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Blue Nile Reviews – I Ordered a Ring and Returned It

In order to review Blue Nile personally, I ordered a ring and returned it to see for myself if the quality of Blue Nile jewelry really is actually the quality you would expect from an engagement or wedding ring. I wanted to see if there is any truth to the Blue Nile reviews that you see on their website.

I also wanted to see what the return process is like as they offer a 30 day, no questions asked, money back guarantee.

In this article, I will cover:

- Positive Blue Nile Reviews - Negative Blue Nile Reviews - My personal Blue Nile Review - My Blue Nile Return Experience

I decided I would select positive and negative reviews based on a the top seller engagement ring and a very expensive eternity ring.

Positive Blue Nile Reviews:

Ring 1 - Platinum Solitaire Engagement ring:

Gregory L. wrote on 14 January 2020: A 45th Wedding Anniversary Surprise

After being married for 10 years my wife's engagement ring was stolen in a home robbery. I could not afford to buy her a replacement but I promised myself I would buy her a new ring one day. Recently we celebrated our 45th wedding anniversary and I was finally able to buy her a new engagement ring. I had to make sure it was the best so I chose Blue Nile. We went for dinner and I told her I was getting her a special desert. When it came it was her ring. We were both in tears. Thank you Blue Nile

Rating: 5/5

Chang C. wrote on 05 January 2020:

Great engagement ring and experience with Blue Nile

I just purchased my engagement ring from Blue Nile and picked it up from the Portland showroom. The quality of the diamond and the ring was fantastic. The engraving was delicate and perfect! My fiance and I just love it! The service was very nice during the whole process, and the agents were very patient to provide us the information we need. It was a very pleasant experience, and I will recommend Blue Nile to my friends. We are actually planning to purchase our wedding bands from Blue Nile in the future.

Rating: 5/5

Jimmy wrote on 01 June 2011: She Still Tells Me How Much She Loves Her Ring!

I almost became an expert diamond jeweler in about the two months of looking at different diamonds at local jewelry stores. They never even came close to the QUALITY nor the PRICE of this diamond ring! All the jewelry stores just wanted me to settle for what "they" had to offer. I was basically comparing everything to the diamond ring I found at Blue Nile. Finally one honest jeweler said, "Buy that diamond ring, it's an awesome deal." I'm more than glad I did!

Rating: 5/5

Ring 2 - Garland Eternity Ring:

Paula R wrote on 28 October 2019:


I have been searching a long time for the perfect ring and when I found this I knew this was it. Absolutely love it and everyone that see it does too.

Rating: 5/5

Kathryn wrote on 19 November 2019:

I Love This Ring

What can I say? I am overwhelmed at how beautiful this ring is. I waited 50 years for this ring, and it is a perfect 50th wedding present. I hesitated when my husband wanted to buy it, wondering how long I will get to enjoy it? If you are thinking about purchasing this ring. Don't put it off.

Rating: 5/5

Negative Blue Nile Reviews:

As for ring 1, I literally read 120 of 696 reviews and this is the only three reviews that are even slightly in the negative.

After these three reviews, you will see some really negative feedback about another ring.

Ring 1 - Platinum Solitaire Engagement ring:

Anonymous wrote on 28 September 2016:

A Most Beautiful Stone at a Remarkable Price!

Very nicely crafted, with beautiful polish. Claws were particularly lovely in that they look delicate and inconspicuous - just right for my 1.2ct stone. I would have preferred the band to have been a little wider and I think the image on the web site looks a little more substantial than the actual ring setting. It would be nice if there were some Rating: 4/5

Calvin W. wrote on 10 January 2020: Shiny As Can Be

Make sure you select the right diamond, but once you do boyyy does it shine!

Rating: 4/5

Anonymous wrote on 28 September 2016:

A Most Beautiful Stone at a Remarkable Price!

Very nicely crafted, with beautiful polish. Claws were particularly lovely in that they look delicate and inconspicuous - just right for my 1.2ct stone. I would have preferred the band to have been a little wider and I think the image on the web site looks a little more substantial than the actual ring setting. It would be nice if there were some more six-prong settings to choose from. The diamond itself exceeded my expectations, appearing a truly beautiful and bright white color. The assistance and patience I received from Customer Service was truly exceptional!

Rating: 4/5

I had to do much more digging to find some negative reviews. It was for an item that is quite expensive.

Here are some negative reviews for ring 2: Ring 2 - Garland Eternity Ring:

Christine wrote on 05 July 2019:


This ring was thrown into a missized box and the paperwork was crammed in with the edges bent and folded so that it would fit. This leads us to believe that we got someone else's reject. And perhaps we did. Is this ring inferior? Not as pretty as the other one I saw.

Rating: 2/5

Anonymous wrote on 01 July 2019:

Beautiful, a Bit Uncomfortable

This is a very pretty ring. Despite the number of settings, the diamonds and not the platinum work are the prominent feature. Unfortunately we had to return the ring because it caused some discomfort for the fingers to either side of the ring. This could be because the settings are so large and my wife's fingers are small and thin.

Rating: 4/5

Robert wrote on 26 January 2011:

Beautiful, Unique Design But Uncomfortable

I surprised my wife with this ring to celebrate the birth of our child, who was also born on our anniversary. The ring was gorgeous with great sparkle. My wife loved it and loved the unique design. It was just what she wanted. However, after wearing it for a couple of days, she found the design to be very uncomfortable. The prongs were scratching into her side fingers. She was disappointed because she love it, but we ended up returning the ring. The return process was very easy. We are going to decide what other ring to get instead.

Rating: 3/5

There are plenty of positive reviews of this ring though, so like any online purchase, you just need to use your own judgment. But good to know that they have a no questions 30 day money back guarantee.

My Personal Blue Nile Review:

When I received the ring, my excitement was at an all time high, and I just couldn’t wait to open the UPS plastic sleeve that it was packaged in.

It was packaged safely in an outer box. This is the same box that you use in case you want to return any Blue Nile orders by the way.

It really is like a barboushka doll, as your excitement grows and grows with each layer. The Blue Nile larger box is made from a nice, sturdy cardboard. It feels nice and luxurious.

There is some sort of booklet when you open the first of the Blue Nile boxes. To be honest, I was so excited, I didn’t even look at it!

The boxes and the booklet was in excellent, untampered with, condition.

And then the ring box is revealed. The box is made well and you would not need another box to propose. It feels nice and luxurious.

Underneath the box there is a jewelry pouch. Good if you are planning to propose on top of a mountain or in a remote location. Or to hide it until the day you pop the question if like me, your future fiance and wife is super hard to surprise and finds everything!

And then the moment of truth, the box flips up nicely and then the ring is revealed.

So there it was, the ring! My first thought... and always go by your first thought, is that ‚this ring is gorgeous’. As Blue Nile does not show real pictures of their jewelry on their website, it was such a pleasant surprise that this ring is a stunner. My heart definitely fluttered.

The center stone is very beautiful and looks substantial on without being over the top. I would describe it as being a champagne color. It is as you see in the pictures. I could definitely imagine girls and colleagues swooning (being majorly jealous) over this ring!

The diamonds on the halo are dainty and accentuate the margonite center stone without overpowering it. The rose gold adds to the vintage look of this beautiful ring. And I have always wanted a rose gold ring!

I am a UK ring size L, which is equivalent to a size 6 in the US. I ordered this size and it fits me perfectly. The Blue Nile listing lists the measurement to be 8 x 8mm. It didn’t say if this was just the center stone or if this includes the diamond halo. I measured it and it is definitely just the center stone that is 8 x 8mm.

Could I imagine this ring as my engagement ring? Hell yeah! You will definitely catch yourself and other people staring at your ring, all the time!

My Blue Nile Return Experience:

As you know, Blue Nile has a no questions 30-day money back guarantee. I have personally tested this money back guarantee. It was actually very easy. Here is the actual ring that I purchased.

You just chat to a representative via the live chat button that is available on every page on the Blue Nile website. They will start the return process and you will be given a code and instructions via email immediately.

The representative can either organize a FedEx pick up (this was 40 Euros in my case being in Germany) or you can use the postal service in your country. For me this is Deutsche Post who works with DHL for parcels.

You receive your Blue Nile purchase in a UPS plastic parcel envelope, inside that is a brown box and inside the brown box is a Blue Nile branded white box. You just need to provide the (RMA) code that was provided to you by Blue Nile returns on the brown box on the bottom left hand corner.

You need to make sure you send your item to the return address that Blue Nile returns has provided, along with the correct amount of insurance. For me, this cost me 30 Euros.

In exactly 8 days, Blue Nile sent me an email to say that the item had been received by their quality assurance team and they would review the return. On the same day, I got an email saying that the credit had been issued.

It is now 7 working days after the credit has been issued and I have received the funds into my credit card account.

All this happened without any hiccups at all.

Let me know what you fear the most about buying an expensive item online.

I hope you found this article helpful.


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