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10+ Blush Pink Bridesmaid Dresses for a Vintage Free-Spirited Wedding

Blush pink bridesmaid dresses are a vintage wedding favorite and we can see exactly why. So farmhouse yet feminine at the same time. We love that it is a muted tone of pink.

These dresses are all custom made and priced incredibly between US$39 and US$200.

1. The Hit Every Note:

We love a boho dress and this dress hits every note. First, the most luscious blush pink shade, then a bodice and draped sleeves that accentuate your best parts. Then a back that, oh boy, does it plunge! If this dress was infront of us right now, the whole office would take it in turns to try it on and then fight over who would take it home. This dress is designed in New York. This dress is made from a wonderful flowy viscose.

2. The Romantic Yet Modern:

This dress is romantic and modern all at the same time. This maker really knows how to make a show stopper back. And isn’t a show stopper back all the rage on pinterest and instagram at the moment. Two delicate straps elevate from the ruched cross-over front bodice and plunge down to an elegant deep-V back. It is adorned by hand-cut lace. The waist is ruched horizontally and then boy, does the skirt section flow.

3. The US Convertible:

This is a convertible dress, in the perfect shade of blush pink, that has received many positive reviews. This maker is based in the US. Your bridesmaids can choose exactly how they wear this dress to make them feel part of the day too, which they should! You can wear this dress in a minimum of 9 styles at the front and 9 styles at the back. Let your girls get creative. What a photo opportunity of them helping each other finish off their dresses on the big day!

4. The Tulle:

This dress has a soft look with an outer layer of tulle. Event the delicate straps and the looped back feature is made of a soft tulle. A more classic front leads the way for a back that wows, in a tender way. Your girls will feel so feminine in this dress.

5. The Delicate:

This dress features a ballerina inspired cross over back. The delicate straps cross over at the mid back. Two other delicate straps plunge down, way down, to the lower back. So as to keep the dress elegant, the maker of this dress, who is US based has adorned it with a hand cut lace. Just as this dress is carefully designed, picturing a free-spirited girl wearing it, the lace has been carefully attached.

6. The Grecian:

This dress is inspired by the Grecian style. With a gathered front and back that continues to a gathered flowy skirt. The low plunging front is accentuated with a scalloped lace that plunges with the dress and meets mid-front. The dress is made of soft chiffon and soft tulle.

7. The Ooze Confidence:

Want an elegant dress that is easy to fit yet not the traditional convertible dress. This dress fits the bill. It is made of a stretch chiffon, that is matte. This is a beautiful shade of dusty rose. It ties delicately at the bag with a long romantic bow and has a keyhole back. Your girls will ooze confidence and feel comfortable as they party with you and the wedding party all night, in this dress.

8. The Farmhouse:

This dress is the sweetest farmhouse, vintage inspired dress. This dress is custom made so you can also ask for it to be made in a maxi length. It is even possible to ask for this dress in a single strap back, and not a double strap back (as pictured). This maker is very open to working directly with you. Check out the front of this dress that features draping in the skirt section to give the dress more volume and interest for the eye.

9. The Signature:

Here is a vintage inspired dress, which features delicate ruching in firstly a vertical direction starting at the front and back bodice. A delicate lace gives the dress further interest at the highest point. The waist of the dress then has this dresses signature delicate ruching in a horizontal fashion. The skirt section then flows to below ground level.

10. The Nobody Puts Baby in The Corner:

This dress your bridesmaids will love so much that they will wear it again and again and again! Imagine how relaxed and elegant your bridesmaid tribe will look in this dress. A flowy voluminous wrap dress with ruffle detail. This dress will go wonderfully with a tan block heel. This is not a dress that will end up sitting in the back corner of each of your girls’ wardrobe. It will come out again every summer, and rightly so!

11. The Glitz:

Girl, does this dress sparkle! It is a Grecian style drape style dress that is cinched at the waist. It accentuates the decolletage wonderfully. It then features an elegant drape in the skirt section and a front split. Just wait until you see the back detail! If a girl is going to wear a sequin dress, let it be this one. This dress is designed in New York.

12. The Cowl Back:

What is more elegant than a backless cowl back? This dress has all the vintage vibes! The front oft he bodice is ever so delicately gathered staring at the decolletage and moving towards the waist. The waist is then cinched and the same ruching continues tot he skirt section. This dress follows the silhouette of the body. Made of a stretch chiffon and as it is custom made, it can be made in any shade.

Dusty pink bridesmaid dresses are here to stay. If you want a shade as part of your wedding palette, one that you won’t look back on and cringe, dusty pink is for you. Your girls will feel ever so elegant in it. We would never suggest a bright pink, because it goes against our vintage ethos, but dusty pink on the other hand has got us, hands down!

How is your wedding planning going? What are you enjoying about it and what are you finding challenging about it? Team Hues of Vintage xx


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