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10+ Forest Green Bridesmaid Dresses that Your Girl Tribe Will Say Yes To!

Forest green bridesmaid dresses can be seen in weddings on Pinterest on Instragram that don’t follow the mainstream. The brides that choose this color are normally free thinkers, ready to set their own trends.

Girl, we are absolutely with you!

These custom made dresses are priced between US$49.99 and US$127.

1. The Modern Grecian:

This dress is a modern take on a Grecian dress. The gold chain that becomes the halter can also be made in self-fabric shoestring straps as shown below in the burgundy dress. The meticulously designed bodice joins at a cinched waist and then there is texture added with draping of skirt layers in the ruched skirt section. The sash on this dress is removable.

And here it is (below) in burgundy with a self-fabric strap. There is a section in the order process where you can add your personalization.

2. The Free-Spirited:

This dress is a romantic cold shoulder dress. There is something glamorous about showing not the entire shoulder but having it peeping through a strap and a sleeve. This dress has a flowy, free-spirited nature to it with the ruffled decolletage line that extends to sweep the shoulders. Your girls will feel so feminine as they trail you down the garden aisle and then dancing all night long.

3: The Local Convertible:

This convertible dress is made in New York. Have you seen how many ways that this dress can be worn? It can be worn at least 9 ways in the front and 9 ways in the back. Wear it as a halter, a cold shoulder or a bat wing. The back can be worn with a twisted back feature, a cross over or more classic. Your girls can decide themselves how they would like to wear this dress. Imagine all of them with bubbles, getting ready, on the morning of the big day, helping each other to finish off their dress. That is a picture opportunity right there!

4. The From Day to Night:

This dress is chiffon based and fully lined. We love this classic, simple, yet elegant look that will easily take your girls from day to night. Let your girls choose wear they would like to tie the sash, front-left, front-right or center-back. Also decide on a shade of shoe and let them run wild with choosing their shoes themselves. A wedding should be fun for all!

5. The Cowl Neck Slip:

The slip dress as a bridesmaid dress has been popping up all over pinterest and instagram. And this version with a cowl neck is definitely the most loved. This dress is in a perfect shade of forest green. We say ditch the leopard print shoes and go for a block heel. Your girls will look so elegant!

6. The Tulle Skirt:

Here is a long tulle skirt in forest green. We love the tulle skirt look because one, a two-piece is flattering, and two, because your girls can run wild and choose a top of their choice. Whether that be a classic camisole, or a lacy camisole, or a bat winged flowy blouse or a vintage style button up flowy blouse. Together, they will absolutely look wonderful.

7. The Velvet Wrap:

This dress is inspired by the vintage. And don’t you just that velvet has made a revival?! It is just so classic and elegant. This velvet wrap dress is the epitome of the velvet dress era. Although, we would ask the maker to lose the slight ruffled shoulder collar. We think this dress will be just that more elegant without those. Wear it with more of a modest shoe than what is pictured. Boys, watch out!

8. The Italian Silk:

We picture a farmhouse wedding when we see this dress. A deep V shaped back meets perfectly at the lower back with the most perfectly hand tied bow. The front of the bodice is a classic shape but then don’t be fooled, this maker has added textured detail to the skirt-section to make it interesting on the eye and give the skirt incredible volume. This dress is made from a glorious Italian silk. This dress is a popular choice from this maker and we can see why!

9. The Closet Staple:

This dress is absolutely a closet staple. Which girl doesn’t love a flowy wrap dress. One, you can wear it all dressed up for a wedding. Two, you can throw it on whenever you want to feel great about your self and feel glamorous immediately. A dress that will not make it the back of your girls’ wardrobes. If you are anything like us, we like items that can be repurposed.

10. The Elongate:

Boy, does this dress drape! The design of this dress absolutely elongates the figure. The ruching throughout makes this possible. It is made from a flattering spandex stretch fabric that is both flattering and easy to fit to each of your bridesmaids. The back comes to quite a low V where the ruching meets. This dress is carefully handmade with a zip up back.

11. The Voluminous Sashed:

Think that tulle is too girly, all good, there is this forest green maxi skirt made in chiffon too. What makes this one stand out from the other chiffon skirts is the voluminous sash. The sash is optional but we say that it is a must as it is a key feature to the look of this two-piece. If your girls want to repurpose the skirt after the wedding, they can just remove the sash, add a denim jacket and off they go!

12. The Cuffed Sleeve Wrap:

This dress is pure elegance. We love a tailored cuffed sleeve on a silky wrap dress. And a wrap dress with a wide sash too! This dress is made from a wonderful flowy silk blend fabric. And you can see the way it flows as it is being moved around in the above picture. Your girls should feel special on your big day too and which girl doesn’t feel great in silk!

Let your imagination run wild with this hue ladies! Remember, a wedding is supposed to be a joyous event. Create a day that truly speaks you! Forget traditions that we have grown accustomed to. Create a day with just you, your partner and your guests in mind. Have a blast! That’s what celebrations are supposed to be about.

Let us know which of these forest green bridesmaid dresses makes you stop in your tracks.

All the best,

Team Hues of Vintage xx


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