. The tulle extends to the front of the dress, past the decolletage, to the waist, where the waist is cinched before the same fashion of tulle ruching extends to the ground. This dress is made from incredible detail as there is only evidence in care taken, from the maker, in this design. This dress is custom made in the US. 8. The Power Lady US$135.15:

This dress has all the Grecian power lady vibes. You will feel absolutely like a goddess in it. This dress is made from the softest of raw cottons. The plunging back detail is strung together by a network of delicate handmade rope details. Braiding falls along the plunging back. The front of this dress is in a wrap style with braided shoulder straps. The belt is made to be an eternal length, that can be wrapped and wrapped and wrapped. It is hand braided with care. The dress then flows incredibly to ground level.

9. The Drape US$369:

The design of this dress takes on the wishes of a bride that wants a simple wedding dress but does still want to be feel like the bride. This dress has a unique design in that the decolletage is made of carefully hand-cut lace that extends from the waist, to the shoulder and then plunges to the lower back. There is then an outer layer of the decolletage that features ruched chiffon, that is not structured at all, and gives this dress it’s relaxed look. The chiffon of the back decolletage has an incredible drape, where its flow continues to the train. You will certainly feel the part in this incredible dress.

10. The Laced Back US$486.91:

So you love the winged dress that we showed you earlier but not a fan of the bellowing sleeves. Completely ok, as this dress also comes in a ¾ sleeve that is finished in the same soft lace that the plunging back is outlined with. Again, you can choose the shape of the front of this dress, as you prefer, either a high round neck, a deep V neck or a square neck.

We hope that you have found inspiration from these simple beach wedding dresses.

Team Hues of Vintage xx


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