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Top 10+ Boho Chic Etsy Wedding Bands

Here is a hand curated list of the top 10+ Etsy wedding bands that are boho and chic. In this selection you will find the antique inspired, the free-spirited in design, rough diamonds, hand casted, black diamonds and wedding bands with maker’s marks that are typically Etsy. 1. The Rose Gold Oculus US$114:

My, hasn’t rose gold made a come back? And we can certainly see why, with it’s boho and vintage elements. This wedding band, made from rose gold features an oculus pattern. It is rich and elegant with understated luxe. This wedding band is an elegant width at 1.5mm. It is handmade from American sold 14 karat gold in the maker’s US based studio.

2. The Unlikely US$98:

This wedding band celebrates free-spiritedness. The fashion in that the wedding band gains its twisted style, is handmade. No two wedding bands will ever be the same. This wedding band is made from soil 18 karat gold. It is a wedding band that will look absolutely great, stacked with an engagement wedding band. Worn, alone, this wedding band is delicate elegance. This dainty wedding band is just shy of 1mm. It can be made in rose, yellow or white gold. The maker of this wedding band is US based.

3. The Diamond in the Rough US$148:

Literally, this wedding band is a diamond in the rough. It is not common that you find a wedding band that is so boho and unique. This wedding band features dainty silver-gray genuine raw diamonds that are electroformed in copper on a copper wedding band band. Each wedding band is then plated with a very sturdy layer of 14k rose gold, yellow gold or silver. This wedding band is made for you especially, in mountainous Switzerland.

4. The Brushstrokes US$201:

This wedding band is made for a boho bride in mind that loves the arts. It features a hand casted brush stroke that finds inspiration from Japanese Sumi-E Painting. You can order this wedding band in yellow, rose or white gold. All wedding bands are made from recycled and ethically sourced gold. The designer and maker of this wedding band utilizes a BFA in sculpture and metal working at Penn State University, in the US.

5. The Boho Era US$198:

This wedding band embraces the arrow shape of the boho era. We love how this wedding band has a natural opening in it so that it can be stacked with an engagement wedding band that has a center stone seemlessly. This wedding band is made from solid gold, in the hue of your choice, or platinum. It is then set with ten genuiune black diamonds, five on each side. This wedding band is lovingly handmade in the US.

6. The Braid US$111:

This wedding band is hand braided and it does not want to hide at all that it is handmade. Each braid is absolutely unique to each bride, because no two brides are the same. And no two weddings, should be the same. This wedding band is beautifully handmade in a quaint studio in France. You can choose to have this wedding band custom made for you in either 9 karat or 18 karat gold.

7. The Yellow Gold Oculus US$85.45:

This is the first wedding band in this line up of wedding bands, but in a different oculus pattern. The pictured wedding band is in yellow gold, as opposed to rose gold that you saw in the first wedding band. Beautifully handmade in the US, with hand casting. We can see why this style of wedding band is so popular as a wedding band for boho brides. 8. The Otherwise Classic US$178:

This wedding band features a boho element to an otherwise very classic wedding band. It is set with five genuine black diamonds. The band can be made in yellow, rose or white gold. The band is elegant at 1.3mm in width. This wedding band is made especially for you, by a US based maker. 9. The Multi-Faceted US$499:

This wedding band was designed with boho brides in mind. It is solid 14 karat gold that is formed into flowing layers in a fabric-like design. This wedding band has an organic a-symmetric look where every side is different. The width and thickness change along the band. This wedding band is made using the lost wax casting technique where the wedding band is first carved in wax and then it is cast into gold. 10. The Art Nouveau US$595:

This wedding band is absolutely for a bride that is not afraid to show her personality! It is a striking wedding band that features an art nouveau vine pattern. This wedding band takes strong cues from the antique. Just imagine how many times you will catch yourself gazing at your striking wedding band each day?

11. The Geometric US$45:

This wedding band is delicate worn on its own or will look so elegant worn with an engagement wedding band. It is made of a gentle geometric design that is then carefully hand hammered by the maker. This wedding band can be made in your choice of hue of gold or in silver. You can even choose black oxidized silver... talk about unique! The width of this wedding band is 1mm. 12. The Twist on Twist US$375:

Wow, wow, wow, this wedding band is a twist on a twist ring. This ring looks so inevitably handmade and that is the way that we like it. It has a very hand sculpted feel and touch to it, because that is exactly the way that it is made. This solid 14k or 18k gold wedding band is made with a hand hammered braiding technique. Each ring is hand crafted with you and your wedding story in mind.

13. The Maker’s Marks US$155:

This wedding band is made with purposeful maker marks. This means that no two rings will ever be the same. This ring is firstly formed carefully with wax and then cast in the gold of your choice. The small marks, instead of being polished away, are left purposefully to be seen. The gold is left with the warm matte finish so the earthy look remains. The inside of the ring, though, is polished so that it is smooth for your every wear. This ring is handmade in Canada.

We hope that you found inspiration in these top 10+ Etsy wedding bands that are boho chic.

Team Hues of Vintage xx


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