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Top 10 Boho Simple Wedding Dresses Under $400 in 2020

Here is a curated top 10 list of boho simple wedding dresses under $400 in 2020. We are out to prove that not wanting to spend a near fortune on a dress does not mean that you have to compromise on style. All of these wonderful dresses are handmade and custom made to your body. You will be communicating directly with the designer and maker of these dresses which means a personalization to your particular wishes is possible.

1. The Ebb and Flow US$337.72:

This dress is for the free spirited bride. This dress has amazing ebb and flow. The design is simple yet it provides brides to be a reliable style to flatter the curves of the female body perfectly. The dress is carefully designed with an off the shoulder style that starts exactly where it should start to give an elegant look The dress then flows with a delicate lace tot he ground beneath you. All seams of the dress are outlined with a scalloped lace. The dress flows into a minimal but necessary train to finish the look. 2. The Fringe US$375:

This dress celebrates the boho in fringing. How feminine and soft does one feel with fringing?! This dress is designed with a plunging back that extends to long sleeves. The sleeves then offer a lace fringe in the under-seam. The designer of this dress has chosen a more modern pattern in the cotton lace. Cotton lace allows the dress to feel incredibly soft and gives it more of an earthy, natural look, contrary to poyester lace. You have an option of wearing this dress with a fringe belt that adds a further boho airiness to this look.

3. The Sheer US$394.37:

This dress is the epitome of delicate. It takes an otherwise simple design, but utitilizes the sheerest, most delicate of laces for the bodice. This dress is carefully handmade with two separates, a more than delicate top and a flowing skirt. The carefully selected lace frames the back and arms and then falls into soft folds on the sleeves. The lining in the top is made of a smooth fabric with stretch so that it fits to the female bodice seamlessly. The sleeves are slightly bellowed with adds tot he modern and romantic aesthetic of the look. The top is made long, at hip level, so you can easily tuck it into the skirt, without feeling that it will become untucked during your wedding day. The skirt is made from a flowy tulle and fine lace. The delicate fabrics flow to the ground beneath. The hemline is delicately outlined with a fine scalloped lace. The waistband is made of a quality satin to cinch the waist. 4. The Encapsulate US$350:

Yes, please, to this dress made of vintage lace. It is handmade in the USA and is ready to ship. This wonderful, flowy dress captures the essence of boho. A boho bride is someone that goes with the flow, has a good laugh, but knows exactly what she wants, while having a free-spirted nature about her. And this dress encapsulates that. This dress features an elegant plunging back that is outlined in a scalloped lace. The wings are in a cape design and are finished with a fringe. The decolletage is delicately outlined in the same scalloped style. The dress is in an ivory lace that then flows to the ground beneath. It continues to flow at the back with a minimal train. 5. The Adorn US$390:

This dress is a take on boho meets modern. The inspiration for the design of this dress started with the embroidered lace that adorns the shoulders and extends to t e back of the dress. The most delicate of spaghetti straps (and yes, it takes incredible skill and patience to make these) plunges down to meet a further plunging back. The front of the bodice offers a delicate plunge, before the dress flows to the ground below. The dress can be made in a white or ivory color. This dress is carefully made and is fully lined throughout. 6. The Anything But Simple US$390:

This dress is made of two separates, a top and a skirt. It is simple in design, yet the choice of fabric makes the dress, overall, anything but simple. The top is made of I very delicate lace with a soft embroidery. The shoestring straps are then made as petite as possible. Yes, only a maker with incredible skill can get shoestring straps this minute. The white lace is lined in a champagne colored bodice so that the delicate pattern can be better seen. The skirt is made from an incredibly flowy chiffon. This is a dress that you will feel yourself in while feeling elegant on your wedding day. 7. The Dance the Night Away US$359.20:

This dress is a versatile style in which it comes with the shown removable sleeves. That means, in one dress, you can have two looks. One look, with the sleeves, for walking down the aisle. The second look, without the sleeves, for dancing the night away. At the time that we found this dress, it was priced at a 20% special, making it US$359.20. It is normally priced at $449, so a touch over the $400 mark, but oh soooooo worth it! The sleeves are adorned with a pom pom lace trim. The entire dress is made from a delicately embroidered gentle lace with a modern meets boho pattern. The dress has a low ballerina style back and a princess bodice. It flows into a modest train. The hem of the dress is outlined with a delicate scalloped lace. 8. The Embrace US$365:

This dress embraces the off the shoulder look, yet it has a sheer invisible tulle that acts as sleeves to keep the lace in place throughout your wedding day. This dress is the definition of a boho simple wedding dress as it is a wonderfully made white dress with a hint of lace. The shoulders on the dress, plunge to an elegant plunging back. At the front, it dips to a princess shape. This dress is handmade with care in a delicate tulle and is fully lined.

9. The Crochet US$350:

This dress is made from a crochet vintage cotton lace. You can have this dress made in white or eggshell. The lace is known as Quaker lace. This dress is custom made by a US based maker. It features a low back tie up waist, that makes fitting this dress a breeze. The dress is in a halter neck style. The train adds to its allure. So chic, so elegant, so boho. 10. The Nature US$306.02:

This dress, although originally designed in a short length, as you will be communicating directly with the maker of this dress, it can be easily personalized to be in a long length. This maker prefers the use of natural fabrics. In this design, she utilizes cotton lace and silk chiffon. The floral lace is unique to this dress, it gives it a modern look. This dress has a high neck and a chic back cut out look. The chiffon in the skirt is a silk chiffon. The dress, moves with lightheartedness. With a loose braid or open tossled locks, this dress makes for effortless styling. It is as easy-going and simple as it is elegance. We hope that you have loved this curated selection of the top 10 boho simple wedding dresses in 2020 and that we have debunked the myth that a wedding dress should cost thousands.

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