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The Most Beautiful Yet Inexpensive Engagement Ring - Morganite - Blue Nile Review & Unboxing

Updated: Feb 24

This style of ring was one of the inexpensive engagement rings that I was high on my contemplation list when we got engaged. My now husband proposed with a stand-in engagement ring, in other words, a place holder engagement ring. We then chose the final ring together. I fell in love with the style of a cushion cut champagne colored center stone with a diamond halo, set in rose gold. I also contemplated ordering a ring from Blue Nile but in the end chickened out, even though they do have a 30 day return period!

Now that I have been running a wedding blog and instagram account for two years since planning for our wedding, I decided to take the plunge and order and review, and do an unboxing, of just that very ring that took my breath away two years ago. I am hoping that it will help others in the same position as I was in, but now. This would be my very first Blue Nile order too. Blue Nile only sells online.

I placed the order on the afternoon of Sunday December 15. As promised on the order screen, the shipment was dispatched on Monday December 16. I got a notification email letting me know. As I live in Europe, Germany to be exact, the ring was sent from Ireland, so thankfully I did not have to pay any duties or import tax. The ring arrived to me at home on Tuesday December 17. I was thoroughly impressed by the speed.

My excitement was at an all time high, and I just couldn’t wait to open the UPS plastic sleeve that it was packaged in.

It was packaged safely in an outer box. This is the same box that you use in case you want to return any Blue Nile orders by the way.

It really is like a barboushka doll, as your excitement grows and grows with each layer. The Blue Nile larger box is made from a nice, sturdy cardboard. It feels nice and luxurious.

There is some sort of booklet when you open the first of the Blue Nile boxes. To be honest, I was so excited, I didn’t even look at it!

And then the ring box is revealed. The box is made well and you would not need another box to propose. It feels nice and luxurious.

Underneath the box there is a jewelry pouch. Good if you are planning to propose on top of a mountain or in a remote location. Or to hide it until the day you pop the question if like me, your future fiance and wife is super hard to surprise and finds everything!

And then the moment of truth, the box flips up nicely and then the ring is revealed.

So there it was, the ring! My first thought... and always go by your first thought, is that ‚this ring is gorgeous’. As Blue Nile does not show real pictures of their jewelry on their website, it was such a pleasant surprise that this ring is a stunner. My heart definitely fluttered.

The center stone is very beautiful and looks substantial on without being over the top. I would describe it as being a champagne color. It is as you see in the pictures. I could definitely imagine girls and colleagues swooning (being majorly jealous) over this ring!

The diamonds on the halo are dainty and accentuate the morganite center stone without overpowering it. The rose gold adds to the vintage look of this beautiful ring. And I have always wanted a rose gold ring!

I am a UK ring size L, which is equivalent to a size 6 in the US. I ordered this size and it fits me perfectly. The Blue Nile listing lists the measurement to be 8 x 8mm. It didn’t say if this was just the center stone or if this includes the diamond halo. I measured it and it is definitely just the center stone that is 8 x 8mm.

We are a practical couple and could never imagine spending 10,000 Euros for a ring. We would much rather put it towards a deposit for a house. But between 1,000 and 2,000 Euros, we could have definitely done. And did do. The cost of this ring being $1,300 (USD) or 1.457€ (Euros), so it would have ticked the boxes.

I say if Princess Di can go against the norm of a diamond, so could I. And absolutely no one would say that her blue sapphire ring is not stunning.

I also did some research to see if morganite would be suitable for an every day ring and this is what the GIA website says. And if you haven’t already heard of GIA, the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) is the most respected institute to protect all buyers and sellers of gemstones by setting and maintaining the standards used to evaluate gemstone quality.

‚Morganite is safe to wear during most everyday activities. However, like all other gemstones, morganite can be damaged, so we recommend that you remove your ring before gardening, cleaning, playing sports or participating in other strenuous activities. Morganite in an engagement ring is sweet, romantic and trendy.’

Here is a video of the unboxing of the ring:

And here is another happy couple from the Blue Nile website where she said yes and doesn’t that ring look like it just belongs on her finger?

Could I imagine this ring as my engagement ring? Hell yeah! This just goes to show, that with some creative thinking – and without it costing the deposit for a house, you can have an engagement ring that you will be so proud to flaunt around. You will definitely catch yourself and other people staring at your ring, all the time!

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