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Top 10 Boho Simple Wedding Dresses Under $500 in 2020

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

Here are the hand selected top 10 simple wedding dresses under $500 that are designed for the boho. Just because you don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on a wedding dress, that you will wear once, does not mean you have to skimp on design or make. With all of the below dresses, you are communicated directly with the designer and maker of the dress so you are not restricted at all to what is available in a wedding dress store, where you are just dealing with a sales person. With dealing with the maker, she can understand you and your wishes.

1. The Chantilly US$369:

This dress is so soft delicate and has a free-spirited nature about it. It will allow you to absolutely glow on your wedding day. The dress is made from a delicate chantilly lace with the softest of florals. The edges of the dress are outlined with a scalloped lace that has been hand cut to shape before carefully hand stitching it to the dress. This dress features a delicate plunging back and an elegant low front. The chantilly sleeves, finished with scalloped lace are a welcomed addition. It is finished with a free-flowing train. This maker is incredibly experienced and is based in the US.

Here is a picture from a review from a customer:

2. The Fringe US$375:

This dress is the epitome of boho. With the long sleeves that are fringed to the plunging back, this designer imagined a goddess bride as she was sketching the design of this dress. It is for a bride that likes delicate lace but does not necessarily need florals in the lace. The lace is a cotton lace with makes for a much softer and organic feeling lace as opposed to polyester lace that can have a sheen to it. The fringe of the sleeves are also made of the same soft cotton. The dress comes with a fringed belt that can be detached. The outer layer of the dress is made from a soft mesh that almost melts to the touch.

3. The Heirloom US$380.39:

This dress features a striking back! It is for a woman that likes to be spontaneous, like going for a stroll on the beach when she feels like it. It is made from a vintage heirloom lace in a wonderful ivory cream hue. As the lace is true vintage, the lace can vary. But that means you will be getting an absolutely made for you bespoke piece. We love that the design is simple yet striking that allows the lace and more importantly, the glowing bride that you will be, GLOW on your wedding day.

Here is a photo from a customer review:

4. The Batwings $399.99:

This dress features bat wings that extend from a plunging back. Talk about feeling like you can soar on your big bay?! The bat wings stem from a delicatly ruched bodice and then extends over the shoulders and arms, where it offers an elegant draping effect. The light lace with a soft crochet extends to the back that then plunges. The dress is fully lined, as you would expect from this US based maker. The skirt section of this dress is made from the softest of tulle. 5. The Coast US$418.49:

This dress is handmade by a boho dress maker in Australia. The simple elegance of this dress is possible while maintaining a show stopping ability. The dress is uniquely handmade from an eco floral embroidery lace fabric. You can either wear in on or off the shoulder. You can imagine your dress being made, especially, for you on the coast of Australia, where you can go for an adventure with your future husband, at some stage after the wedding. A style designed for a bride that loves a good adventure. 6. The Draped Silk US$330:

A main feature of this dress is a silk chiffon fabric. Silk in a wedding dress is incredible luxury. And this dress is made predominantly from hand draped silk chiffon. Imagine how the dress will flow as you are walking down the aisle. To accentuate the classic silk, the lightest lace has been chosen to peak through the plunging back. The lace comes together with a handmade closure, made of pearls. This dress dances with every movement as every element has attention to detail including the lining made of silk charmeuse and the invisible zipper. The dress finishes with a minimal train. 7. The Tell Tales US$264.50:

This dress has an absolutely striking back. To call it backless would be almost correct, but the back will definitely not go unnoticed with handmade spaghetti straps that intercept at all the right points. The bodice is then made with a delicate lace that has been hand-cut to fit the bodice exactly. Amazingly soft tulle then flows from the waist downwards in a voluminous fashion. The dress is fully lined and finished with an invisible zip. All tell tales of a well thought-out design and well-made handmade dress.

Here is the dress from a customer review:

8. The Bellowing Sleeves US$482.92:

This dress features long bellowing sleeves. This dress with its wings, is made for girls that like to feel like they can soar. They embrace the situation and see what good can come out of it. The plunging back is outlined with a soft delicate cotton lace. The two sides of the back are secured with a dainty handmade shoestring strap that is butterfly bowed into a closure. The waist is cinched with the same lace that you see at purposeful points in the dress. The dress is made from a soft voile that is made for a relaxed bride and a relaxed wedding. As this dress is custom-made, you can choose the shape of the decolletage. Getting to be so involved and getting to be able to communicate directly with the maker of your dress is such a devine moment of the planning of your wedding. 9. The Glow US$328:

This dress features a keyhole back. Its iridescent look is achieved by the designer of this dress making the lining of this in an ivory shade, the lining of this dress is then in a champagne shade. The effect is that the pattern of the lace is seen more clearly. And the pattern of the lace is one that is soft and delicate, which then emanates throughout this boho dress. We love that this dress is to be worn with a bra, so not only will you be glowing on your wedding day but you will feel nice and secure in your chosen undergarments. The main picture that you see is of a real bride at her wedding. And she looks so happy and feeling on top of the world. Here is picture from a customer review:

10. The Natural Beauty US$390:

This dress is made to be effortlessly chic. It is made of a lace cotton that means the dress has a more natural, organic feel. This is something that cannot be achieved with a polyester fabric. Cotton is also breathable and incredibly soft against the skin. The plunging back is outlined with a purposefully designed scalloped lace. The long sleeves are flared and the dress has a minimal train. This allows the dress to have amazing flow.

We hope you have found inspiration in these simple wedding dresses under $500. We are sure they will be an amazing feature at your 2020 wedding.

Team Hues of Vintage xx


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