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10 Boho Inexpensive Engagement Rings for Alternative Brides-To-Be

You are more interested in saving for a deposit for a house than blowing all your savings on an engagement ring? I know exactly what you mean and it is great to know that there are so many beautiful options these days for boho inexpensive engagement rings for the non-mainstream bride-to-be. Many are, honestly, much more beautiful than a diamond.

Here is a selection of 20 handmade rings. And the best bit, they are priced between US$200 and $1,764.

1. The Blue Apatite US$219:

The gorgeous ring features a raw blue apatite stone. You can have it made in either copper or rose gold. There is something about the organic look of this ring that has me so drawn to it. I personally prefer the rawness of the copper to set this ring in. This stone is one that is motivational and aids in communication, it encourages focus and free thinking.

2. Vintage Aquamarine Halo Set US$699:

I once tried on an aquamarine center stone ring with a halo at Tiffany and I was literally blown away. This one is actually much more elegant set in rose gold and with a vintage style band. The one at Tiffany was set in white gold. This center stone of this ring is a 7 x 7mm natural aquamarine. It is surrounded by a genuine diamond halo. The ring can be made in rose, yellow or white gold. I definitely prefer the rose gold for this ring. This ring also comes with a matching wedding band so there is no need to search for one that will fit this ring exactly when it comes time for the wedding. This ring is handmade in the US.

3. The Mauve Partially Faceted US$1,695:

This ring features a hand partially faceted mauve sapphire stone. It is truly one of a kind raw gemstone ring. It is set in 14k rose gold. The center stone measures approximately 9mm x 8mm. Sapphire is a stone that promotes mental clarity, it gives luck and encourages creativity.

4. The Vintage Teardrop US$1,280:

This ring is so unique. You will get just so many compliments. It is handmade with a peach pear (teardrop... and we are talking about happy tears) shaped morganite set with white sapphires. The center stone is a large 7mm x 5mm. To the left of the stone, there are three pear shaped sapphires and to the right of the stone, there is one pear shaped sapphire. Morganite is a light pink variety of beryl. A beryl is most famous for being in the same family of green emeralds, pink morganite is often referred to as pink emerald.

5. The Delicate US$720:

This is a ring that is more a modern take on a classic. It features a genuine ¼ ct diamond. I have been living in Europe, Munich, Germany for 7 years now and here large diamond rings are seen as tacky. Actually a ¼ ct is the perfect size for Europe. And I can see why, it is tasteful, elegant and dainty. This ring is set in 14k solid gold, rose gold or white gold. I personally prefer timeless yellow gold. The diamond is set with a 4 prong setting. It is handmade in New York.

6. The Black Diamond Marquise US$700:

The black diamond à la Carrie Bradshaw. But do it your own way with a marquise center stone with art deco styling. This ring, as pictured, is made from 14k rose gold. The genuine marquise black diamond is 0.50ct with genuine white diamonds on the sides. This maker is one that focuses on vintage styles and we can clearly see that coming through in this beautiful ring.

7. The Vintage Teal US$1,764:

So vintage, so elegant is this piece. It features a teal natural sapphire. The center stone measures 5.5mm and is 0.75ct. So not a small stone! There are six natural diamond accents stones that are marquise in shape they measure 3.5 x 2 mm each with a total estimated weight of 0.3 ct. The diamonds are G-H in color and VS-SI in clarity, so quality diamonds. This ring as pictured is made in yellow gold. I would personally like to see this ring in rose gold. It can be made in rose, yellow or white gold. You can also have this ring made with your choice of center stone, whether this be an aquamarine, a morganite, a white sapphire, a moissanite, a teal sapphire, an ocean sapphire, a dark blue sapphire or a salt and pepper diamond. This ring is handmade in Canada.

8. The Gold Creek US$1,764:

Here is a classic blue sapphire take on ring 15. This ring is an homage to the Canadian West Coast. It invokes the rich blues of British Columbia’s Gold Creek. It is made fort he wild at heart. Hrm, which do I prefer?.... It really is a touch call. I would probably lean towards the teal simply because it is what caught my eye first and you should always go for your gut feeling.

9. The Rose Cut Black US$575:

This three stone black diamond ring is for the bride to be that is not afraid of showing her personality. The center stone is a 4mm rose cut black diamond. There are two light gray diamonds on either side. This ring is pictured in rose gold, the way I prefer this ring, but can be made in yellow or white gold too. This ring is handmade in California.

10. The Moonstone US$479:

If your girl loves vintage styling and is not so much a traditionalist, this ring will have her saying yes. It features a 6 x 8 mm pear shaped moonstone. The side stones are marquise cut genuine diamonds with a total carat weight of 0.27ct. The color of the side stones are G-H and the clarity is VS-SI (quality diamonds). The maker of this ring is so confident in her work that she offers a return policy with a $100 restocking fee. This ring is handmade in California.

This goes to show that you don’t need to sell an organ or sacrifice the mortgage on a house and still know that your future fiance will be head over heals with the ring. She will be glad to gaze at it all day and show it off to her friends. She will love that you really get her and went for a non-mainstream style.

Let me know which ring you like best.


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