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10+ Wonderful Maroon Bridesmaid Dresses that Your Girl Tribe Will Love

Updated: Mar 5, 2020

Here is our pick on maroon bridesmaid dresses. Maroon has really become a go-to color for weddings. It used to be either pink or blue but we are so glad that trend has been bucked by a deeper, classic, timeless color like maroon.

These dresses are custom made and priced between US$49.99 and US$149.99.

1. The Show Stopper:

The dress features an elegant show stopping back! The US based maker of this dress is a master of her craft in that she meticulously designs dresses with incredible detail yet having a free-spiritedness. This dress has a more classic front that cinches though in all the right places.

2. The New York Convertible:

This dress is handmade by a US based maker. Priced at US$49, it is incredible value. Have you seen how many ways this dress can be worn. The front can be worn in more than 9 styles, and the back as well. Conversions of this dress include cross-over halter, one shoulder, strapless, twisted mid-section, twisted back, sleeved, bat winged and the list literally goes on. This dress is also incredibly easy to fit on different shapes of bodies. It is also a very flattering dress.

Look at this dress being worn within a bridal party below? Don’t they look wonderful?

3. The Delicate:

This dress has got to have one of our favorite backs from this US based maker. The lace on this dress is just so delicate. The capped sleeve are an elegant touch and so is the keyhole back that is tied together with a delicate shoe-string tie. The front of this dress also does not disappoint with a slightly ruched bodice and skirt section. The princess shaped decolletage is outlined with the same scalloped lace of the sleeves and the keyhole back.

4. The Bow Finish:

This dress is so sweetly finished off with a bow at the lower back. The ends of the bow, flow elegantly to grace the ground beneath. A carefully ruched front crosses over and extends to a slight v-shaped back. The straps are a classic shape that is flattering tot he back. The skirt section of the dress then flows beautifully.

5. The Hues:

This dress absolutely gets that maroon comes in different shades. Seeing these together, wouldn’t your girls just look wonderful in different shades of maroon? That would definitely make a statement. We love this vintage inspired dress that is available in a knee length and a maxi length. Sweetly finished off with a bow.

6. The Boho:

This dress is a Renz favorite and we get why. Very boho in nature, it has an elegant softness about it. The bodice is made from a meticulously crafted lace that extends to a low v-shaped back. Raw invisible tulle then extends to the shoulders and down the back. There will be no bridesmaid dress mishaps when they go to catch the bouquet! The dress is fully lined in a flowy but more structured fabric to give the dress shape. The tulle then continues to overlay the skirt section, giving it incredible flow.

7. The Silk Slip:

The biggest trend in 2020 for bridesmaids dresses in 2020 is a silk slip dress and block heel shoes. We love that brides and bridesmaids are saying yes to simple, elegant and pieces, lik this dress, that will be worn again and again and again. Just look how much confidence these girls are exuding in the hue red wine!

8. The Hand Adorned:

Yes, please, to the back detail on this dress. We absolutely adore the double strap look that extends from the ruched bodice front. The hand cut lace is delicately placed onto the back of the dress. It extends to just below the waistline. The dress then flows of chiffon!

9. The Keyhole:

Here is an elegant keyhole back that is adorned with a voluminous bow. The ends of the bow glide elegantly to well below the waistline giving it an elegant look. We just love this shade of maroon. As this dress is custom made, it is possible to request a knee length or a maxi length dress.

10. The Two-Piece:

We love a good two-piece like this one. This skirt is so voluminous with flowy maroon hued chiffon. This skirt looks wonderful when it is draping the ground below slightly. It romanticizes the look. The voluminous sash is optional but we say it is a must! Have your girls choose their own tops and block heels so that they can individualize their look.

11. The Wrapped:

Every girl has to have a little black dress and a flowy wrap dress! We love this dress because it has bat wings, nails the amount of flowy required for this type of dress and is in a gorgeous red wine hue. Your fond memories of the wedding will make you gush when see your girls love their dress so much that they wear it unannounced to coffee and cake with you. But this time with a sun hat and sandals.

12. The Ruffled:

This dress features a ruffled keyhole back. The right amount of elegance and sex appeal we say. This dress is custom made so you could ask for it in knee length, tea length or a maxi length. Imagine your girls helping each other to tie up this dress on your big day. Great photo opportunities right there!

13. The Roman:

This dress takes influences from the roman era. We absolutely love the draping of this dress. It begins with a cross over draping at the front that exposes an elegant keyhole at the decolletage. It then extends to a halter and then further drapes down the back where delicate straps and a keyhole are featured, where the modern is dashed into this design. The draping then flows to a maxi length.

Which of these dresses takes your fancy?

Are you having your girls in maroon bridesmaid dresses but in different styles? We absolutely love this look!

Let us know how your wedding planning is going and remember that your energy during the planning process is a state of mind. Be positive when leading the show! Everyone will feel your energy, including your fiance and your girls.

Team Hues of Vintage xx


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