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10+ Most Beautiful Navy Blue Bridesmaid Dresses That Will Have Your Bridesmaids Falling in Love!

Navy blue is the new black! And for bridesmaids dresses, we much prefer navy blue over black. Navy blue bridesmaids dresses are classic, elegant and timeless. Navy blue as part of a wedding color palette goes incredibly well with eucalyptus, blush, mauve and white.

These dresses are all custom made and are priced between US$33 and US$129. This represents incredible value for dresses that a made-to-measure. And seriously, we have not seen dresses like these on the high street. Making these dresses available online means these makers are working directly with the brides-to-be and bridesmaids, like you, so that are able to design styles that speak directly to what you dream up.

1: The In All The Right Places:

This dress is about lace in all the right places and ruched chiffon in all the right places. This US based maker is meticulous in getting her designs spot on. She knows how to flatter a figure and where to put all the detail so a girl feels her absolute best on the big day. Your bridesmaids should feel beautiful on the wedding day too!

2. The Convertible:

This convertible dress can be made in an asymmetrical tea length hem, a maxi length hem or a straight tea length hem. You will be absolutely amazed at how many ways this dress can be worn. They are priced from USD$33 plus delivery. You even get a free tube top. It will be so fun to wear these for your bachelorette party. Maybe if you ask nicely, you could even get the tube tops in a different color. How cute will your photos be!

3. The Vintage:

This vintage inspired dress is a favorite amongst the loyal Renz customers. The sweetheart strapless bodice is adorned with slightly ruched lace at the front. At the back, the cleverly designed lace detail reveals the tiny-est glimspe of the back. The waistband is ruched which is more flattering than a flat waist. The skirt section of the dress then flows to the maxi length hem.

4. The Modern Yet Soft:

This dress is both modern and soft at the same time. There is nothing that feels forced about this dress and that is the way it should be. There is a delicate tulle that meets the decolletage and then the chiffon is softly ruched where it overlaps at the waist. There is a soft flowy tulle that meets as a bow at the center back, where the ends oft he bow flow all the way to the hemline, overlaying the flowy a-line skirt section.

5. The New Day:

This dress is a modern take on an elegant antique dress. Ruched at the bodice with lace detail as the dress comes up to a halter. The halter extends to the back where there is further lace detail. It then opens to a modern keyhole back. The antique inspired horizontal ruching then continues and keeps going and going and going, which elongates the body.

6. The Versatile:

Just look at these dresses finished by each of the bridesmaids in which ever way they find more appealing! Don’t they look fabulous in their choice of a unique color of kitten heels too. And we love that the colors are bold. These dresses are US$55 and are made in the US. 7. The Mix and Match:

This brilliant thing about this US based maker and her dress designs is that she has so many styles that are custom made. Your can decide on a color and then your bridesmaids run wild in choosing a dress that their heart desires. The dresses are so beautiful that they literally can’t go wrong. For you, that is like kicking a free goal. And we get it, organising a wedding can be stressful enough without your girls not agreeing on one dress.

8. The Chiffon:

A strappy backless dress made of purely chiffon. Because the straps are crossed over and then hand tied, it makes the fitting of the dress to each of your bridesmaids easier. This dress has a certain free spirited feel to it. Imagine all of your girls boogying on the dance floor in this dress sporting their summer glow! It is handmade in Canada with custom and maternity sizing available. The seller is very flexible.

9. The Flip:

We like a good tulle skirt like this skirt. As you absolutely know your girls will look fabulous in it for your wedding day and night. But after the wedding they can throw it on with a pair of stilettos and a basic top and look ever so chic. A classic piece that your girl will keep as part of her wardrobe for the long term. You can reminisce the beautiful wedding that you created every time one of your girls sports this skirt for a coffee and cake afternoon or a cocktail evening with you.

10. The Linen Wrap:

Just imagine your entire babe tribe in this relaxed linen dress. And it has got to be in block heels. One, because block heels are mega chic and two, because block heels are comfortable. They will be in their shoes all day and night and running around helping you all day and night too. So for goodness sake, allow their feet to be intact by the end of the night. Have the girls wear the shoes in before the big day. Great, because block heels look fab with jeans too!

11. The US-Based Convertible:

The maker of this dress is based in the USA and has incredible reviews. This dress is priced at approximately US$59 which is incredible value for a custom made dress of this quality. Delivery within the USA is free! We love a convertible dress due to the versatility. The front can be worn in at least nine styles and the back can also be worn in at least 9 styles.

Just look at this dress on bridesmaids of a real wedding, below! Don’t they look just fabulous while wearing the dress in their own individual way. Your girls should get a say too in their dress and this is a perfect way to let their imaginations run free.

12. The Elegant:

And of course there needs to be a long sleeve version. There is something about long sleeves that is just so elegant. And this dress is certainly that! The vintage inspired look starts with a ruched bodice where each side delicately overlaps each other at the waist. The sleeves, in a delicate lace, then extend from the bodice elongating the arm. The dress cinches the waist then continues in a ruched manner all the way, sweeping the ground beneath.

Which of these navy blue bridesmaid dresses will have you tossing and turning at night? The one that keeps you up, is the one you should choose. That is your gut feeling trying to speak to you!

Enjoy this stage of your life, which is one that can be very trying, but one that you should be crafting to bring you joyful thoughts after your big day. Your state of mind, at any point in your life, is a choice. Your wedding planning should be a joyous occasion, choose a state of mind that will make it that for you, your partner and your babe tribe.

Team Hues of Vintage xx


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