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Top 10 Etsy Boho Wedding Rings Under $100 in Yellow Gold in 2020

Updated: Jun 16

Top 10 Etsy Boho Wedding Rings under $100 in Yellow Gold in 2020

Here is a hand selection of the top 10 wedding rings under $100. They are made of the most classic of the three gold hues, yellow gold. These rings are all made of solid gold. They have been hand selected by the Hues of Vintage team for 2020. These rings are all lovingly hand crafted with care by the mostly all US based makers. 1. The Intertwine:

This boho wedding ring is a best seller on Etsy and we can see exactly why. It features a charming braided design. Two strands of solid 14 karat gold are intertwined together to represent your relationship where you and your partner are connected in the most profound way. Lovely, cute, forever bright and beautiful and always reflective. Does this sound like you or someone you know? This handmade ring is all of those things too. It is a tasteful 2-3 mm wide and 1mm thick. This ring is crafted by Steven Wendt in his Brooklyn based studio in New York.

2. The Rustic:

This boho wedding ring is one that is a classic style with a unique touch. This ring is hand soldered, hammered, tumbled and polished by its US based designer and maker. This ring is dainty but strong at 1mm in width. Just like a woman, never judge her by her daintiness. This ring has attitude. This ring comes ready to be gifted in a 100% recycled cardboard box, tied with raffia. You can choose to have this ring made from yellow, gold or white gold.

3. The Braid:

This boho wedding ring is another bestseller on Etsy and we can see exactly why. It is handcrafted from gold in the maker’s studio, based out of Los Angeles, USA. Two solid gold strands are braided together with care. This ring is made to your specifications in either 14 or 18 karat yellow, rose or white gold or even platinum. Amazingly, this ring is made especially for you in 3 to 10 business days. Wonderful worn on its own or worn with an engagement ring.

4. The Posie:

This boho wedding band takes strong cues from the vintage. It features chevron and posie details. The maker creates this classic, Victorian style band she starts with a solid 14 karat gold patterned wire that she forges into a perfect circle, she the polishes the ring to a high shine. The band is a tasteful 2.82mm wide. The seam is then joined with 14 karat yellow gold solder to ensure the highest possible gold content throughout. This ring is handmade by an experienced maker in Pennsylvania, United States.

5. The Statement Piece:

This boho wedding band features a chevron design where the angle is pronounced to give it a look that looks wonderful worn with an engagement ring that has a center stone. This cool statement piece also oozes attitude worn all on its own. The chevron is about 6mm high and the band is 1.2mm thick. The quality make of this ring is made from 14 karat solid gold. You can specify directly with this US based maker whether you prefer yellow, rose or white gold.

6. The Cypress Leaf:

This wedding ring oozes boho vibes. This unique delicate ring is made from real cypress leaf. The cypress tree is considered a sign of life. The cypress tree is a symbol of immortality, elevation and hope as the leaves of this tree is sky-ward pointing. Inspired by nature, what a wonderful way to be reminded of your wedding day. The maker of this ring is based in Greece where she uses a rare and challenging technique where real flowers and plants are molded to form jewelry. The maker donates 1 Euro from every sale to children in need. The ring is crafted in solid gold, where you can choose either 9, 14 or 18 karat gold.

7. The Reflection:

This wedding band is made from one strand of solid gold. It is twisted in a way so that it reflects light in unexpected ways. You will catch yourself daydreaming while staring at it, during moments of your day. This ring with its half eternity twist is made from 14 karat gold. It is handmade with the highest level of care in the United States.

8. The Twister:

This boho wedding ring features a unique twister design. It makes for a unique an interesting ring that you can say your nuptials to, just as your relationship with your other half is unique. This dainty and simple design is made from 14 karat solid gold. This US based maker prides herself in creating jewelry that is completely original from one another. She wants to give you a piece of jewelry that is a unique piece of wearable art.

9. The Deep Chevron:

This boho wedding band features a unique take on a chevron shape. The V-shape is steeper and deeper than a normal chevron ring. This gives the ring a one of a kind look. This ring would compliment an engagement ring with a center stone wonderfully. The ring has a delicate design. It is made from 14 karat solid gold. This ring is hand crafted from a maker that creates with passion and purpose in Canada.

10. The Classic Chevron:

This boho wedding ring features a chevron that is a classic depth. The depth of the ring is 4mm. It is handmade in the United States in solid 14 karat gold. You can specify to the maker if you would like yellow, rose or white gold. The thickness of the band is an elegant 1.2mm. This chevron shape has a nice curve to it before it meets in the middle at the deepest point. It will sit nicely to compliment an engagement ring with a center stone. It is also elegant worn on its own.

We hope that you have found inspiration in these wedding rings that ooze personality and boho vibes. Dealing directly with the maker means that it is possible to get a quality handmade solid gold ring that is under $100. We hope you love them as much as we do!


Hues of Vintage xx

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