• Hues of Vintage

Old Castle Mystique Inspiration Shoot nearby Dresden, Germany

The mistique of this location had this inspiration shoot team, led by Lex from LichtrefLEX, wanting to discover each nook and cranny. The shoot took place at "Schloss Scharfenberg" which is an old castle nearby Dresden, Germany which is well known for writers like E.T.A. Hoffmann and painters like Caspar David Friedrich who visited often for inspiration. This inspiration shoot saw the coming together of free-spirited wedding attire, a bouquet of unexpected flowers and laid back make up, by Ayla. The bride’s Hues of Vintage dresses which are layers of silk with a train, the groom’s Hues of Vintage vintage-esque bow tie, paired with a bouquet, by Katja, of fall shades with chrysanthemums taking center stage will have you scrolling and scrolling for more inspo.

Lex wanted a real couple for this shoot so he could capture the natural emotion as he doesn’t pose his couples. Richard, who studies Forestry Sciences, and Emily, who is a student, hits every note of a free spirited, good-looking, in love couple. All the heart eyes to you both!!

Photographer: LichtrefLEX Dresses: Hues of Vintage Bow tie: Hues of Vintage Florist: Katja Klatte Make up: Ayla Jeschar Bride: Emily Veres Groom: Richard Lohs

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