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Top 10+ Inexpensive Gold Foil Etsy Wedding Invitations in 2020

Love the gold foil look for wedding invitations? Here are the top 10+ hand selected inexpensive gold foil etsy wedding invitations in 2020. 1. The Rustic Greenery:

This invitation is a best seller on Etsy and we can see exactly why. If you are willing to print the envelopes yourself, these invitations are only US$1.22 each. This watercolor and gold design is printed with a special pigmented ink. The maker of these wedding invitations uses a quality textured card. They feature rustic greenery including eucalyptus. This gate fold invitation is perfect for a timeless woodland or secret garden themed wedding.

2. The Foil Hoop:

This invitation is another option from the same maker as the above invitation. This time, the maker centers the design of the invitation around a gold foil hoop that is intertwined with watercolor eucalyptus leaves. The RSVP card actually comes as part of the invitation so that you do not have to pay extra for it. Genius! This handmade invitation comes in at US$1.22. Absolutely amazing. Whoever said that inexpensive means the same thing as cheap has obviously not looked hard enough!

3. The Seal:

Ok, we have yet to see value like this for such a well designed handmade gold foil invitation. This invitation itself is US$1 for a sample and postage is free. To gain this level of attention to detail and to make your guests feel special that you have really put in the thought and effort, this invitation is a no brainer. This US based maker makes everything unique for each order. The card is in blush, then printed with gold foil, wrapped carefully in twine and then sealed with a wax seal.

4. The Elegance:

Wow, wow, wow, this invitation is delicate elegance. It features rose gold foil that is carefully printed on a premium thick vellum. The vellum gives the invitation a pearl effect. You can choose to combine it with a lined envelope, which we recommend, as the pairing is just divine. A matching RSVP card is also an option.

5. The Timeless:

Elegant, timeless and beautiful are the words to describe this invitation. The names of you and your groom are authentically stamped with hot foil. The font used is called Didot which is a neoclassical serif style that combines timeless elegance with modernity. You can choose for the foil stamping to be in either gold, rose gold or silver. For such elegance, this handmade invitation is US$3.65 each.

6. The Vellum Band:

Emma Ray Fox is the creator and maker for this invitation. How wonderful is blush with gold foil against a storm hued envelope. The vellum band adds a special touch of elegance. Imagine your guests peeling back each layer to reveal the details of the wedding that you have put so much thought into. This maker likes to make the invitations highly personalize-able to your wedding theme by offering foil colors of rose gold, gold, silver, rose pink and hot pink so you can really let your imagination run wild and create something truly you.

7. The Milled in Scotland:

This invitation is great if you want something that is timeless and elegant. Your names are firstly foil pressed by hand. You can choose the hue of the gold foil as the maker offers rose gold, gold or silver. The finer details of your wedding and any wording that you and your husband-to-be choose are then digitally printed on the invitation. The art card is in a soft white hue. It is milled on the banks oft he River Leven in Scotland. What a wonderful story to remember your wedding invitations by.

8. The Gold Wreath:

This invitation features a delicate gold wreath that is printed on a luxury textured card. On the detail side of the invitation the maker of cards, will bring together your and your husband-to-be’s initials within a dainty version of the wreath. Your wedding details are then carefully printed underneath. There is a further details leaflet that opens to reveal three information pages, a custom map and a detachable RSVP card.

9. The Four-Fold:

This invitation has a clever folding design that includes the name of the bride and groom on the front cover. The details are then revealed as the guests receiving the information unravel the card, layer by layer. The RSVP card is attached to the card as a perforation. This invitation is amazing value at US$1.57.

Clever, because then you don’t need to have a separate RSVP card which costs time and budget. You can choose a foil color that is most suitable to your wedding these. The foil color choices include the classics: rose gold, gold and silver. The maker of this card can even print in another language!

10. The Outside Thinker:

These invitations are custom printed with your and your husband’s name and then the details of your wedding. They are priced at below US$1 each and even come in an envelope with your choice of color. Who said that you need to spend an arm and a leg on every component of your wedding for it to be made special. The trick is to spend on the components of the wedding that really need it and think, shop and DIY smart for every other component. These invitations allow you to think and shop smart. These invitations are printed on a quality vellum. 11. The Blush:

This invitation is just like the one above except it is printed on a wonderful blush colored card. They come with your choice of envelope in blush, white, pink, pale grey, ivory, lavender or pale blue. We personally thing pale grey is very elegant paired with pink. The color of the type is very customizable to your wedding theme with your choice of rose gold, gold, silver copper or black.

12. The Encapsulate:

This invitation allows you to make use of an image of you and husband-to-be that you absolutely love and that encapsulates your love story so well. A quality vellum sheet is printed with your and your husband-to-be’s name in a wonderful cursive typeface. The details of your wedding then follow in a modern typeface. They are carefully attached together with a matching metal eyelet. There is a separate RSVP card. Both elements come with a matching envelope.

13. The Luxe:

We left this invitation, the most luxurious of the selection until the end. Leaving the best until the end! This invitation is handmade in the US. It includes a beautiful foil pocketfold. Once your guest unfolds the pocket, your beautifully made wedding invitation awaits them. It is accompanied by a RSVP card that is tucked neatly inside the die cut side pocket. The invitation is sealed with a die cut lace belly band. It is then housed delicately in your choice of envelope. Wow, just wow! At US$5 each, for this level of design and attention to detail, all custom made for your wedding, it is worth every penny.

Hope you enjoyed these top 10+ hand selected inexpensive gold foil etsy wedding invitations in 2020.

Team Hues of Vintage xx


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