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Top 10 Boho Simple Wedding Dresses Under $300 in 2020

Challenge: Can we put together a curation of boho simple wedding dresses that cost under $300? Not just any dresses though, dresses that not only look like but are a quality make. All of the ten dresses that we have hand selected below are custom made by hand.

1. The Boho Vibes US$225:

This dress made of an incredibly soft flowy silk chiffon. It will move with you as you move. The dress features a romantic, falling off the shoulder look with a soft wide delicate lace that falls from the decolletage towards the mid-arm. This dress then flows down to almost ground level. Underneath you will find lining that ends at the hem with the same lace that you find at the decolletage. The look that it provides is a multi-dimensional dress that is airy and has all the boho vibes. This dress is handmade for you in France. 2. The Kaftan US$296.74:

This dress is for a girl that loves the simple in life with some flair. This dress is in a kaftan style, made from a vintage inspired chantilly lace. This dress is closed at the front and it slips over the head to put it on. Where it with a nude colored slip so that that wonderful lace shows through. The dress comes with a eternity length waist tie.

Here is a picture from a customer review:

3. The Ruffles US$310:

This dress features a plunging back that is softened with a wide voluminous ruffle. The same ruffle continues down the modest but not too modest decolletage. The dress continues to a skirt section where the linen flows elegantly to the ground below you. The dress has a modest train that well is necessary for your walk down the aisle. The lightweight linen and lace will glide with you down the aisle. The dress is made from a natural lightweight linen and adorned with delicate cotton lace. The dress can be worn with our without the waist tie that ties in a voluminous way at the small of the back. This dress is handmade with care in romantic France. 4. The Gracious US$129:

This dress has been designed around simple elegance. It is made from a beautiful natural silk. There is absolutely no substitute for silk. The dress is in a wrap style that allows the silk to mimic your movements. It will flow graciously with you during the ceremony to enjoying your speeches by your wedding party and to dancing through the night. The sleeves have a slight bat wing look that end just below the elbow, giving this look an airy feel to it. Feel yourself in this dress, just more elegant than usual. 5. The Scoop US$280:

This dress features a plunging scoop back. The bodice oft he dress does not cling to the body but is made in an airy design, for the boho look. The sleeves are a flattering ¾ length. The dress that is made from a soft chiffon and crepe then flows down to the ground that you are walking on. The dress is fully lined and carefully handmade for you. It flows with you with every step. 6. The Keyhole US$290:

This dress is made from a delicate eyelash lace that has a dramatic keyhole back. The designer of this dress has chosen a weightless lace that adds to dreaminess of this look. The same lightweight lace is used throughout this dress. It floats to the ground that you will be walking on during the ceremony and your reception event, where you will be feeling as light and gracious as a feather. 7. The Gypsy US$300.47:

This dress evokes a definite wow. Simple in design yet the choice of fabric and placement of laces, makes it a statement piece. It is in a gypsy design with a halter neck that plunges with the decolletage but is then softened with a modern, crocheted lace. The dress then continues before it opens with a mid-split. It then elongates to the with a train like design. The dress is handmade in Australia. Can’t you just tell with that beautiful light in the image?!

8. The England US$245.13:

Are you serious, this dress for under US$300? Yes, it is! The design of this dress is made from a soft, delicate lace that is inspired by the vintage in design. The sleeves are then made with a slight balloon design with a hand-cut piece of lace where the wide scallop is carefully placed to finish the sleeve. Both the front and the back are plunging to a modest level. The lace floats to the ground that you will be walking. The hem is then finished with the same scalloped lace that the sleeves are made from. This dress is handmade in a maker’s studio in England. 9. The Watch Out US$205:

Not only is this dress made to be an elegant, long-sleeve wrap, it is also eco-friendly, it is made from hand selected surplus lace. The lace is of the highest of quality in a non-stretch texture. Your wedding guests better watch out for that peep of thigh as you make your way down the aisle. Because, girl, you will be feeling yourself but all that more confident in this dress, walking down the aisle. This is a wedding dress that you could wear again or easily pass it on to your future daughter as it is a seriously classic design. 10. The Airy US$225:

This dress is the epitome of delicate boho. It is a soft look that is made from two separate dresses. The under layer is a slip that is made with simple spaghetti straps. It is made from viscose which is a light and airy, natural fabric. The top layer of the dress is made from a wonderfully soft Italian tulle and a delicate scalloped lace. The dress is cinched at the waist before offering a highly gathered skirt that gives an incredibly romantic look. The look is finished with a soft voluminous waist tie that is made from the same soft Italian tulle that is seen throughout the dress. This dress is handmade to your measurements by a maker based in France.

We hope that you have been inspired to make your wedding fund stretch even further with these simple wedding dresses that are in no way a compromise in design or make. These dresses go to show, if you look deep, you can achieve the look that you have always dreamed of.

Team Hues of Vintage xx


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