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13 Most Beautiful Nude Bridesmaid Dresses for Your Babe Tribe!

Nude bridesmaid dresses are all the rage on Pinterest and Instagram at the moment. Our feed definitely gets a lot of love when we feature this hue.

It pairs wonderfully with the rest of your wedding palette.

Can you believe that these custom made dresses are priced from US$120?!

1. The Free Spirit:

Wow, just, wow. How beautiful would your bridesmaid feel, in this bohemian inspired dress. This dress has that air of a wanderer, adventurer or a vagabond. A free spirit that is always up for a new adventure, wants to explore life and experience new chapters.

The maker of this dress can also make this dress in white or ivory. We can definitely see this dress working as a wedding dress too.

2. The Modern Meets Modest:

You would prefer an option of being able to cover up just that little bit, or you might be planning a wedding in cooler weather. This dress features a removable top. So your bridesmaids for example could wear it during the ceremony and then wear the dress without to boogie on the dance floor.

3. The Lacey Plunge:

Ok, so this dress is bad ass meets well behaved. It features a bad ass plunging lace front and back. The skirt section then flows out ever so elegantly and it is then finished with a polished, more well behaved bow at the waist. This dress is because we should all be a bit of a bad ass at times. 4. The Invisible Lace Plunge:

This dress features a bodice that is made of invisible tulle. The lace is then attached ever so delicately to the chiffon. The chiffon of the dress starts at the decolletage so that the dress only shows the areas that should be shown. The dress then flows down to an elegant a-line.

5. The Talk of the Town:

This custom made dress has been thoroughly thought out. Made for the modern day free spirited bride. It features a ruched front and a plunging detailed back. The lace on the back is just enough to provide a romantic look without being too much at all. There are two straps that join at a V. Three self-fabric buttons form the closure at the lower back. The skirt section of the dress just flows.

6. The I Got This:

If your girls have got back, this dress is an elegant number. The straps give this dress a modern look, the front is more classic. As your girls approach the end of aisle, trailing you, at your garden or mountain wedding, guests will jaw drop in awe of the striking back line.

7. The Romance:

This dress is called the romance for a reason. A classic meets modern dress that knows where to place the lace detail exactly and where the self-fabric buttons belong exactly, to complete this romantic look. The front and back are quite low plunging but in a modest way. The outer layer of this dress is made predominantly with tulle. The inner part oft he bodice is layered purposefully with a delicate lace. The decolletage and the shoulders feature the softest scalloped lace.

8. The Sheer:

The invisible look on this dress is utilized in such a clever manner. It makes for a soft, delicate look. It will have your guests saying, wow, the bridal party look so good! Your girls standing alongside you and the groomsmen standing alongside your husband-to be. Having such a supportive tribe with you, you will feel so good all day.

9. The Shoulder Lace:

A classic dress with the clever addition of a lace applique shoulder area. It then extends down to a plunging back. This is a dress that your bridesmaids would happily wear again.

10. The Cold Shoulder:

There is nothing cold about this cold shoulder dress, except for the exposed shoulder. The laced bodice floats out to a tulle flowy skirt. The tulle that drapes across the shoulder gives this dress it’s elegant yet soft look. The high split in the skirt section will have just a little bit of leg showing when your girls are walking down the aisle, trailing you. Ouch, just ouch!

11. The All Wrapped Up:

Like the wrapping of a delicately wrapped present is the back of this cleverly designed dress. Everything about the look of this dress is delicate. The way that the lace is attached tot he tulle of the decolletage. The way that the layers of tulle softly flow towards the hem. The way the dress ties up at the back. Your babe tribe will be helping each other out, tying off their dresses on your big day. Imagine them all, champagne in hand, laughing and the photo opportunities!

12. The I Will Surprise You:

Here is a romantic twist on a classic bridesmaid dress here. Without the lace, this would be a very classic dress. But the maker of this dress knows how to make dresses that girls feel like they can slay in! She adds lace and a keyhole back tot he upper back. 13. The Non-Conventional:

This dress is such a good idea to be able to have your babe tribe be able to play during dress fittings and during the day. Each of your babe tribe can wear their dress any which way they want, strapless, cold shoulder, halter, twisted back halter. It would make your life a whole lot easier too if you have a number of girls on your babe tribe. One dress, many styles.

Let us know which of these nude dresses makes your heart skip a beat.

Organizing a wedding can be stressful, we get it! Orchestrate it like you are in charge but by all means ask for help. You will surprised about how willing people are to help. Pair the right tasks to the right people. If you sense that people are becoming edgy, ask how you can help solve the edginess, instead of just getting upset. Enjoy the process!! It is a once in a lifetime experience! The Hues of Vintage Team xx


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