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10 Maternity Bridesmaid Dresses for Your Pregnant Best Gal Pal

If you are lucky enough, you get to share this incredibly special moment, one of your best friends being pregnant and you getting married at the same time. It is also good to know that maternity bridesmaids dresses, these days, are beautiful. I mean, imagine your glowing best friend in one of these dresses.

They are custom made so can be made in any color. They are priced between $110 and $130, so are incredible value.

1. The Empire:

The listing of this dress includes a review from a buyer that ordered this dress for a bridal shower. She looks absolutely beautiful, don’t you think?

The empire waist on this dress, makes it a perfect shape for a maternity dress. The ruched bodice is outlined in a handsewn lace with a peep of tulle at the decolletage. The very ruched attached skirt section, makes this dress so lovely and flowing over that baby belly. This dress is not necessarily a maternity dress so your bridesmaid can also wear it for another occasion.

2. The Grecian:

Don’t you just love this Grecian inspired look with the braided straps? This graceful chiffon dress is fitting in all the right places and is flowy in all the right places. Important when your girl could be feeling a bit self confident during this time in her life. Depending on the month that she will be in, on your big day, she has gained at least 7kg, all of a sudden. She will look back at your wedding photos though, all dolled up, and I am willing to bet blueberry muffins on it that she will miss being pregnant.

3. The Boho:

If the boho look is what your pregant bridesmaid likes, this dress is a wonderful choice. With a deep V shaped neckline and backline, outlined in a light scalloped lace, this dress is very pretty. The capped sleeved ensure that your bridesmaid feels wonderful throughout your wedding. The empire waist is fitted just under the bust and then floats out with space for the baby belly.

4. The Gold Leaf:

This lovely dress is Grecian inspired. It accentuates all the right areas. You can imagine your bridesmaid walking down the aisle with you and then boogieing the night away in this right? This ruched look is incredibly slimming as well as your bridesmaid probably is at the heaviest she has ever been so might be feeling a little self conscious. The gold floral and leaf design that is hand sewn on gives this dress its elegant look.

5. The Rosette:

If the awwwwww look is what you and your bridesmaid is after, then this dress is a great choice. The off the shoulder look with an empire waist, makes it way for the hand made rosettes, the feature of this dress. Your bridesmaid will feel oh so pretty in this dress.

6. The Draping:

Love the draping of this dress! The most gracious of this maternity bridesmaid dress selection. The ruching of the bodice crosses over towards the empire waist. The empire waist is also ruched. The dress then drapes elegantly towards the left side. Have this dress made with or without the sequin feature. Personally, I prefer it without.

7. The Gathered:

With full coverage oft he decolletage, this dress is a great choice for pregnant bridesmaids that would prefer a modest yet elegant look. You can just see the wonderful make quality of this custom made dress with the hand stitching that attaches the ruching oft he outer layer to the inner layer princess cut bodice. The hand sewn lace acts to give this dress a wonderful waist line. The draping of the attached skirt section on the left and right sides, gives this dress some extra flowiness.

8. The Wrap Around:

A modern and elegant strap wrap dress. The contrast of the darker straps accentuates the empire waist beautifully. Love the way the straps elegantly wrap just under the bust. The shoulder straps are made from the same darker straps, which finishes off the look of this dress. The chiffon is feminine and flowy.

9. The Ruched Wrap Around:

Here is the strap wrap dress with a princess cut ruched bodice! This dress is for the bridesmaid that loves the strap wrap dress but wants a bodice that has just that little bit more. You could ask for the strap wrap to be made in a darker color if you like the look of dress number 8.

10. The Timeless:

Another dress that is not technically a maternity dress, however, as the waist is an empire waist (the waist starts just under the bust), it can be made easily by the maker to accommodate that beautiful baby belly. Just love this timeless look with a laced empire waist to add definition to the waist between the ruched bodice and attached skirt.

These dresses can be found on Etsy. Remember, you can have them made in any color.

Let me know which of these dresses is your favorite.

Wishing you the best wedding day ever! Enjoy this day with your besties. Don’t let the little things during wedding planning get to you. I get that it is a stressful time, but your big day will be your big reward!


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