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Best 10+ Boho Chic Etsy Wedding Invitations in 2020

Best 10+ Boho Chic Etsy Wedding Invitations in 2020 Are you having a free spirited wedding? If so , these boho chic Etsy wedding invitations have been hand selected for these purposes. They have been hand selected with the 2020 wedding trends in mind.

1. The Handmade:

This wedding invitation embraces deep hues for a boho chic wedding. The design has burgundy floral, rustic bohemian and marsala vibes. These invitations are personally made for you and are incredible value at US$3 each. This wedding invitation suite comes with the personalized invitations, the burgundy card stock background, a burgundy envelope and the invitation is hand tied delicately with twine.

2. The Blush and Eucalyptus:

This invitation is so soft and elegant with two of our favorite hues, blush and eucalyptus. The design oft he invitation then uses a subtle amount of gold. The best thing is that this is an editable template for the wedding invitation and the RSVP card. So you can download it instantly and then personalize the names and details of your wedding yourself. Easy enough for someone that dabbles in DIY from time to time.

3. The Greenery:

This invitation features a delicate eucalyptus and twig design. Just like in nature. It is also customizable in a downloadable, editable format. So delicate and light is this invitation design. Greenery goes with all flowers and complete a wedding. So especially if you are not yet sure what flowers you will have as part of your wedding theme or what color palette you will have, this makes for a clever solution.

4. The Wreath:

We love the eternal-ness of a wreath, just like a flower crown. And this invitation features just that! Absolutely romantic, soft, yet striking, your guests will feel special when they open the envelope to such well made invitations. This wedding invitation suite is firstly personalized with your exact information before it is sent to you digitally. What is included in the personalized file suite is the wedding invitation itself, a RSVP card and a thank you card. It is great that this designer already thought of the thank you card so it is one less thing that you need to think about for the wedding planning.

5. The Festival Wedding:

You are having a festival wedding? Lucky you! Then these invitations will be perfect for your unique wedding. And we wish we were invited! It looks a lot like an actual festival ticket just with soft wedding elements. It comes in a variety of styles but we thing the old school VW camper and the tipi are just divine. These are first personalized for you with your names and wedding details on a quality card stock. They are printed lovingly in England. You can then choose what color envelope you would like and they are then shipped to you at home. Completely in love!

6. The Pampas Grass:

For those of you who know us well from Instagram, you will know that we embrace the pampas grass. These invitations certainly do too and they are beautiful. They are easily persoalize-able as they come as an editable template. So although it says rehearsal dinner on them, they can be easily personalized to a wedding. This invitation is an elegant design with a dried flower design in watercolor. It then utilizes just the right amount of gold. The design features boho chic palm fronds and pampas grass.

7. The Flower Crown:

The most delicate of flower crowns on this invitation, just melts you doesn’t it? Your guests will have the same feeling when they open the wedding invitation. So well designed and so well thought out. This wedding invitation suite comes in a personalize-able, editable, then downloadable format. The design features a greenery wreath and blush, in bloom, roses.

8. The Breezy:

There is something so wonderful about pampas grass being paired with orchids on this invitation. The soft airy-ness of pampas grass sets the tone for this invitation suite. The personalize-able, editable wedding invitation comes with the invitation, RSVP card and a detail card. This pampas grass and anthurium dried flower trend is what to look out for in 2020. It is the most pinned wedding theme look for 2020 and this design celebrates it.

9. The Unravel:

Imagine your guests fetching this wonderfully made wedding invitation from their post box on their way home from work. What a pleasant surprise after a long day. As they open the kraft envelope and unravel the twine, the details of your carefully planned wedding will be revealed. This invitation features a delicate yet deeply hued wreath in trending wedding florals and greenery.

10. The Hand-Wrapped:

This wedding invitation is delicately handmade for you in Canada. The maker first individualizes the wedding invitations with your name and wedding details, then hand ties each of the wedding invitations in twine. You can then select the color of the envelope and ask for the envelopes to also be printed with personalized guest addresses. These handmade invitations, printed and finished just for you, are from US$4.50 each.

11. The Half Wreath:

A delicate boho pampas grass and dried flower half wreath is featured on this invitation. And yes, we are in love too! This delicate suites comes with a wedding invitation, RSVP card and details card. You can easily download it and change the details before printing it on any paper stock that you desire. It would look wonderful on a textured card stock.

12. The Hand-Tied:

These invitations are personally made and hand tied for you and your guests. Let the maker take care of it. She will make them with delicate care in her home studio with your names and wedding details. She will hand tie the twine and then send them to you at home. Imagine your delight when you open the parcel of your wedding invitations. All you will need to do is send them onto your guests. These boho chic invitations are handmade lovingly in Canada.

Which of these boho chic Etsy wedding invitations stand out for you for your 2020 wedding? Will you be going for a full service wedding invitation maker or will you be doing part of it as a DIY?

Keep powering on through your wedding planning. The day will absolutely be worth it!

Team Hues of Vintage xx


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