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Top 10 Blush Wedding Dresses Under $500 in 2020

Blush is now a staple shade for rustic and boho weddings. And here are the top 10 blush wedding dresses under $500 in 2020. It is a versatile, elegant hue that goes well with rustic wedding colors such as vintage blue, mauve, terracotta and burgundy. These hand selected dresses are amazing value as they are all made to order. They are priced between US$400 and $500.

1. The Ombre Skirt and Top:

This skirt of this separates wedding dress is made of 9 layers of incredibly soft, light as air, tulle. There is a further most inner layer of lining that adds a further layer to this dress in another hue. This adds to the ombre nature of this skirt. What makes this skirt interesting to the eye is the various layers in purposely chosen varying shade. The tulle on this skirt hand cut in varying lengths as well, to give a voluminous flowy effect. The colors within this skirt include dusty blush, autumn gold, nude and ivory. The train is a glamorous 50-60cm in long! As this skirt is handmade to your specifications, you can customize this skirt in any shades that you like. There are 150 colors to choose from.

The top, above, pairs wonderfully well with the skirt above. It is simple yet elegant. The lace of this top is a purposely chosen dense lace. It is not a flimsy lace. The tope comes with the pictured silk camisole. So you are really ready to go with the skirt and the top. At the time of writing this article, this top was on special for US$77, from US$110.

Or by the same maker, you could go with a simple silk satin camisole, as pictured above. As the skirt already has so much drama, it would work very well with a more subdued top, such as this camisole. 2. The Dramatic Back:

This dress is a subtle blush wedding dress with an incredibly dramatic back feature. The subtle straps, made of a gentle tulle, cross over twice at the back, once at the top back and once at the small of the back. As the maker puts it, this dress is made for the woman who oozes passion and romance. It has a halter shaped neckline that extends from a front bodice made of the softest lace. The waist is cinched with an elegant satin waistband. The skirt section of the dress then flows unforgettably to the ground that you will be walking on.

3. The Non-Camera Shy Skirt and Top:

This skirt absolutely will take your husband-to-be’s and your guests’ breath away. It is hand draped to achieve incredible texture and volume. To achieve an ombre effect that is much more interesting to the eye and the camera, the top layer is made of a nude chiffon and the inner layer is made of a blush chiffon. Complementing the hand draping of this skirt is a wide hand finished waistband.

When the skirt already tells a vivid story, you can go for an incredibly well made simple silk camisole as a top (above). This top you will wear over and over and over again. Look how boho chic it looks just with a pair of faded blue jeans and a lace bra.

4. The Ballerina:

This dress takes inspiration from the elegance of a ballerina. The top section of this dress is made of a graceful fitted top, made from a structured fabric with a scoop shaped front and back. The straps of this dress are in a minimalist design. The skirt section of this dress is lined in the same blush hue and fabric as the top section of this dress. The over layer of the skirt section is made of the softest of white tulle. The dress comes with a bridal top that you can choose to wear at certain intervals during the wedding. For example, wear the delicate bridal top during the ceremony and then wear it without while dancing the night away.

5. The Play on Hues:

This dress plays with the hues of peach and ivory to achieve a blush like hue. This dress is made from a purpose chosen incredibly soft luxurious tulle. The top is adorned with a hand-trimmed lace that is attached to the bodice section by hand. The waist is cinched with the same soft tulle where it comes to a voluminous bow tie that sits at the lower back where the plunging back meets. The airy tulle then flows with drama to the ground that you will be walking on.

6. The Precedence:

This dress is a soft blush dress. The bodice is made in a scoop neck front with a rounded V-shape and a plunging back following the same rounded V-shape that the front has set precedence for. The waist is cinched with an elegant ribbon before the skirt section made of layers of the softest chiffon flows to the ground that you will be walking on.

7. The Hand Gathered:

This dress brings together a soft blush fabric and a lace made of sequins and beading. The soft blush fabric is ruched by hand to create a draping cross over V at the front and a draping cross over V at the back. This V then extends to a laced bodice. The skirt section is hand gathered to bring about flow. This then flows to the ground that you will be walking on. Paired with a loose up-do and a boho hand-tied bouquet, this dress is sure to break hearts on your wedding day.

8. The Scoop:

The softness of this dress comes from its use of chiffon, a gentle Chantilly lace and a natural cotton lining. The bodice of this dress is made in a scoop neck shape that extends at a wide point at the shoulders, to give it that relaxed look. The décolletage is then decorated with a Chantilly lace that is hand-cut to follow the natural shape of the lace and then hand-stitched to the dress. The sleeves are in bellowing shape. The top section of the dress is attached to the skirt section of the dress with a hand twisted rustic cinched waist. The chiffon of the skirt section then flows with drama to the ground that you will be walking on.

9. The Cape-Like Wings:

The feature on this dress is its cape like wings that will float incredibly with you while you walk down the aisle. This dress, made of a chiffon that feels literally like it will melt in the palm of your hands, is made with a plunging back and a cross over front bodice. The skirt section of the dress is hand gathered before it floats to the ground that you will be walking on. The dress is made with a thigh high split.

10. The Keyhole Back:

This dress features a design of hand cut lace and a keyhole back. At the time of writing this article, this dress was at a special price of US$441, normally US$736. The handmade bodice is made of an ivory tulle where carefully hand cut lace is attached to the bodice. It outlines the décolletage, the sleeves and last but not least the keyhole back. The inner layers of this dress is made of a blush hue. This allows the dress to have a subtle blush color, with the layers giving the dress a voluminous, luxury feel.

We hope that we have inspired you to further go with your gut and do your wedding your way, straying away from a template wedding. And blush wedding dresses are in just the right shade to stray away from traditions while remaining timeless.


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