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10 Modest Bridesmaid Dresses that will have Your Bridesmaid Feeling on Top of the World

So you have a bridesmaid or a maid of honor that would prefer to have a modest bridesmaid dress? That is not a problem at all, these hand selected modest bridesmaid dresses are custom made. That means that your bridesmaids can choose any style that they which and you can have them all made in the same color or color palette. Issue, solved!

These dresses are priced between $110 and $130 so it represents amazing value for a custom made bridesmaid dress.

1. The Flared

A chiffon cross over bodice with lots of ruching to make this dress a modest flowy look. The chiffon extends to the attached skirt section oft he dress, again with lots of ruching. The flared lace sleeves adds a romantic look. The non fitted sleeves means your bridesmaid will feel comfortable yet ever so elegant. There is the slightest peep back also in lace. All the dresses can be made in any color.

2. The Plunge

The first time that I saw this dress, I wanted to have a special occasion to wear it to right away. It is looks so flowy and elegant. Wait until you see the back! The design of this dress focuses attention on the decolletage, but in a modest manner. The eyes are then drawn to an area that your bridesmaid loves instead of covering everything up. Remember, as this dress is custom made, you can have it made in any color that you like.

3. The Scalloped

Love this simple, modest look! Imagine your babe tribe styling their dress in their own way. Give them a color of shoe and let them pick their own style. Wouldn’t it also be fun to do a flower crown making activity with dried flowers with your babe tribe for your bachelorette party.? They can wear the flower crown on the big day. The dress features a v shaped plunging front and back bodice which is romanticized with scalloped lace. You can have this dress made in any color.

4. The Separates

This is one for bridesmaids that would prefer a separates look. This look is great as it takes emphasis away from the mid section. There is a darker color for the skirt which acts to slim the waist down. A lighter flowy bodice allows your bridesmaid to feel confident yet feminine all day and night long.

5. The Convertible

This is a two piece dress with a sleeved shawl. Your bridesmaid can either opt to tie the shawl up at the front or the back or not to wear it at all. If you want to go for the same dress that your bridesmaids can personalize how they like to, this is a great option. This dress is flattering due to the princess cut bodice and the a lined, ruched attached skirt section.

6. The Winged

This one was designed for mother’s of the bride, however, this could be worn beautifully as a modest bridesmaid dress. The tulle voluminous sleeves are finished with hand sewn lace. It provides an elegant look. The bodice is ruched with a cross over. The attached skirt section is ruched just enough to take some emphasis away from the mid-section.

7. The Boho

This modest long sleeved dress is for the boho in your bridesmaid. Finished with a flower crown, imagine your wedding photos! To make is even more modest, you could ask the maker of this dress to make the peep back smaller or not to have a peep back at all. I just absolutely love flared sleeves. Remember you can have this dress made in any color.

8. The Timeless

This dress is timeless and elegant. There is a cap sleeve and a higher than usual neckline than most bridesmaid dresses. This your modest bridesmaid may find appealing. The ruching above the waistline in both the attached bodice section and the attached skirt section takes emphasis away from the mid line to draw attention to areas that your bridesmaids feel more confident with.

9. The Elegant

Just ask the maker of this dress to make this dress without the train and voila a modest bridesmaid dress. So flowy, elegant and soft. Imagine how much confidence your bridesmaids would ooze, dancing the night away on the dance floor. Let’s see how many of your babe tribe stay single after your wedding night hahaha.

Instead of the $110 to $130 like the other dresses, this dress is around the $350 mark as it is normally sold as a bridal dress. Remember, you can have this dress made in any color.

10. The Romantic

A full yet modest lace look can be just what your babe tribe needs to feel wonderful. The patterned, ruched fabric romanticizes and allows your babe tribe to just feel like they are floating all day and night. They will feel elegant and confident down the aisle and boogieing the night away.

Instead of the $110 to $130 like the other dresses, this dress is around the $350 mark as it is normally sold as a bridal dress. Remember, you can have this dress made in any color.

These dresses are found on Etsy. Remember, you can make them in any color as they are custom made.

Which of these modest bridesmaid dresses is your favorite?

Wedding planning can be hella stressful!! But try to enjoy this special time in your life and not let the little things get to you. Celebrate your friendships with your babe tribe. Involve them in the process so that they feel more connected. Don’t be afraid to ask for help from your babe tribe, your husband to be, your mom and mother-in-law.


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