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Blue Nile Wedding Rings: Classic Wedding Ring Platinum & Heirloom Petite Pave Diamond 14K Review

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

Today, I am going to review two bestseller Blue Nile Wedding Rings. The first one being the Classic Wedding Ring in Platinum (2mm). The second one being the Heirloom Petite Pave Diamond Ring in 14K White Gold.

Wedding Rings Ordered and Dispatched:

I ordered both wedding rings in the afternoon of January 16. I received an email immediately confirming the order and the email also advised that the order usually dispatches within 1 working day.

In the morning of January 17, as promised, I received an email from Blue Nile saying that the wedding rings had been dispatched. In the same email, they also gave me a UPS tracking number and link. You can click on the link to see exactly where your ring is.

In the same email, they provide with Blue Nile’s call, chat and email details, in case you want to contact them. Blue Nile’s service is really good, you can reach them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Wedding Rings Received: Then exactly four days later on January 21, I received the rings in the afternoon. I was arriving home from lunch with a friend and the UPS delivery man was in the midst of writing a notice to say that he had attempted delivery. I signed for the parcel and he gave it to me instead.

Here is the unopened parcel:

Inside the UPS satchel, the parcel is packaged safely in a brown packing box. Inside the brown packing box, there is a thick premium cardboard white Blue Nile box. Within this thick premium box, there are the jewelry boxes. So there is no risk at all that the wedding rings would be damages.

Unraveling Each Layer:

The following is what the packaging looks like, once you get it out of UPS satchel. The white Blue Nile box is really sturdy and does not feel cheap at all.

There is a sleeve where you draw the actual box with the actual contents out o fit. There is some ribbon where you can grasp. All very well made.

There is a protective overlay, that you lift off, before revealing the Blue Nile jewelry boxes.

Peeling back all the layers actually made the whole process very exciting. As you unpack, you get further and further towards the goodies. The wedding ring boxes are lined with tissue paper.

The Platinum Wedding ring in 2mm Review: And here is the moment of truth, the first ring. The Platinum Wedding ring in 2mm thickness.

It looks so elegant and timeless. Really well made. The polish is high. The ring feels sturdy when you pick it up. It does not feel flimsy at all. It is literally 2mm in thickness. For me, this is perfect as my wedding ring is also 2mm thick. But it is something to be aware of. I think this is a good thickness if you intend to stack your wedding ring with your engagement ring. If the wedding ring was thicker, it would overpower the engagement ring.

The cost of this ring is $300 USD.

If this ring is a little thin for you, not a problem, Blue Nile also has a 4mm version.

I am a size L and I ordered a UK size L, which is equivalent to a US size 6. It fits perfectly. This is what it looks like on my hand:

Here is the wedding ring sitting on the window sill with natural light:

Would I buy this as a wedding ring? Yes, absolutely! Can I imagine myself being happy with it for the rest of my life? Yes, definitely!

Would I recommend it to a friend? Yes, for sure!

Riviera Pave Diamond Ring in 14K White Gold Review:

Okay, and now for the second ring, the Riviera Pave Diamond Ring in 14K White Gold. This ring, I am so excited by because it was a real contender when I was shopping for my engagement ring. In the end, I chickened out and we bought a ring from a physical jewelry store. Although, I do love my ring, shopping online provides the value that a bricks and mortar store just cannot.

And here it is:

The ring is very elegant and I just love the vintage feel to it. What gives it the vintage feel is the milgrain edge. It is a half eternity, so the diamonds line the top half of the ring. This can be more comfortable for everyday wear and less sensitive to everyday wear too. If the ring ever needs to be resized, this is easy with a half eternity. The ring is made of 14k white gold and you can clearly see, against the platinum ring, that white gold is much whiter. So therefore it looks more precious and platinum looks a little more industrial.

That being said, white gold, although it is 14k solid white gold, all white gold is coated with rhodium to make it look more white. So this does wear over time and the ring will have a slight yellow tinge to it. White gold can easily be recoated with rhodium though by any jeweler. On average, white gold is recoated every year, depending on how often the ring is worn.

Overall, the ring is very beautiful but there is an inkling in me that wouldn’t mind the diamonds being a little sparklier. This would most likely mean larger diamonds though, which would mean the ring would need to be bulkier, which I am not a fan of bulky rings.

But Blue Nile has a 30 day money back guarantee, so I would just order the ring and see if it is the ring for you. I tested the 30 day money bach guarantee process to see how easy it is and the results are here.

I am a size L. It fits perfectly. This is the ring on my hand:

The ring is 2mm in width and I think this is a perfect width to maintain its elegance. Here is what the ring looks like on my window sill with natural light:

The ring costs $690 USD.

Would I buy this as a wedding ring? Yes. Can I imagine myself being happy with it for the rest of my life? Yes, but there is an inkling in me that would like the diamonds to be a little sparklier.

Would I recommend it to a friend? Yes.


So would I purchase and would I purchase a Blue Nile wedding ring. Absolutely!

Are you a bride-to-be, shopping for your wedding ring? Or are you the groom-to-be? For me, I was involved in the shopping of both my rings. But as someone who runs a wedding blog, I was highly involved in all aspects of the wedding, naturally. I definitely involved my now husband though in all decisions. I am not saying that organizing a wedding is like walking through a park, but it can be manageable without too much stress if you keep your eye on the target and realize that small tiffs are only normal.

Go on, get out there and create a wedding that is truly you and your fiance.


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