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10 Inexpensive Engagement Rings under $1000 for the Non-Mainstream Bride-To-Be

These engagement rings are for the bride to be that doesn’t do mainstream, she likes to be unique. They show that you don’t need to spend your house deposit to have a beautiful engagement ring. These inexpensive engagement rings are under US$1,000.

All of these incredible engagement rings are lovingly handmade.

1. The Vintage Oval US$579:

This stone features a large moissanite oval center stone measuring 6 x 8mm. A moissanite is clearer and sparkles more than a diamond. The side stones are genuine marquise shaped high quality diamonds and have a total weight of 0.27ct. It is set in either 14k or 18k gold. On Etsy at the time of writing this article, there were 10 people with this ring in their cart, so it is a popular style and I can see why!

2. The Rose Three Stone US$995:

Rose cut diamonds are traditionally how diamonds were cut. Diamonds, these days, are normally brilliant cut. If your girl, loves the vintage, she will love this ring. The center stone is a 0.31ct rose cut diamond in the size of 0.31ct. The Diamond is in the quality of G color and SI clarity (good quality diamond). There are two diamonds to the left and right of the feature diamond and these are brilliant cut and are of 0.05 ct and also G color with SI clarity. This item is handmade in New York.

3. The Vintage Morganite Set US$914:

This is for the bride-to-be that loves the vintage. The engagement ring features a 6.5mm morganite. This is not too big and not too small, just the right size to be classic yet not over the top. The wedding band has a morganite center stone of 0.266ct and has side stones of approximately 0.08ct. The wedding band is made to fit the engagement ring exactly. As pictured, both rings are set in rose gold. You can choose to have both rings set in yellow or white gold, or platinum if you prefer. I personally prefer rose gold for these vintage inspired rings. This ring is handmade in the US.

4. The Pear Moonstone US$719:

Does your girl love the non-mainstream? If so a pear shaped moonstone ring set would be great for her. This center moonstone of the engagement ring is 5 x 7mm. The side stones are genuine diamonds and are 0.06ct in color G-H and a clarity of SI-VS. Both rings are pictured in rose, however, it can be made in yellow, platinum or white gold. I personally like it how it is pictured, in rose gold as it accentuates the vintage in the styling. The wedding band is made of 7, lucky number 7, marquise cut moonstones. And the band width is 1.5mm and the band thickness 1.3mm. This ring set is handmade in California.

5. The Raw US$393:

The center stone of the engagement ring is a Herkimer diamond. What is a Herkimer diamond you ask? It is a double terminated quartz crystal which are found in and around Herkimer County, New York and Mohawk River Valley. It is not actually called a diamond but as when they were first discovered, the miners thought they looked very much like a diamond, so they couldn’t resist calling it a Herkimer diamond. Double terminated just means that there is a naturally formed pointed tip on either end of the crystal. This ring is usually made in copper but can also be made in plated gold. I personally prefer the organic look of copper for this style. The wedding band features raw black tourmaline and it is in a chevron shape. This ring is handmade in California.

6. The Classic US$1,053:

By the way, I have nothing against a diamond center stone, I just love alternatives. But this one needs mentioning as it is a classic that is lovingly handmade but also has a vintage feel. This ring is normally made with a half carat diamond but it can be made with a 0.2 to 0.7 carat diamond. It can even be made with a moisannite. If you decide to go with a diamond, it comes with a GIA certificate. The hand selected diamond will be between a F-G color with VS quality (quality diamond). This ring is pictured in 14k yellow gold which I personally prefer as it is such a classic in yellow gold. It can also be made in rose or white gold. This one is just over $1000 but can be made in an alternative stone.

7. The Eternity Set US$906:

Why do I love handmade? Because every piece is unique, it is written with your own personality, it was made specifically for you! Not every bride-to-be wants a traditional solitaire diamond ring. If your girl is one that likes to do a lot of sport, gardening or cooking, an eternity ring could just be the right answer. This ring takes influences from the ravines in the fields outside the maker’s studio. This maker is so confident in her work that she offers a 14 days return for refund or exchange if you are not completely happy.

8. The London Blue Topaz $542:

If your girl loves the minimal and timeless, this is the ring for her. This ring features a rose cut London blue topaz set in a timeless 9ct rose gold. The band of this ring is lovingly hammered to give it its unique look. This piece is dainty and gives a delicate look. Personally, I do not like the chunky look for rings! The blue in this ring, is for a couple that loves taking strolls along the ocean. This ring is handmade in England.

9. The Dainty Black Diamond US$410:

Just like number 13 but à la Carrie Bradshaw. This ring is a solitaire black diamond ring. Just like number 13, it can be made in 14 or 18 carat yellow, pink or white gold. It can even be made in platinum. I personally prefer rose gold for this look, to bring out the vintage. Yellow gold, as pictured, is also beautiful though.

10. The Vintage Teal US$630:

This ring has inspirations from the celtic, medieval and retro. The center stone is a teal 0.44ct sapphire and it is accented by a stamped halo. This is a tastefully sized stone. The center stone is accented with two side stones on each side, in very much a retro setting. This ring is definitely not for the boring. It is made from 100% recycled 14k yellow gold. It is handmade in New York.

Doesn’t it look wonderful in this picture from a buyer review:

If your bride-to-be is wild at heart, she will love a non-mainstream engagement ring. She will love that you actually chose something that represents her and not what the media is touting. She will love showing off her one-of-a-kind ring.

Let me know which ring you like the best.


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