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10 Maid of Honor Dresses That Your Best Gal Pal Will Love You For

Updated: Jan 2

Your maid of honor is your best gal pal for a reason and that is why you want her to feel special on your wedding day. Maid of Honor dresses should be like your other bridesmaid dresses except it should have more vavavoom!

With these custom maid of honor dresses, you can ask the maker to add a little detail to each of these dresses. I will provide some suggestions. These dresses are priced between $110 and $130 so for the quality, they represent amazing value. They can be made in any color too.

1. The Cross Over

The dainty straps at the back cross over straps that extends to a low laced back is what gives this dress the wow factor. Love its soft delicate look.

To give your maid of honors dress, a dash of something special, ask the maker to use a slightly different lace or to hand sew some sequins into the lace.

2. The Laced Peepback

This dress is when you feel like you want to go backless but not go completely bare. The cross over ruched bodice and the laced back give this dress a romantic yet modern look. Your bridesmaids will slay in this dress! The attached skirt section of the dress continues the flow of chiffon to an a-line maxi length.

For that maid of honor vavavoom, ask the maker to change up the pattern on the lace.

3. The Glamorous

With its plunging back, this gold sequin bridesmaid dress is suitable for members of your babe tribe that have a very toned back. This look is just the right amount of showy yet still romantic. This is one dress that your bridesmaid/s will definitely reach into the closet to wear again.

There is a non-sequined version of this dress that your bridesmaids could wear. For that touch of something special, your maid of honor can wear the sequin version.

4. The Softness

This dress is for the romantic at heart. Your girls will feel so beautiful in this one as they glide down the aisle trailing you. The bodice is made of chiffon and lace, it is then accentuated with another layer of ruched chiffon. The back is finished with self fabric covered buttons, the best kind.

To add a little somethin’ to your maid of honor’s dress ask the maker to change up the lace on the bodice or add a chiffon voluminous waist tie.

5. The Laced Glamorous

A sequined dress with lace! This dress really does have it all. Your girls will feel glamorous, yet feminine in this dress. Ask the maker of this dress to change up the straps so that they cross over at the back for your maid of honors dress.

6. The Winged Tie Back

This dress is soooo flattering! You will see it in many reviews in this dresses listing. The newest dress in this selection, the velvet dress has fluttered the hearts of many bridesmaids. The winged sleeves and laced tie up back add just that special somethin’ to this dress. Especially if your babe tribe will be sporting the mismatched look, this one is definitely a winner. The attached skirt section with its a-line shape provides a flattering cut.

Ask the maker to change up the pattern oft he lace to give your made of honor a point of difference.

7. The Lavender Fields

A laced bodice that extends to the back whilst offering a peep of the back through the keyhole back, this dress is finished with dainty buttons. Showing just the right amount of skin for a wedding, this dress will have your bridesmaids gaining lots of compliments throughout the day. They will feel ultra feminine in this attached chiffon a-line flow skirt. Ask the maker to change up the lace or the peepback to have your maid of honor in something with a little more wow.

8. The Winged Peepback

Velvet is a vintage fabric that has seen a comeback recently and I am absolutely obsessed! This dress makes me want to just go a special occasion so I can order it, wear it and flaunt it! This dress is the epitome of elegant. The dress features winged sleeves, a peepback and a slight trumpet attached skirt. Simple elegance! In love!

Ask the maker to add some lace to the peepback to add some vavavoom to your made of honor’s dress.

9. The Lace Up

This one is one that will have your guests saying awww as your bridesmaids trail you down the aisle. There is something about the dainty lace up back that is so nice on the eyes. The bodice is made of a gentle lace. The dress then flows out to an a-line attached skirt.

Have the maker change up the pattern on the lace or the way the back is laced up for a point of difference for your maid of honor’s bridesmaid dress.

10. The Classic Plunge

This one is such a classic. Simple can be oh so stunning! Your maid of honor (and bridesmaids) will definitely wear this one again. Add some lace to the bodice to close up the cleavage area to add a special touch to your maid of honors dress. Your gal pals will definitely be wearing this dress again.

These dresses can be found on Etsy.

The best thing is that you can have these dresses made in whichever color that you fancy.

Which dress do you like the most?

Although it might seem stressful now, try to enjoy wedding planning. It is a special time in your life that will only happen once. After a few years, you will wish you could have another one.


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