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Top 10 Etsy Rustic Wedding Invitations in 2020

Here is the Hues of Vintage staff hand selected top 10 Etsy rustic wedding invitations in 2020. Many of them are handmade lovingly by the designer and maker of these designs. Others you can download and print from the comfort of your own home or take your final design down to your local printers and get them to easily print them there.

1. The Wreath:

This rustic wedding invitation is a bestseller on Etsy and we can absolutely see why. These are handmade personally for your wedding and your guests from your personalized guest names to the tying of the twine. These invitations are the epitome of rustic charm. The suite includes a concertina (accordion invitation), personalized tag, rustic twine and a choice of envelopes. You can also ask the maker the customize these invitations to your specific color scheme. Don’t you just love how the maker of these invitations are able to make the colors ‘pop’ from the page?

2. The Greenery:

This wedding invitation suite is a printable. So practical because you can download them from the comfort of your own home and then add in your and your groom’s name, guest names and wedding details. Print them on whatever card stock that you prefer. Print them at home at your local printers. This design brings together a careful selection of greenery in a watercolor texture. To add to the rustic charm, you can even incorporate a golden waxed stamp. With the florals that you finally decide to go with, these invitations will compliment them wonderfully.

3. The Branch:

The design of this wedding invitation suite centers around a halo made of a branch as you would find when you are adventuring in the woods. The design and text is printed on a smooth ivory card before being mounted on 100% recycled kraft card. So you can feel good about having these invitations as part of your wedding. Guests will feel touched when they see the tag fastening with the words ‘you are invited’. This is an elegant, neutral look if you have yet to decide on your final wedding theme or color scheme.

4. The Layer Upon Layer:

This wedding invitation wedding suite is designed with a watercolor eucalyptus design. On a kraft card then finished with a string of twine and a wax stamp with an embossed eucalyptus leaf design. As guests peel open the wax stamp, they will reveal layer upon layer of handmade invitation and then a RSVP card. Have your guests wanting to know more and so excited to see what king of wedding that you will create.

5. The Seeded Eucalyptus:

This wedding invitation suite is a printable design that features a wreath of arguably the must charming of eucalyptus leaves, the seeded eucalyptus. It is a printable design that once downloaded, you can easily personalize it yourself. Easy because all you need is kraft paper or card and you are good to go with black ink, what you probably already have at home. Or your local printer can do it easily. This is such an elegant look if you have yet to have a complete idea of your wedding theme or décor.

6. The Creative You:

This wedding invitation suite is another of the downloadable type. It is designed with eucalyptus and faux gold. The designer of this rustic wedding invitation has included a myriad of fonts and backgrounds that you can choose from so you can personalize as much or as little as you like. Whether it be on a white background, a kraft background, a vintage wooden fence background or a eucalyptus green. You can get creative and combine the invitation with your choice of colored envelope.

7. The Olive Tree:

This wedding invitation suite celebrates farmhouse rustic with an olive branch design. If you like the farmhouse look, these are clearly a wonderful fit for your wedding. It is printed on recycled kraft card stock. These wedding invitations are lovingly made especially for your wedding and your guests in Australia. It can even include a card about your wishing well. Well, because, who actually needs another toaster or champagne glasses.

8. The Watercolor:

The designer of this wedding invitation suite has combined rustic with elegance. The design has been fittingly named the ‘Corinne’. It is an elegant greenery themed design featuring delicate foliage arrangements with your names foil pressed in real gold foil. The invitations are made of a fine art card in a soft white shade milled on the banks of the River Leven in Scotland, with a luxurious weight of 330gsm (130lbs).

9. The Rustic Meets Elegance:

The designer of this wedding invitation suite gets rustic meets elegance. These invitations are printed with a floral curve alongside your and your husband-to-be’s names. This is on a premium kraft card. The detail page is then printed on a white card stock. The envelope you can choose to be in a forest green hue or a kraft hue. A belly band can also be included.

10. The Pontoon Lighting:

This wedding invitation suite comes with a pontoon lighting design. You know you are at a rustic wedding when there are pontoon lights and this wedding invitation is just a preview for guests to that. So you can set the scene with this downloadable and printable wedding invitation design. Personalize every detail from the comfort of your own home. Then all you need is the card stock of your choice and you can get printing either at home or at your local printers.

We hope that this selection of rustic wedding invitations helps you on your journey of creating a rustic wedding you have always dreamed of. Weather you are featuring eucalyptus or olive branches or pontoon lighting, these wedding invitations feature these items and are sure to sweep your wedding guests off there feet. You can start to have your guests guessing and ramping up excitement with a small preview to the design of wedding with these lovingly made designs.

We wish you more adventures and that you see the fun in creating a wedding, even though we know it can be hella stressful. Try to see the light at the end of the tunnel and enjoy this chapter of your life.


The Hues of Vintage Team xx


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