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Top 10 Boho Etsy Wedding Rings Under $200 in Rose Gold in 2020

Here are the top 10 wedding rings in rose gold under $200 in 2020. They are all handmade to your preferences. These wedding bands take strong cues from the vintage era and boho vibes. Amongst them are art deco inspired rings alongside recycled gold bands, trilogy rings and braided rings. 1. The Art Deco:

This boho wedding band was originally made for the maker’s Aunt. She loved it so much and got so many compliments about it that she decided to make the ring available to the Etsy community. The ring features baguette stone design that gives it its art deco feel. It is made in solid 14 karat rose gold to further add to the vintage vibe. The stones alternate between baguette stones and round stones. The round stones are the highest grade of moissanite that give the best sparkle and hardness, just like genuine diamonds. The baguettes are simulated diamonds. The color and clarity of the two types of stones are the same color and clarity, so that all stones match in its crazy high sparkle and shine. This ring is handmade to your specifications in Los Angeles, United States.

2. The Recycled Gold:

Here is a boho wedding band that you can feel good about wearing. It is made from 100% recycled rose gold. Handmade in 9 carat gold, this solid gold ring is a classic ring made in a conscious way. The ring is of a high polish to compliment an engagement ring or worn solo. The maker of this ring hand forges the ring from 2mm solid 9 karat gold round wire. This ring is made with the highest level of care, for you, in Australia.

3. The Milgrain:

This boho wedding ring is made in a classic Art Deco design. It features milgrain eyelets in an elongated shape and a round shape, alternating between the two shapes. The ring is a half eternity design, where the stones and milgrain extend around half of the ring. You can choose for this ring to be made in 10 karat, 14 karat or 18 karat solid rose gold. You can also choose if you would like the stones to be in natural diamonds, simulated diamonds or moissanites. Natural diamonds, well are diamonds, and have the highest level of hardness according to the mohs scale. Simulated diamonds are made of cubic zirbonia and are the purist of whites and have the highest clarity. Moissanites, sparkle like crazy and are almost as hard as a diamond. This ring is handmade especially for you in Florida, US.

4. The Gathered:

The maker of this boho wedding band created this ring as they wanted to make something unique from an ordinary wedding band. What came out of it is this, a gathered type of style. The gold is gathered at eight points around the ring to give an eternity type of style. This ring is in a tasteful 1.8mm width. You can choose for it to be made in 9, 14 or 18 karat solid rose gold. It is handmade with the highest level of care in Greece.

5. The Curve:

This boho wedding ring is contoured to hug nicely next to an engagement ring. This ring is handmade in the US in 14 karat rose gold. It is made of solid gold. The band measures an elegant 2mm in width. This ring is made to compliment an engagement ring but also make a minimalist statement when worn on its own, with its curved, chevron shape. The ring is hand finished in a high polish.

6. The Trinity:

This boho wedding ring brings together three rose gold hoops. This forms a trinity ring. So elegant, delicate and unique is the look of this ring. This rolling design is also known as a Russian wedding ring. The three bands that are 1mm in width. They are interlocked together by being intertwined before being hand soldered. Connected in the most profound manner, like you and your husband-to-be. If you prefer, it is even possible for this maker to make this ring in a hammered finish.

7. The Mobius:

This boho wedding band is a hand-forged design. It is made up of solid rose gold that is twisted to form a Mobius strip. It’s a simple, elegant ring where the band is 3mm in width. How the maker describes the Mobius strip is that it is a mathematical object with only one side. If you follow one side of the ring, you'll find yourself the 'other' side before ending up back where you started. You can even choose a matte finish if you prefer that look. This ring is wonderfully handmade, to your specifications, in Greece.

8. The Message:

This boho wedding ring design is unique in that you can have a personalized message on the outside of the ring. Your message will then form part of the design. You can also have a message on the inside of the ring too. Ideas for the message include you and your husband’s initials and your wedding date or add a place, coordinates of where you met or a quote that tells the story of your relationship. The ring is made of solid 14 karat rose, yellow or white gold. The ring is handmade and hand inscribed to order in the USA

9. The Braid:

This boho wedding band features the most detailed and intricate braid designs that we have seen in a ring. The ring is cast in 100% recycled gold so you can feel good wearing this ring. This ring takes strong cues from the vintage era, being made from rose gold. This boho wedding ring is made in 10 karat gold, however, if you prefer, it can also be custom made in 14 or 18 karat gold. The ring is braided all the way around the ring, giving it an eternity, never-ending, design.

10. The Pave:

The boho wedding band features a row of genuine diamonds. With strong influence from the vintage era, this ring is set in rose gold. Be that 14 karat solid rose gold. The diamonds are set in a pave, classic style. With it refined look with brilliant diamonds, this is a truly timeless piece. This ring can also be custom made in 14 or 18 karat gold. Yellow and white gold is also possible by this maker.

We hope you find inspiration in these wonderful handmade wedding rings in solid rose gold in 2020, all incredibly under $200. Hues of Vintage xx


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