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20 Burnt Orange Bridesmaid Dresses That Your Bridesmaids Will Swoon Over

This is a color that we have seen sweeping across Instagram and Pinterest. Burnt orange or rust bridesmaid dresses are definitely the bridesmaid dresses of 2020. And we can’t wait to see more brides and weddings embracing this beautiful hue!

These dresses are predominantly custom made and are between the US$33 and US$170 mark. Incredible value for a custom made dress.

1. The Burnt Orange Plunge US$129.99:

This dress features a plunging front and back. If your bridesmaids have got it why not flaunt it! It is made of a velvet fabric and cut on the bias so that the skirt section seriously flows. A classic style that your girls could where again.

This maker is based in the US.

And the above dress is the ready-to-ship version and it is US$149.99

2. The Local Convertible US$49.99:

This dress is handmade in the USA and ships in 2 to 3 business days. Are you the same as us and love to buy local?

This dress can be worn either over the shoulders or off-the-shoulder. With a twisted or looped waistband. As a halter or not. Or even across the shoulders. 3. The Vintage-Esque US$129.99:

This dress is elegance at its highest. There is something about the twist in the bodice that makes this dress so vintage-esque. Just thinking about walking around in this dress all day makes us gush!! The other halves of your girls will be acting like when they first met again. And if your girls are single, watch out!

This maker is based in the US.

4. The Maxi Convertible US$48:

Did we mention that this type of convertible dress is popular? This dress is made and shipped from Singapore and will be received in the USA in approximately 2 weeks. Choose a maker that you feel absolutely comfortable with.

5. The Local Velvet Convertible US$139.99:

Here is the maxi convertible dress in velvet. This dress is from our absolute favorite maker Renz. There dresses are just divine and they have over 13,000 reviews online!

This maker is based in the US.

6. The Length US$33:

This dress can be ordered in a maxi or tea length. Or even a high low length. The dresses are also convertible so your girls can wear it however they like it. This dress even comes with a free tube top. The color of this dress is really a true burnt orange.

These are made in Singapore and are normally shipped within 3 to 5 business days. There are a number of makers of this dress, that we mention in this post. We would recommend choosing a maker that you feel absolutely comfortable with.

7. The Bow US$58:

Do you have a summer wedding coming up? Imagine all of your bridesmaids effortlessly looking so summery and beautiful in this sweet dress. This dress is handmade in Thailand. 8. The Vintage Meets Modern US$119.99:

Do you like classic velvet but like the flowiness of chiffon? We are right with you! This dress is vintage meets modern. The a-line skirt section of this dress makes for a flattering style. The bodice and the back line come down to a modest depth, showing just enough skin to elegant meets modern.

And the above dress is the ready-to-ship version. The price of this dress is US$139.99.

9. The Alternative Velvet Convertible US$78:

The maker of this dress is in the USA. It is an alternative to the dress by Renz as it slightly more affordable at approximately $74.83. The Renz version is approximately $134. And we totally get being budget conscious with often several bridesmaids.

10. The Rust US$78:

You can also wear this dress in an over the shoulder version (as pictured). You can also condense the straps and turn it into a halter dress. The color of this dress is more of a copper. This dress is by the same USA based maker as the above dress.

11. The Laced Wing US$139.99:

This dress is very flattering! The maker of this dress has received many positive reviews about this dress from customers. The winged sleeves cover those spots that many girls find challenging. The laced back will have your girls feeling so beautiful and elegant on the day of your wedding. This dress is ready to ship from the USA.

12. The Tea Length Convertible US$34:

And here is the tea length version of this dress from the second Singaporean maker that we have mentioned for this convertible dress. We like this version of the tying of the dress. Your girls can wear it however they fancy it.

13. The Velvet Winged $149.99:

And here is the classic winged dress in velvet. The previous version that we have shown is with lace but this version would be absolutely great if your girl is not a lacey girl.

14. The Classic US$99:

If you love this type of classic, elegant style of this dress, you will be glad to know that there are makers like this one around the corner from Europe too. This one from Turkey. Shipping to most countries within the EU is free.

15. The Plunged Classic US$99:

And this lower plunging front and back classic dress is also made in Turkey. We are completely obsessed with the color of this dress.

16. The Long-Sleeved Twist US$129.99:

There just has to be a long sleeve dress right? There are many bridesmaids that just prefer long sleeve. And we get why. Given the right style, long sleeve is just so elegant. The twist feature on the front of this dress is so unique and very vintage-esque.

17. The Fuller Figure Convertible US$48:

And for fuller figures, here is the plus size version of this dress. This dress can be ordered in a maxi or tea length. Or even a high low length. It comes with a free tube top. This dress is handmade in Singapore.

18. The Cowl Back US$159.99:

This dress features off-the-shoulder elegance with a cowl back. When there are dresses like this, it’s no wonder that a girl feels so confident and feminine when she throws on a dress.

19. The UK Velvet Convertible US$173.11:

If you are based in the UK and love the velvet convertible dress, there is a maker based in the UK too. Shipping within Europe of this dress is free.

20. The Straight Hemmed Convertible US$34:

And last but not least, here is the convertible dress with a straight hem. This dress is handmade in Singapore.

If you are considering burnt orange or in other words, copper, as part of your color palette. We say, absolutely go for it! It is unique, classic, deep, suits all skin types. Just wonderful!

We hope that you found this post helpful in your search for beautiful burnt orange bridesmaid dresses.

We know wedding planning can feel arduous, especially when your other half is dragging their feet or your bridesmaids are not getting along. Don’t worry, push on, it will all come together.

Team Hues of Vintage xx

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