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Top 10 Silk Flower Bouquets in 2020

The wonderful thing about having a silk flower wedding bouquet is that it will never brown. It will always look as good as the day that you received it. Here we have curated the top 10 silk flower wedding bouquets in 2020, and aren’t they just divine?! The best thing is that they are hand-tied and therefore each bouquet is custom made for you and your wedding.

1. The Evoke Drama US$75:

The color palette of this silk flower wedding bouquet is very on trend with the use of burnt oranges and mustard peonies and burgundy roses. The dark greenery and olive branches gives this bouquet a rustic boho flair. Doesn’t this bouquet evoke drama in the images?! As you will be working directly with the maker of this bouquet, you can request any flower or greenery of your liking. The maker is happy to create a bouquet that is uniquely you. This bouquet is handmade in the USA.

2. The Beloved US$215:

This silk flower wedding bouquet is hand tied. It is truly one of a kind as the maker, makes each bouquet individually, especially for you and your wedding. Each wedding bouquet is made with high quality silk (faux) flowers and elements. The bouquet is 14-16 inches in diameter. You can choose a stem wrap that matches your wedding theme. The stem wrap comes in burlap and twine, burlap and lace, white lace, ivory lace, white satin or ivory satin. Or you can get creative and do something with color with the maker, for example, as pictured. Or whatever you dream up together with your maker. The flowers include the much beloved peonies and eucalyptus.

3. The Rustic Cottage US$169.99:

This bouquet is made from sola flowers that are handmade from feather light wood of the Aeschynomene aspera. They are matched with preserved natural gypsophila, rice flowers, heather, dried bunny tail grass – and preserved muted greenery which includes eucalyptus and lamb’s ears. Ok, just from the choice of flowers and greenery, you can really tell that the maker of this bouquet knows her florals. And the way she has created this incredible curation of flowers is absolutely divine. The stems are wrapped with cotton lace and pearl pins. This design is called the Rustic Cottage.

The unique flowers handmade from the light wood of Aeschynomene aspera means that each flower is handmade and no two flowers are the same. Therefore just like natural flowers, each flower has its own beauty. This beautiful bouquet will last a lifetime, the lifetime that you and your husband-to-be will share.

4. The Garden US$185:

This silk flower wedding bouquet is made by a owner operated silk flower shop located in Southern California. This bouquet is hand-tied and therefore has a free-spirited look that is known by this maker as garden fresh as the design is free form. The colors chosen for this particular bouquet is mauve, blush and accented with deep burgundy. Garden flowers are the flower of choice. The greenery is eucalyptus. Wild garden flowers and eucalyptus has got to be the most pinned wedding bouquets on pinterest, and we can certainly see why.

5. The Accents US$33.07

This silk flower wedding bouquet is for the bride-to-be that loves pampas grass! The blooms are made of silk which creates blooms that are realistic. It is accented with real dried grasses and flowers. This creates a look that is light and wispy. This bouquet is perfect for a boho inspired wedding.

6. The Voluminous from US$55:

This silk flower wedding bouquet celebrates a voluminous bridal bouquet. Really, who doesn’t love a large bridal bouquet! The choice of hues on this bouquet has undertones of warmth, it is then paired with mauve and finished with blue accents, along with free-spirited eucalyptus. Each bouquet is hand-tied especially for you and your wedding, so no two bouquets are the same. You can work with the maker to ask for particular flowers that match the theme of your wedding too.

7. The Hand-Tied from US$58:

This silk flower wedding bouquet features roses in the hues of dusty rose, blush pink, white, cream and mauve. You will also see rose peonies. They are accented in carefully chosen eucalyptus. This is a bridal bouquet that is very popular amongst brides-to-be, and we can see why! This floral creation is hand-tied for you in the USA.

8. The Peonies from US$42.51:

This silk flower wedding bouquet shows that beauty does not need to be complicated. When you are working with peonies. What more do you really need? Especially peonies that are made from silk, so that they are always perfectly in bloom, even if you take them on an airplane. These blush peonies are hand died with silk greenery. Well okay, greenery does not go astray.

9. The Destination US$158:

This silk flower wedding bouquet is in a semi-cascading design and the hue choice could not be anymore on trend. That hue choice being mauve, white and eucalyptus.

Below you can see it in a customer review. The bride writes that she took these to her destination wedding in Jamaica. As she was going through customs, she was asked several times what kind of flowers they were because everyone thought they were real! She was absolutely thrilled. This is what we call #bouquetgoals.

Here is the bride in Jamaica with her bouquet:

10. The Dramatic US$195:

The maker of this silk flower wedding bouquet, based in the US, also kindly includes a boutonniere, for your husband-to-be with the bouquet. This bouquet is hand tied with lifelike faux flowers. It features dramatic orange, peach, burgundy and accents of blue. The flowers that the maker has chosen are proteas, roses, thistle and eucalyptus. These are wonderful timeless blooms that you can hold onto as a keepsake.

Particulary if you are having a destination wedding, silk flowers are a clever choice for your wedding. Let’s face it, the only person that will be close enough to you to tell is your groom, and he will not even notice, given the excitement of the day. And let’s face it, do grooms even care about this kind of detail?

Having a silk flower wedding bouquet will allow you to pack it in your suitcase and get it out on the day of your wedding so they look just perfect in photos. If you are having a local wedding, you could have your bouquets delivered well before your wedding so there are no surprises on your wedding day.

We hope that we have inspired you to go ahead and create a wedding that you have always dreamed of, no matter if your flower of choice is in season or not on your wedding date. Know that silk flower wedding bouquets are a wonderful choice.

Love, Hues of Vintage xx


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