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10 Best Champagne Bridesmaid Dresses for Your Babe Tribe!

So, here’s the list of the best Champagne Bridesmaid Dresses for your babe tribe. Whether you like to mismatched look or the matching look, going for the same color or hue will ensure that your wedding theme colors come together perfectly.

For a custom made dress that is between $120 to $140 each, they are incredible value.

These dresses are custom made to your babe tribe’s measurements and the maker has fantastic reviews.

1. The Ruched

This is a very flattering shape, whether your bridesmaid/s have a full or a not so full figure. The ruching on the bodice and the a-line shape ensures that the attention is drawn to the right areas. The back is a flattering V shape with the addition of some romantic lace. So long as the correct measurements are provided, from a dress designers point of view, this is fairly easy to be made to fit by the maker.

2. The Plunging Back

With its plunging back, this champagne bridesmaid dress is suitable for members of your babe tribe that have a very toned back. This look is just the right amount of showy yet still romantic. This is one dress that your bridesmaid/s will definitely reach into the closet to wear again.

3. The Romantic

Right, so this dress is definitely for the romantic at heart. Be prepared for the awwwwsss as your bridesmaids make their way down the aisle, trailing after you. The gathering of soft tulle at the bodice that flows down tot he hem is what makes this dress so pleasurable on the eye. You can see the attention to detail of the scalloped lace detail around the decolletage. The self-fabric covered buttons look so dainty. As someone who would love to be a bridesmaid again, this dress definitely makes my heart skip a few beats.

4. The Boho

The invisible tulle look is here to stay and the back of this dress utilizes this look marveloulsly. This look is a classic V front and back with the a modern touch of the invisible tulle. Your bridesmaids that are into flaunting some skin but not too much will love the look of this dress.

5. The Plunging Back with Lace Applique

Without realizing that this is the same dress as the above The Plunging Back but with an addition of some romantic lace applique, I chose this as dress 5. A clever option if you want your babe tribe to have mismatched dresses but not too mismatched. This is another dress that your bridesmaid would happily wear again.

6. The Tea Length

If you are getting married in the thick of Summer, it will be nice to offer your babe tribe an option of wearing a tea length dress. Perhaps some of your babe tribe would want to wear a maxi length dress and some would opt for a midi length dress. That is totally fine as this offers a really nice look for the bridal party. If you love this style, but want it in full length, the maker can do accommodate that too.

7. The One Shoulder

Don’t you just love the contrast of the romantic tulle draped across the back and shoulders, yet the peep of leg through the mid length split. Gasp for air! Another one that will have the wedding guests saying awwwww as your babe tribe trails you down the aisle.

8. The Tie Back

Backless bodices can sometimes be annoying for your babe tribe because the straps can sometimes slip. Make sure they are equipped with nipple stickers.... hahaha! Or they can opt for this type of look, with a tie up back. Not only is it secure, it is a romantic look too. The a-line flatters the voluptuous and the not so voluptuous.

9. The Keyhole Back

Here is one that offers a flattering shape and one that would be easy to fit for the maker. It is one that your bridesmaids will wear again avoiding going stale in the wardrobe post-wedding. In the dress listing reviews you can see the dresses on an entire babe tribe.

10. The Convertible

This dress can be converted in many different looks depending on how the straps are tied. A great option if you would like your babe tribe to be able to personalize their dress. They can even personalize it for another occasion post-wedding. The straps are actually part of the flowy skirt section, so you bring it up to tie them around the shoulders or waist. So this dress can also be worn as a strapless. For personalization and versatility, I would rate this one the best!

Let me know which one of these dresses you like the best.

I hope you liked and found this post about champagne bridesmaid dresses helpful. Organizing a wedding is such a special time in your life. Try to enjoy it and not get too stressed out (especially by the little things).


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