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10+ Mustard Yellow Bridesmaid Dresses For a Vintage Inspired Wedding

So you have been dreaming about mustard yellow bridesmaid dresses? Or perhaps one of your bridesmaids has tagged you on instagram in a post comment to show you a girl tribe in mustard yellow. Well, we can see exactly why!

These custom made bridesmaid dresses are priced between US$49.99 and US$190.

1. The Delicate:

This dress cinches in all the right places. It also shows just enough in all the right places to maintain its elegant look. The cross over bodice makes its way to invisible sides. It then plunges to a deep backless back. The back straps are adjustable and hang so delicately in a bohemian manner from the top back. The high slit on the skirt section is at a gracious height.

2. The Boys Watch Out:

This dress is a classic halter neck wrap dress and just imagine your whole babe tribe in it! It is handmade from a soft flowy rayon. We love rayon because it has a casual elegance about it. Each time each of your bridesmaid steps forward, they will expose some leg. Boys, watch out as they trail you down the aisle.

3. The Flowy Sleeves:

This dress is also a classic wrap but it features voluminous flowy bias cut sleeves that extend to the waist! There is something about flowy sleeves that gives the dress a free-spirited look. The bodice crosses over and the dress is secured with a free flowing bow on the hip. The dress pays careful attention to detail as it has a round cut hem which is more interesting on the eye than a straight cut hem.

4. The NY Convertible:

This convertible dress is in a desired mustard yellow color. You will be absolutely amazed at how many ways this dress can be worn. It can be converted to at least nine styles in the front and at least nine styles in the back. Let your girls get absolutely creative and give them the freedom to wear their convertible dress any which way they want. As the bride, this is an easy win for you. As all the styles this dress is capable of converting into, look just wonderful.

5. The Ruffles:

Ok, so from this dress it is clear that mustard yellow is suitable for the design of a wrap style dress. This über feminine wrap dress features ruffles in all the right places. First a delicate double sleeve ruffle and then a cocktail dress style ruffle that drapes the leg and continues to line the hem. It is made from an amazingly flowy lightweight rayon fabric. There is an internal tie to ensure that the wrap dress does not slip.

6. The Vintage:

There is something about this dress which makes us think of a ranch or a garden wedding. This dress is custom made, so you can ask for it in any length that you want, knee length as pictured, tea length or in a maxi length. It has quite a classic front but when each of your girls turn around, guests will be wowed by the deep back that is adorned with a voluminous bow.

7. The Peace:

Ok, so we must admit that we did not know that silk could be vegan until we found this dress. This dress is made from a specialized vegan silk called 'peace silk' where it saves he lives of the silkworms. Silk slips have been popping up on pinterest and instagram as wedding dresses and we know exactly why. Feminine, simple, elegance is the look that a silk slip gives. With block heels, they are absolutely stunning.

8. The Peep:

Okay, so we are absolutely gushing over the back of this dress. It is in a true mustard yellow color. If you truly want something unique, this is a dress for your girls. The double straps running down the entire back of the dress is such modern elegance as it shoes a peep of the obliques. The back is elegantly shown in a keep V too. This meets in the small oft he back with a neat bow. The skirt section then flows. We love linen because it is a natural, timeless fiber that gets better with age.

9. The Jaw Dropper:

Ok, jaw dropping over this dress. The fabric of this dress provides just the perfect amount of drape for this style. So elegant with statement earrings and block heel high heels. We normally like a block heel, but did you see it with a higher heel as pictured. You can totally get block heels that are higher too. Often these come in a round heel.

10. The Velvet:

Ah, you know we love the vintage, and this dress is the epitome of vintage. And hasn’t velvet made a come back?! Such a luxurious fabric too. This dress plunges at both the front and the back yet maintains absolute elegance. It then floats luxuriously to the ground beneath. Want your girls to feel glamorous? This is the dress that will do that.

11. The Bat Wings:

See your girls feel like they can soar in a flowy mustard dress with bat wings. Because who doesn’t like wearing wings! This dress absolutely, fits the bill, done up as a bridesmaid dress and it also fits the bill for meeting your girls for a Sunday brunch too. Its all in the accessories we say. Want a dress your girls will repurpose? They will definitely get many wears from this versatile dress.

12. The Closet Staple:

This wrap dress features a flowy open sleeve and it is gorgeous. We understand why girls are ordering more than one of this different colors. Because after wearing it as a bridesmaid dress, it makes a wonderful closet staple. For those not sure what to wear days but want an elevated look.

13. The Off-The-Shoulder:

This dress features an off the shoulder look with draped sleeves. This look highlights the feminine decolletage and the somewhat bare back. The dress has a cross over design on the bodice and then floats to the ground beneath. Made of a soft, graceful chiffon.

Do you remember that yellow gown that Kate Hudson wore in How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days? Wow, just wow. Surely, someone had a clear vision that her dress should be yellow and boy, did she wow!

We say create a wedding that you have always envisioned with your choice of mustard yellow bridesmaid dresses.

Team Hues of Vintage xx


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