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Top 10 Etsy Boho Wedding Rings Under $200 in Yellow Gold in 2020

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

The Hues of Vintage team have hand selected the top 10 boho wedding rings in 2020. The best bit is that these rings are all under $200 and are crafted from solid yellow gold. They are made from integrity with all makers from Etsy, where you can communicate directly with the maker.

1. The Octagon:

This boho wedding ring is for a woman that enjoys the classic yet loves something unique. The designer of this ring has made this ring in an octagon shape in an elegant width. It can be made in yellow, rose or white gold. This is from a maker that does not skimp in quality. It is made from solid gold. The maker is based in the USA. The width of the band is an elegant 1.6mm, which is not too wide and not too thin.

2. The Rustic:

This wedding band is a classic wedding band in a tasteful width that is prime for wearing with an engagement ring. What gives it its rustic look is the matte finish. You can have this ring made exactly how you would like it for your wedding keepsake, either in 18 karat or 14 karat yellow, rose or white gold. The gold is solid. The width of this ring is 1-1.1mm and the height is 1.2mm. The ring is handmade with the upmost care in the USA. Shipping is also free within the US.

3. The Feathered:

This wedding band is for a bride that enjoys the minimalist look in a classic style. This ring will stand the test of time, with a feather pattern that extends the entire length of this ring. The feather pattern is achieved with a hand carved herringbone pattern. The ring can be made in yellow or white gold. It is 1.8mm wide and 1.3mm in height.

4. The Braided:

This wedding ring is made of a braided rope design. Made especially for you in your specifications in romantic Greece. It takes inspiration from sailing the Aegean sea with the salt kissed ropes onboard that from time to time get raveled together. This ring is carefully handmade in solid gold. You can specify which metal you would like in white, rose or yellow gold. It is a ring that will look very elegant next to a engagement ring.

5. The Pyramid:

The detail on this handmade wedding ring is made up of a row of miniature pyramids. What a wonderful way to have a reminder of your wedding day each day as you put on your wedding ring. The pyramids are a marvelous feat. It’s a literal wonder as to how they were built and this represents the love that you and your future husband have found. All the stars had to align for you to meet and fall head over heels over that short amount of time. You both had to be open to fall in love and experience a love more powerful than anything that you have ever felt before.

6. The Rippled:

This boho wedding band features a ripple design. It is handmade in the USA at the maker’s Tehachapi, California studio. The unique pattern is pressed from an antique die. The design and the make of this ring will last the test of time, just as a wedding band should. This ring that is grounded with a piece of history, the antique die, will continue to live through adventures with you and your husband-to-be as you journey into one of the most exciting chapters of your life, with many more chapters to come.

7. The Stamped:

This boho wedding ring is a unique take on the octagon ring. The ring is hand shaped into an octagon before being lightly stamped. The shape of the ring extends for the whole length of the band, giving an eternity style ring. This symbolizes a powerful love that will last an eternity. The ring is made from 14 karat solid gold and you can choose from yellow, rose and white gold. The thickness of the band is a tasteful 2.75mm. It is carefully handmade in the United States. Shipping is free within the US.

8. The Groove:

This boho wedding band is made with hand-applied grooves. Each and every groove is delicately hammered into the ring, so you know that no two rings will ever be the same. The texture of this ring is rustic in nature. It is for a bride that wants something classic yet one is distinct in style at the same time. The width of this ring is a modes 1.6mm. It is made from solid 14 karat gold in your specified metal, either yellow or rose gold. The maker of this ring creates with integrity. She describes that she spends as much time as she can in her studio and she enjoys every minute of it. She hopes that you will enjoy wearing her designs as much as she enjoys making them. A maker that feels this way about a creation is one that is worthy of your energy.

9. The Delicate:

This wedding ring is for a bride that loves the classic and does not like to over complicate things. It is a beautiful, delicate band of gold. The ring is made from solid 14 karat gold and is made to sit with elegance next to an engagement ring. The ring is 1.3mm in width and is hand finished with a brushed, satin finish. It is also hallmarked with a 14 karat stamp. This design is lovingly handmade in the USA.

10. The Future Heirloom:

This boho wedding band is in a delicate architectural, minimal design with a ‘U’ shape. It will look wonderful stacked with your engagement ring or worn on its own. The ring is hand crafted from solid 14 karat yellow gold. The maker of this ring loves a good bespoke ring challenge so you can specify exactly how you would like your wedding band to be and they will create it for you. The maker wants to create magic for you by creating with future heirlooms in mind. Her creations are made from her studio in Australia.

We hope that you have found inspiration in these classic yet unique boho wedding bands in solid yellow gold. Go forth and create a wedding experience that is unique to what you know a wedding to be. Envisage it and create it!


Hues of Vintage xx


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