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How to Choose a Wedding Venue: Part of the How to Plan for a Wedding Series

After you have put together your preliminary wedding guest list, you are now ready to choose a wedding venue. This is part of the How to Plan for a Wedding Series. Things that you will need to consider include capacity, venue style, location, transport, parking, pricing and availabilty, weather considerations, power and toilets.

Venue style: does it fit your wedding theme?:

Your first port of call is to think about what style of wedding you want to create. Pinterest is a great place for you to gather your ideas. You can start a board called something like “Wedding Theme” and collect all of your ideas there.

You will need to consider both the ceremony location and the reception location. In terms of reception, we use this as a loose term, it is where the eating and the entertainment will occur.

So you might be thinking about a wedding in a botanical garden, at a farm, at a ranch, in the woods or on the grounds of a castle. Whatever you are dreaming, it is possible, even if your budget is not huge. If your budget is not huge, you just need to be prepared to be more hands on. But the result, a beautiful, bespoke wedding day, will all be worth it.

If you are like most brides-to-be, you probably already have a few venues in mind of where you would like to get married. If you are not at that stage yet, no problem at all, google is there to serve you. Have a few options for venues that you can further look into.

Get your fiance on board, to help decide, so that you don’t leave him out of the wedding planning process. As brides-to-be, it is tempting to just keep moving forward with the wedding plans, but remember to include your fiance in the entire decision-making process. It is a marriage and therefore a partnership after all.


With a preliminary guest list in hand, you know how many guests that you and your husband-to-be want to invite. So with your list of potential venues, the first thing is to find out the capacity of each venue. If it is a venue in nature, there might not be a maximum number of guests that you can invite but it is always worth checking with the parks authority or whoever is running that venue. Or there could be a boat ride on a lake to get to the venue, for example, and there is a limited number of guests for the boat.

The capacity is usually available on the parks authority or venue website. If not, just give them a call. If you are calling them, ask for availability too for your chosen wedding date. Our article how to choose a wedding date provides lots of tips around this topic.


If you haven’t already done so, check with each narrowed down venue for availability for your target wedding date/s.

Work out which venues could actually serve you and see to which venue your gut feeling gravitates towards.


Find out how much the venue costs. Is it a per hour charge or is it an all day or all day and night hire?

Also, find out what their terms are on postponing the wedding. You never know, there could be an illness or even a lockdown, due to a pandemic these days.

Location, Transport & Parking:

It is always good idea to have a ceremony location that is in the same grounds as the reception location or one that is in walking distance.

Make sure there is not too much time between the ceremony and the reception as guests will linger around and have time to get bored. In this time, you will probably be taking photos with your photographer. Is there something for guests to do, such as exploring the venue where your wedding is located if it in nature, a treasure hunt e.g. an Easter egg hunt (if it around Easter time of course), some wedding games, a small afternoon tea as they will have a meal afterwards etc. Let your imagination run wild here.

Think about how your guests will get to the venue. Will they drive or will they take the train? What are the parking options, does it cost money to park and how far away is the train station? Think like a guest would think on your wedding day and make it as easy for them as possible. If you think that the location is convenient enough for your guests, then all good. Just make sure that you provide travel and parking tips with the wedding invitation.

Weather considerations:

Next, think about guest comfort, if it is an outdoor venue and it will be very sunny and/or hot, is there shade, is there a wet weather contingency or could you set up a marquee?

If it is an indoor venue and it will be very hot, is there air conditioning? Or will it be in a cold month, if so, is there heating?


Especially if the venue is outdoors, you will need to check if the site has power. If so, how many outlets, where are the outlets and does it cost for power? You will need power for the microphone and speakers for the wedding ceremony (otherwise, guests will not be able to hear). You will also need power in case you are playing any music.


If your venue is in the outdoors, you should definitely check what the toilet situation is like. Are there toilets nearby? Are they clean? How often are they cleaned? You want the wedding experience to be pleasant for guests and toilets are important in the entire experience.

Your guests may be able to make it through the ceremony without a toilet, but you will definitely need a toilet for the reception component. If the toilet is not nice enough, you may need to consider hiring a toilet or ditching the venue all together. Yes, it is tough love when it comes to wedding planning. Accommodation (if required):

If your wedding is taking place in a small town or something, there may be a need for accommodation for you and guests. If so, it is worth checking in with the accommodation to see if it is up to scratch and also see what the availability is like. You should be able to block some rooms for your wedding and have guests book and pay for their own rooms.

We hope that this article has been helpful in helping you in “how to choose a wedding venue ”. Choosing a wedding venue is so exciting because it is the base of which you will create your wedding around. Enjoy the process, have fun with it, be creative.

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