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Top 10+ Hand Torn Etsy Wedding Invitations for Rustic Weddings in 2020

Here are the top 10+ hand selected hand torn Etsy wedding invitations made for rustic weddings in 2020.

1. The Blush:

Grey, blush and metallic gold with hand torn edges! Need we say more? What does this invitation set come with? These handmade invitations are just so delicate and elegant. The invitation and RSVP card itself is made from a beautiful textured paper. The envelope in a matching shade is also included. Yes, they are luxe, but with weddings becoming more and more quaint, it is an investment to have your guests feel so special to be invited to a day that will celebrate the start of such an important chapter of your and husband-to-be’s lives. I mean, have you ever received an invitation that is so delicate?

2. The Rustic Minimalist:

This minimalist, elegant invitation is made from cotton paper. The paper is made by an artisan in Vancouver, British Columbia. Wow, we didn’t even know such a thing existed. You can even select a color and the paper will be handmade for you in that specific color. Colors include: sand, blush, pastel blue or clay. The invitation, RSVP card and envelopes are then printed in a wonderful calligraphy font.

3. The Forest Green:

Absolutely, wow! If you love the nature or your wedding is wedding inspired, a forest green wedding invitation would be perfect. Especially if you have not yet decided on a color palette for your wedding. Surely, there will be green in your bouquet so you are safe with going with a handmade forest green invitation. It is printed with a wonderful metallic gold ink.

4. The Watercolor Swash:

Mauve is a color that is so versatile as part of a wedding color palette. It goes wonderfully with blush, vintage blue, forest green, sage and gray. Pair a watercolor swash with hand dip pen calligraphy, textured paper and hand torn edges. Okay, we can see how that would work! The hand dipped ink you can choose either gold, silver, black or white ink. Imagine gold on this invitation... just heavenly!

This invitation suite comes with an invitation, optional RSVP card and coordinating envelope.

5. The Red Wine:

What is more beautiful than a hand torn wedding invitation? One that is in burgundy and printed with gold ink, like this invitation! This color is unexpected when you go and open a wedding invitation. Let’s face it, most invitations these days are made of white or kraft paper. Be the bride that does the unexpected while keeping your wedding elegant and timeless, just as these invitation are.

6. The Eucalyptus:

Love eucalyptus? Yep, we do to! And here it is on watercolor handmade invitations. The eucalyptus and elegant cursive writing is printed on smooth whit cover stock. The edges are then hand torn. This invitation is then delicately wrapped in a sage thread and it is then hand secured with a botanical wax seal. Don’t you just wish sometimes that everything on this earth was still made with this much care? The RSVP card is printed in a matching design and is also hand torn. You can select which style of envelope best appeals to you and your wedding. 7. The Elegant:

Want your wedding stationary to be simple and elegant? The design of this wedding invitation suite absolutely achieves that. Having a simple and elegant invitation printed on classic white card stock and then hand torn, allows you to play with what will house them, the envelope. Make the envelope a color that will be part of your wedding color palette. You could buy really nice ones and then print the address of your guests on them yourself, at home, in a cursive font that matches with your invitations. DIY, at it’s best!

8. The Delicate:

Here is another simple, delicate wedding invitation by the same creator as the invitation above. Imagine this invitation wrapped in a beautiful hand dyed, air dried and then hand torn silk or cotton ribbon! There are some suggestions for this type of ribbon later on in this article. Just scroll down. These beautiful wedding invitations are handmade in the US.

9. The Botanicals:

If you are on the hunt for invitations that are absolutely unique, these wedding invitations are definitely that. They feature original, hand painted watercolor artwork by Rachel Marvin, the creator and maker of these invitations. Here you will see romantic floral themes coming together with simple, modern typography. Rachel will work with you to get a personalized look with the colorway. Here it is shown in blush, muted blue and dark gray.

10. The Unexpected:

As you may be aware, we love the unexpected and this invitation suite, definitely embraces that. Firstly the envelope is in a deep blue, like the depths of the ocean. It is then hand addressed in a white ink. As your guests open the envelope, they will reveal a delicate ivory insert with gold lettering. They will further discover a handmade invitation that is printed in gold lettering with a botanical inspired printed frame, where the edges have been carefully hand torn. The RSVP card is made in the same fashion and comes with a fitting envelope. The details card is then hand tied in a hand dyed and then torn silk ribbon.

11. The Cotton Rag Paper:

We are not shy of a bit of DIY and these handmade sheets of cotton rag paper will help you achieve the most beautiful invitations. The best bit is the story behind it when you explain to your guests that you made these divine creations yourself. The edges are hand torn by the maker to achieve the deckled edges.

All you need to do is either purchase a invitation template where you can change the wording accordingly or you can design the print of the invitation yourself. Just make sure your printer, at home, can deal with this thickness of paper. Otherwise, your local copy center’s machine can probably do it. Just ask them.

12. The Rosa:

You can also get handmade cotton paper in different shades. Isn’t this muted rose shade just marvelous? The deckled edges are hand torn for that rustic look. Each sheet of paper is made by hand and is eco friendly. The handmade paper is made from 100% recycled cotton rag, is acid free, chlorine and bleach free. So it is a paper that you can actually feel good about using.

13. The Floating Silk:

Have you ever seen something so delicate? The hand dyed, hand torn nature of this light floating silk ribbon gives your wedding invitations the softest finish. This handmade ribbon is made from pure silk and the softest thing you will ever touch. You can select the width that is perfect for your invitations. This hue is called golden peach.

14. The Georgette:

Oh, this is so romantic! Finish your invitations on the right note with hand dyed silk ribbon twine. This handmade ribbon is made from a wonderful georgette silk, in other words, a crinkle silk. The color is called Fumée, in other words, smoke. This wonderful creation is handmade in France, which just adds to the romance of the story of how your invitations came together.

We hope you feel inspired to either find a maker that will create for you a wedding invitation that is so you or either to DIY one yourself.

Let us know if you have found this top 10+ hand torn Etsy wedding invitations for rustic weddings in 2020 useful.

Team Hues of Vintage xx

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