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20+ Bridal or Bridesmaid Shoes – For Ranch, Vintage, Farmhouse or Garden Weddings

You would like to have elegant bridal or bridesmaid shoes but don’t want you or your bridesmaids to tackle sore feet and a sore back on your wedding day? Here are some great block heel, flat and kitten heel bridal or bridesmaid shoes.

They are all handmade.

1. The Embellished Block Heel:

Love the block heel sandal look but would like to add a little somethin’ to your bridal or bridesmaid shoes? These handmade shoes embellished with an elegant pearl pattern could just be the right answer. Dance the night away in these babies!

2. The Ballerina:

You are thinking of ballet flats but think the normal ballet flats are a bit casual and verging on boring. We are with you. A dainty shoe with a ballerina style wrap around is so soft. You will feel so elegant without breaking your feet and back, walking and dancing for 15 hours on your wedding day. As much as your wedding day is a wonderful day, it is a long one, make sure you and your bridesmaids are not dealing with painful feet and are able to enjoy every minute of it.

3. The Classic Block Heel:

Are you into the timeless? I absolutely am. These block heels are exactly the right shape in every element. You and your bridesmaids will be able to wear these shoes well past your wedding. On your first year anniversary, you could easily wear these out with a floral maxi and your husband around your arm.

4. The Ivory Block Heel:

If you have an ivory dress, you might opt to have ivory shoes. Here is the classic block heel sandal in ivory.

5. The She’s Got Sass:

Prefer a pointed toe? Totally get that! There is something about a pointed toe that says power woman and therefore will have you and your bridesmaids oozing confidence.

6. The One of a Kind:

Want a one of a kind shoe for you and your bridesmaids for this special occasion? These taupe block heeled shoes are with a pointed toe. The ivory lace embellishment adds that touch of one of a kind.

Just in case, you would prefer these without the lace, that is also possible. Just ask the maker.

7. The Boho:

This shoe is handmade in Bali and you can see that boho, beach side vibes coming through in its styling. The top is made of a tan leather in a scalloped shape. The relaxed, yet elegant heel is made of a natural wood. Wear these in, all over town, before the wedding. They will definitely turn heads!

8. The Beige:

If you are not as fond of a white or ivory shoe, here is the classic block heel in beige. The width of the straps are just the right width. A lovely contrast color to your or your bridesmaids gown/s.

9. The Dark Beige:

And here is the classic block heel in dark beige. It is the same shoe as shoe number 8, just in a darker color. This color as a wedding shoe is trending on pinterest and it is easy to see why. Elegant yet not too formal.

10. The Rosa:

Wow! The light blush color of these block heel shoes. If looks could kill! I just want to buy these because they are just gorg!! These are classic unique shoes that would stay with you forever. If you want to treat your bridesmaids, these are the shoes!

These can also be made in other colors such as white or tan. Just ask the maker.

11. The Vintage Peeptoe:

The vintage peeptoe shoe comes in a kitten heel. For the lovers of vintage, these are the ones. So elegant and timeless. These look so comfortable to wear around all day and night too. If you are having a wedding in a warmer month, these would be great for you or your bridesmaids.

12. The Power Shoe:

You want your shoes to make a statement? These definitely do that while remaining classy and comfortable enough to wear day and night. 13. The Sweet:

Here is a blush kitten heel with ivory lace embellishment. This one is great if you just love stilettos but don’t want to break your feet and back on your wedding day. You will definitely thank yourself later for this by going with a wise kitten heel.

Just in case, you would prefer these without the lace, that is also possible. Just ask the maker.

14. The Flats:

You may be thinking that nobody will see your shoes anyway. Think again! The number of times that you will hold your dress up to walk up or down a step or stairs will be numerous. Your shoes will definitely peep through while you are walking too. These are a smart yet elegant choice if you want something that you will be happy to look back at photos on.

15. The Wrap Block - in Dusty Pink:

The wrap style of this block heel is just so feminine. The ends of each tie have a tassle. Talk about cuuuute! A comfortable block heel with an added touch of feminine. Just great! These are in a light dusty pink.

16. The Wrap Block - in Burnt Orange:

Burnt orange is becoming more and more popular for relaxed weddings. And I can see exactly why. Imagine these burnt orange wrap block shoes with an ivory, white, beige, olive or black dress. What a statement piece!

17. The Modest Block:

So you want you or your bridesmaids to wear heels on your big day but not used to walking in heels? Your big day is not the right day to practice wearing heels. It will just look awkward. Opt for a very modest block heel instead. These are still so elegant!

18. The Medium Block:

These medium block heels have a thinner ankle strap. These can somehow look more elegant with a more refined look. Loving that the block heel is a medium height. Not too high, not too low.

19. The Tapered Block:

These block heels have a slightly wider ankle strap that offers a more classic look. The heel tapers slightly towards the bottom oft he heel.

20. The Higher Than a Kitten – in white:

If you want something that is between a stiletto and a kitten heel, I mean I know how great a good heel makes your legs look, these are a wonderful choice. These are finished with a pointed toe.

21. The Higher Than a Kitten – in Ivory:

Love shoe number 19 but prefer them in ivory. Here they are!

I hope you found this selection of bridal or bridesmaid shoes helpful. Let me know which shoes you like best.

Stay strong during wedding planning. I know it can absolutely suck at times. Trying to juggle work and wedding planning at the same time with a less then helpful fiance. Don’t worry, we brides-to-be have all been there. Remember, it is all short term and comes in waves. Your big day will all be worth it.


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